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  1. I need a coolant expansion tank for 328i E36, the one that sits on the fan shroud. The small outlet on the top broke on mine. Anyone have a spare laying around? Thanks
  2. Man that looks like a nice one. Makes me miss my old one big time.
  3. That looks fantastic man well done.
  4. F*** yes I'll take you up on that. Could you take a further out photo of that exhaust? From those it looks fine to me.
  5. Looking forward to see this going man.
  6. That looks awesome. Didn't even know those wheels existed.
  7. This car was put together by a guy I used to know. It's more like an e30 body with e36 running gear and e46 engine. The engine is an AGU 20v 1.8 turbo out of an early mk4 Golf. Cable throttle. The running gear is mk3 GTI, 5 stud 5x100. It's a full subframe swap with bigger brakes. Rear beam was swapped. Mk3 steering rack. This was a good few years ago now though, don't know what's been done to it since. It's a pretty common swap these days for the older Golfs and Jettas. I did one in my old Mk2 as well. For what they are they are heaps of fun and go really well. Just depends what you are looking for. I prefer my 328i manual E36. Don't regret moving on from my mk2.
  8. I've got 17x8s et20 all round on my E36 with 225/45s. Had to roll the guards but otherwise they fit, very close though. Does rub a little with more than one person in the car over bigger bumps. With narrower tyres it wouldn't be an issue.
  9. Probably never so I'll do that. Thanks.
  10. I see what you're saying, but that all works fine. What happens with mine is when the window is say all the way down, and you press to put the window up, it will stop halfway and drop a little. Similar to what happens if your arm is out the window and you try to put it up. How I read Nick's explanation it sounded like he has the same problem.
  11. My issue is when the door is closed and you press the button to close the window, it goes up a bit then "catches", stops and drops down a little. How would the door switch affect that?
  12. Curious to see what you do here, I have the same problem and haven't been able to find a solution for it.
  13. M M

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    That looks awesome man. Great to see it pretty much finished.
  14. No I didn't. To be fair they were second hand as well, so they could be faulty. I'll test them and see. Thanks guys.
  15. From my understanding this has more to do with the fan speed. Have you had it affect the temperatures as well? I don't believe they do have IHKA. What do you mean full manual vent mode? I'm assuming pressing the left buttons with the up and down arrows, which I have. Is the heater valve supposed to completely shut off hot water flow when the temperature is set to coldest? If not then there may be some flaps that are not working.
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