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  1. Karter16

    2005 E46 M3 CS

    Yeah quite possibly I am - that's why I posted to see what everyone else thought. Don't see a CS come up very often in NZ so was genuinely interested to get peoples' thoughts and impressions 🙂 Didn't mean to come across as negative or picky - although re-reading my post I can see why it came across that way. There's a wide range of asking prices for E46 M3's of various conditions on the market, this one is a bit special being the CS so I was interested to see how people interpreted that against the asking price and the condition/mileage of the car. Cheers for your input 🙂
  2. Karter16

    2005 E46 M3 CS

    173km, $35k buy now. Subframe not inspected or addressed and VANOS not done. Rod bearings are surely well on their way out at that mileage as well. The 'CS' badge is surely a bit of a drawcard, although not sure if that's offset by the fact it's an import??? If it's a UK import, which I think it must be if it's a CS?, then there's underbody rust, etc. to possibly worry about. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1903106984.htm?rsqid=0132df325a1c421cb268290aebf785da
  3. Karter16

    North Island East Coast Roadtrip

    Yeah that is exactly what we did with some friends a few years ago. The coast road has some great scenery. The bridge where the scene in "Boy" was filmed is pretty scenic, and the lighthouse is worth a trip as well. As you say the wharves are good fun to visit as well.
  4. Karter16

    Karter 16's E46 M3 Journal

    Yeah they're a weird design. Seems like you should be able to slide them off the rails, but you can't. I was actually tricked by the first one I did in that it popped off relatively easily. The second one took a lot more time and careful attention to get off!
  5. Karter16

    Karter 16's E46 M3 Journal

    Update #25 The last week I've found an hour here and there to get a bit more done on cleaning the car up. I've removed the wipers, windshield cowling and side repeaters, and done a preliminary clean up. Today I had a couple of hours and removed the rear lights to clean them up. Everything was super filthy from all the pine pollen that's accumulated on the car. I've done a preliminary clean on the shell around where the lights mount. They'll get a second deep clean in a little while. I then got stuck into cleaning the tail light enclosures up. I removed the foam rubber seals and the black trim pieces so I could clean everything up properly. Some time spent with soap and warm water, a toothbrush and a cloth and they cleaned up very nicely. The foam rubber seals are still soft and in great condition - they've lasted well considering they're 13 years old. While the boot is disassembled I'll take the opportunity to go through and remove the extra wiring that was added when a previous owner had a tow bar on the car... Til next time.
  6. Karter16

    E46 M3 Purchased.

    Congratulations - look forward to seeing some photos!
  7. Karter16

    One girl, one Braverian

    Don't forget to check whether your vehicle has previously had the structural epoxy (foam) applied (BMW did the rear mounts as part of a service bulletin) before welding. You wouldn't want to be welding onto the RACP anywhere structural epoxy has previously been inserted. Bummer that your car has cracks, but not really that surprising. Fortunately it's a well known issue and there's lots of info out there about how to best address. Hope you can get it sorted out!
  8. Karter16

    WTB: E46 M3

    Congratulations - Imola Red is a beautiful interior colour. Hope the checks all go well - looking forward to following your progress!
  9. Karter16

    Karter 16's E46 M3 Journal

    Update #24 Last night I did a quick test of cleaning auto wax, dirt, etc. off the black trim on the boot handle mechanism. Before: To clean I simply used hot water with some regular liquid hand soap in it and I carefully scrubbed the black plastic parts with a toothbrush. The heat and soap helps soften and lift the wax. I then used a cotton cloth soaked in the hot water and soap to wipe away the remaining wax. Had to go over a few spots a second time, but I'm really pleased with how well this has cleaned up. After: I've got lots more to clean, and I want to go through and remove the extra wiring from when the first owner of the car had a tow bar installed. I'm also still trying to decide whether I attempt to restore the surface of the reversing light enclosures or whether I just buy new ones. Looking at them it looks as though the plastic may be started to fracture and degrade beyond the surface layer, so may just be better to buy new ones. I've also got a couple of bits and pieces on order from Milland for the front of the car, so I'll update when they arrive.
  10. Karter16

    Karter 16's E46 M3 Journal

    Update #23 Today I finally got a chance to make a start on getting the car cleaned up. As the previous posts show my focus so far has been mostly on the mechanical aspects of the car. Now that it's garaged and properly out of the elements I figured I might as well make a start on getting it cleaned up. Back in August our old property was swamped with that horrible yellow pollen from pine trees. That stuff gets in everywhere. I clean it out of both cars every year, but haven't got round to it with the M3 until now. It's horrible stuff. I started with removing the interior carpet/card/trim stuff from the boot lid so that I could remove the reversing lights, handle, etc. from the boot lid. From there I started removing stuff and doing a quick clean/wipe down as I went. Now that I've got the bits off I can spend my time properly cleaning them and the boot-lid. I'll take the opportunity while all the bits are off to properly clean, polish and wax the boot lid before reassembly. I'm also going to clean up all the bits of the boot handle and licence plate lights, etc. The reversing light assemblies are clouded, as plastic gets. I'm tossing up whether it's worth having a go at refinishing them, or whether I skip that and go straight to buying new ones. I'm also keen to get a new M3 badge at some point as the one on there looks pretty faded. Really needs a new roundel as well as the one on there is starting to delaminate around the edges. Oh and the gas struts will be being replaced as well - they make an embarrassing groaning sound whenever you open the boot, which isn't in line with the well-maintained sports car vibe I'm going for. I'll post an update soon with my progress on cleaning up the bits and pieces.
  11. Karter16

    Sharply Priced E46 M3 (SMG) - $22k

    Those seats are screaming out for a good clean and condition! From the photos anyway it looks like they'd scrub up nicely. Big things with a higher mileage example is be prepared for RACP reinforcement, rod bearing and bushings, etc. if they haven't already been done. The fact the advert doesn't mention those items would suggest that they haven't been taken care of.
  12. Karter16

    Anyone know where to import E46 M3?

    Yep I stand corrected 🙂 - 2000 M/Y imported to NZ in 2002. Missed it as wasn't expecting to see anything under the year 2000, will go back and have a look at what else is in that year.
  13. Karter16

    WTB: E46 M3

    Thanks man - appreciate your kind words! Hope that the right car comes along - sounds like you're going to take great care of it when you get it! The Topaz one does look nice - amazing that so many have come up in the space of a day! Would depend on it's maintenance status, rod bearing, vanos, RACP, etc. but it looks like a nice car from the listing (not a fan of the carbon (wrap?) trim, but oh well!). Good luck with finding the right car - look forward to following your progress!
  14. Karter16

    Anyone know where to import E46 M3?

    Yup 1x Alpine White coupe and 1x Alpine White convertible. Those are the only two currently registered in the country.
  15. Karter16

    WTB: E46 M3

    yup that looks like a nice example. Cinnamon is a lovely interior colour.