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  1. God I want one of these so bad 😍
  2. Oh God, that's a lot of nice stuff going on with your car 😍 Keep it going and we'll love to see more updates of your progress here.
  3. Keen for a meetup will some e46 m3 owners in chch before you sell it? or even better just keep it, it's gonna be a very regretful one once you sell it. Send me a message Peter
  4. lbo99

    WTB E92 M3

    I test drove that particular car with my mate, the overall condition on the car was just okay. My mate wanted to buy it but the dealer didn't worked out a good deal with him. My mate offered him somewhere near the asking price with new Michelin Super Sport 4S on it but the dealer insisted the Michelin primacy tyres on it are good enough for the car lol. I see that you're located in chch, keen for a M cars only meet up in the future? ?
  5. lbo99

    WTB E92 M3

    I have a mate that's looking for a facelift/ competition package E92 M3 too, but he only wants a DCT. HMU if anyone is selling ? We're in Christchurch and will be willing to travel anywhere for the right car. Cheers 021 027 59575
  6. lbo99

    E46 M3 Limp Mode

    Went in today to explain the whole thing and had a good 'talk' with the service manager, he then told me he would need to check the log book with the mechanic on whether they have checked the fuse when they replaced the O2 sensors which I believed they didn't if not the car wouldn't be acting like that all the time lol. Got the I'll give you a call back quote from him again (as usual). If the discussion goes well, they will only refund me the labour (680 ish) for the O2 sensors but not the others even though I told him the thermostat, fuel pump, fuel filter and others might not be necessary to be replaced at the time of the issue. Oh well, guess I'll just treat those as preventative maintenance. He also offered me manager discount for parts I buy from them in the future which I doubt will be cheaper then FCP Euro but we will see. Let's hope everything goes well so I can get a refund to compensate all the time, money and effort I've wasted on them arghhh. On the bright side, my car is now fixed and thanks a lot guys. Just a pic of my car taken at Mount Cook few weeks ago on limp mode ?
  7. Hopefully there will be the manual ones available in NZ as opposed to there's no M2 competition manual available here in NZ unless we go for the import route....
  8. lbo99

    E46 M3 Limp Mode

    "There's no cars that we cannot fix here" and "our technicians here are very experienced and has done cars like yours since they were brand new' - Chch BMW service manager "Let's try replacing this and see if it will fix the issue but we're not sure" Chch BMW service department foreman In the end it was just a fuse ??‍♂️??‍♂️ I'm going in tomorrow and gonna have a 'coffee' with them ?
  9. lbo99

    E46 M3 Limp Mode

    Thank you for all the response! Special thanks to @Arron for reaching out and helped solving the issue with my car, so stocked that it's finally acting how it really should be. My faith with the dealership is dead, very disappointed on them with all the time and money I've wasted it's just ?. You're a legend @Arron, once again thank you so much. ?
  10. lbo99

    E46 M3 Limp Mode

    Chch bmw might've dropped the exhaust before while they did my exhaust hanger bushings but i'm not too sure about that. I hope they're not that dumb to plug it the wrong way, i would need to check with them.
  11. lbo99

    E46 M3 Limp Mode

    The only reason I'm not going elsewhere is that I might not be able to dispute as the dealership might claim that the car has went through other people. Eurorec and DCH is pretty well known for BMW in chch but I think they're not too sure about M cars. Would be a good idea to check with them if I can't get this sorted with chch bmw. It just feel like I've basically thrown my money into the bin if someone else fix it but not them.
  12. lbo99

    E46 M3 Limp Mode

    Yeah they're basically ripping me off, unfortunately i don't think there's any in Christchurch. There's no check engine light. The car used to have fault code for the EGT, but it has been replaced and O2 sensors was replaced too as suggested by chch BMW. I was told there is no fault codes and the car is 'perfect'.
  13. lbo99

    E46 M3 Limp Mode

    Hi guys, I'm sorry for the late reply regarding this topic. The car has yet to be fixed. The car went back in again and they tested the clutch, mass air flow sensor, cats and fluids. They asked to charge me $500 plus for checking those and told me the car has no problem at all and has no fault code, which is unreasonable for me imo as that should be their job in the first place to go through everything and they are now trying to charge me more by telling me nothing is wrong with the car when they didn’t even fix the problem after i've spent so much money with them. They are now suggesting to bring my car to an external dyno and it would be all on my cost. I really don't know what to do anymore, i'm sick of their attitude saying 'we will give you a call asap' but they never intend to give a damn about this issue. I've got this problem with my car since last year and I could say my car probably visit the dealership the most out of all E46 M3 in this country. They never follow up with me unless I kept chasing on them. I've complaint a few times and it's still the same, I'm sick of this. I think the next step would be writing an offical complain to BMW NZ. Any input from you guys would be much appreciated, cheers
  14. For the S54 experts out there, my 03.5 E46 M3 (SMG) has gone into limp mode. I've been told by the dealership to replaced and have replaced the ignition coils, spark plugs, egt, all of the O2 sensors, fuel filter, and fuel pump. The car still doesn't let me go past 3k rpm while on load. The car later let me go past the 3k rpm mark after I replaced a new fuel pump but it wouldn't let me go past the 4.5k mark while on load. The shift lights would craw up to the 4.5k mark like you're hitting the rev limiter. The car drives fine and limp mode would only kick in when I floor the accelerator pedal (while at or near the second click). Would drive fine again after shutting the engine off. No lights on the dash as well. I've spent thousands trying to fix this problem and they still couldn't fix it. Would this be anything related to the TPS? Asked them about it a few times but they told me that they couldn't identify any fault codes.
  15. Oh yours must have been really bad then. Mine was just minor white smoke with gas smell, more like the smoke you see when you start your car in a cold morning but constant. But it’s something that should be address asap when the parts arrives, the smell of the gas is toxic for others and the environment lol.
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