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  1. I actually do have a medium case open diff which I could use. If nothing else comes up I may take you up on this. How much do you want for it?
  2. Before I pull my LSD diff apart to change the ring gear, does anyone have an E28/E24/E23 large case LSD diff with a ratio of 3.46 or higher that they would either sell or trade for my 3.07? May consider medium case E30 diffs depending on price. Can do cash your way, again depending on the diff. Not interested in non LSD or anything not bolt in, because I have a non bolt in solution already. Looking for an easy option. I'm in Auckland but don't mind dealing with shipping.
  3. No problem.
  4. Getrag 265 is in. Here are the measurements and a comparison photos. All the difference is in the front half of the shaft. 260: 265:
  5. I'm planning on swapping gearboxes next weekend so I'll do it then.
  6. 225/50R16, 16x8.
  7. I was getting quite a bit of spin in first.
  8. Haha, yeah. I forgot to screw it in before the races. I can't remember exactly but I think fastest time was 16.3. I have to find the slip. However since then I have changed the TPS and AFM and got a noticeable improvement, so should hopefully get 15s. Next drag day I will be attending will be in Decemeber.
  9. Some videos of this thing.
  10. Ah right. I would imagine if you just swap everything over it should work but again, I have no experience with it. Can you just get friendly with an inspector?
  11. Sorry man but I have no idea about ABS. However I can tell you that e34 brakes are a bolt on upgrade to E28.
  12. Haha yep. Been on house arrest for a while and a while still to go.
  13. I will do in a couple weeks time. Currently my leg is in a cast so not quite able to right now. If it's any help the shifter on the 265 is sheet metal as opposed to the 260 which is the aluminium rod type one. Also this hasn't been updated in a long while but a lot has happened on this car since my last post. They say pictures say a thousand words so here goes. Full coilovers front and rear. They still need some work, I need shorter springs to go as low as I'd like and keep the helpers. Currently the fronts are wound all the way down. Not looking to lay frame but a touch lower would be nice. The wheels are Remotec 16x8s, fully polished and painted by myself. The centers I did by doing a black base coat and then dusting silver over to do a shadow chrome type effect. The clear coat kind of messed up the silver and they came out darker than I wanted but fine for now. It's never perfect. I also got a new body which will be getting painted and everything will be swapped over which I hope do have done well before the end of the year.
  14. I have a full e28 M30 manual conversion which will be available in about 4-6 weeks. Included are the following parts: E34 M30B35 Getrag 260/6 gearbox - does not have holes for the e28 sensors, the but the spaces in the casing are there, the holes just need to be drilled. Includes crossmember for mounting and mounts. E28 manual pedal box with master cylinder, bottle, clutch line. Single mass flywheel with almost new clutch. Matching driveshaft for E28 fitment. This is a full manual conversion kit for E28s, if I missed any parts in the list they will be included, or specified otherwise. This setup was in my car and running without issue. One lady owner, never thrashed. $2200 or make me an offer. I may sell parts individually depending on interest and what is offered. This will all be available in about 4-6 weeks time. More detailed photos will come around then if a sale is not confirmed. Pickup from Onehunga. Can post if buyer arranged shipping.
  15. Yes either a standard M30 e28 to match the gearbox you are using (either 260 or 265), or a custom made one. I got mine made from my e28 one and front half of the e34 one. My whole 260 manual conversion will be for sale soon in case you are interested as I got hold of a 265 and e28 driveshaft. Check the for sale section.