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    wrecking e36 323 75***km

    Hi Aaron, What is the condition of the soft door seals on the e36 coupe you are wreaking? The seal goes around the car body frame and sandwich’s between the door and the frame. Thanks Niroy

    L98 into an E36 coupe.

    Great score on the E36 and nice work mate! What scanning tool have you got there?

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Hi Dave, Ive done this on an M50 before, from memory: I used an engine crane. A combination of support brace and trolley jack may do it, Undo steering shaft coupler at rack end, There's a bracket on the power steering pump to sump which needs to be unbolted, Undo engine mount bolts into sub frame then sub frame bolts and lower down for clearance, Work your way around oil pan bolts (don't forget the two into the rear main seal cover), Not sure about the dipstick tube, believe there's a bolt half way up on the M50 but M52 uses a different dipstick tube (one bolt, some breather tubes and its pressed in with an o-ring). I didn't disconnect any lines for the power steering, however taking the power steering reservoir out of the bracket does help in getting the sub frame lower. Hopefully that's some help!

    E36 6 cylinder radiator

    I have a Fenix with the expansion tank built on the side. Are you after this type or the external expansion type?
  5. Yep have all the information and email trail. Even have the email which they say the wrong suspension kit was sent. I started running into a brick wall when they asked me to price shipping to send the item back and the cheapest price I could get was $400NZD. After that they didn't want a bar of me.
  6. Hi all, Update: I ended up purchasing a set of Vogtland suspension from Demontweeks. This is how the story unfolded.. Asked Demontweeks for a kit suitable for sway bar on strut application and they told me which one to order and also indicated I had to order specific strut hats and washers; Ordered kit and emailed them to confirm the right type will be sent and at the same time ordered support items from ECS Tuning; Suspension kit received and you guessed it wrong kit sent; After a series of emails and phone calls they stopped communication and refused to provide a solution to this issue. I started to process a cash back request from my bank to get my money from Demontweeks but decided I would loose out more as I already spent $300 odd with ECS Tuning in mounting items. So.. the suspension kit will fit my E36 however I need to change the front sway bar links which defeats the purpose of why I purchased a new suspension kit in the first place. Pretty frustrating and the fact that Demontweeks will get away with stuffing up an order with no repercussions! Anyway some photos to make this a happy post😀

    WTB: E36 25.5 mm front sway bar & links

    I believe the pre 92 m-suspension 325i had them and the m-suspension 328i. The chassis number on real oem will tell you. I could probably wait a couple of weeks if the price is good😃
  8. Hi all, Im on the hunt for an e36 25.5mm front sway bar with links to attach to control arms. You might have one lying around from a previous project. Thanks, Niroy
  9. Thanks all, PM'd him. Ill let you know what I end up with.
  10. Thanks William. Any recommendations on where to purchase Koni struts from? NZ or oversees (FCP,ECS etc)
  11. Hi team, My e36 coupe failed a WoF due to a leaking front strut. I currently have Sachs Sporting kit in the car with m3 evo sway bar and drop links. Im after Bilstein, Sachs, Koni or simlair front struts or full suspension kit with the drop link mounts to replace my current setup with. m3 evo struts would also do the job. Thanks, Niroy
  12. Hi all, Searching on behalf, im after a GA8HP-70Z gearbox from a 2010 X5 40dx I understand they are not common in NZ. PM me if you know of any around. Thanks Niroy.
  13. Hi team I have placed a non CAT e36 325i exhaust onto my e36 323i. Now the exhaust physically fits fine apart from the exhaust temperature sensor, where the twin exhaust system doesn't have a common collector to weld in the sensor. Sorry I don't have any photos of the exhaust systems so I borrowed some from google. Before you ask, the non CAT exhaust has a better sound than the factory exhaust and the twin exhaust looks nicer. Two logical options to place temp sensor are: The twin exhaust system has a common collector before the muffler but is located 0.7-1m upstream from pervious location (this would give hotter readings I assume), Weld in the sensor to only one pipe but in the same location as originally (whats the issue with this? Would relative temp still be the same with half flow), Or add a merge collector in originally area and weld sensor (expensive option). Hopefully the images explain it better. What do you think is the best option? Thanks, N
  14. BMRBOI

    Shop Press for Rebuilding Suspension

    Cheers guys for the input. Andrew, ill do some comparisons at lunch time with the machinery house items. Ill give some feedback too once I purchase one.
  15. BMRBOI

    Shop Press for Rebuilding Suspension

    Was it as it this one here Nathan? http://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/Product/SCA-Shop-Press-H-Frame-6000kg/214467#review-list-anchor yep have factored in accessory kit!