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  1. Can only relay to the forum my experience with the 2002 530 i had for 51/2 years owner ship purchased at 52,000k sold 128,k. As it was the first bmw i had owned expectations were high and the so called prestige that it has as a brand boy did that disappear fast. That said the e39 would have to be one of the better model range available then. The faults listed are what i have encountered with mine maybe another e39 would be totally different because it was built on a Wednesday not Monday or Friday
  2. E39 Cons low beam headlights A/c ancillary fan Final stage unit heater Cooling system Belt pulleys /tensioners Oil leaks Crank case vent system Seat upholstery bolsters etc Pixels in cluster and other instruments Thrust arms control arms Rotas and pads Rear boot wiring loom Tail light /body configuration leading to water leaks Poor rear visibilty reliant on to many electronic gadgets Pros Nice to sit in great driving highway cruising E46 Compact Cons The history of the ones with the N42,N46 engines is well documented so many faults As mine has the M54 series motor the faults mentioned in the e39 also apply lower suspension arms and bush's Rear axle/hub bearings rear window wiper motor rubber seals around rear screen reliant on to many electronic items to make it appear up market Pros Handles well very nibble can be economical on a trip and even in town if sensible
  3. Fair comment with all the crap that goes on on the net these days it is wise to do one's home work. Once sorted could you come back with what you found out that might help others thanks.
  5. Had a look at pelican in the states they show it might give you a comparison
  6. Or keep your old plates and get the number plate surrounds that fit the standard plate but are Euro style in size etc about $20.
  7. 16" or 17' their are heaps of 17"s on trade me look for something local as i see you are in Christchurch freighting them can get expensive. Their were some from a local wrecker on their not so long ago wanted around five hundred for them.
  8. part No 36161179828 seems they were fitted to the e34 5 series most of the range ,E24 6 series 635csi and m635csi , E32 7 series 730,35, 40, 50 production date 87 couldn't find any thing on the other one. Hope it is of some help.
  9. Seen any of these
  10. That number has been superseded Tom but looking at Pelican they have them see how they compare to what you can get here in NZ
  11. Just wondering the pipes look thin but also deep how does the area, flow rate, creating back pressure if applicable of these compare with the 3" pipes fitted. Surely Mercedes had a reason for making them that way.
  12. Remove and check have seen these covered with metal like filings stuck to them
  13. The Cabrio has a different part number also. The shape of the mounting triangle is different from a sedan compact coupe etc i believe. The m3 seems to have the more rounded one like after market m sport one's I've seen. Were as the standard one is rectangular shaped and buckle looking.
  14. Out of interest had a look in parts cat at a 328 99 sedan and a 325 04 sedan and they have the same part numbers for the plastic cover plate 51168238375 so if a standard sedan would say yes they are the same. They do have a few difference if fitted with heated glass, plan or tinted glass, fold in type and memory seats etc in the wiring set up
  15. This came from Pelican e30 tax added?
  16. Have a look here the ninth post
  17. This always stirs up comments and advise but with info collected and your personnel criteria for the vehicle in mind a decision will be forth coming no doubt. For the cost of the bimmer mentioned their are a large number of options open to you trade me has some 11200 odd. So spreading the net far and wide best of luck with your search and new purchase no matter what the make or model .
  18. Micheal a fair description Generating plant feeds electricity into the grid electric car owner needs to recharge car plugs in and begins recharge. Owner not knowing that the electricity was created by burning foil fuels.
  19. Would be interested to compare the two vehicle types in the materials that are used. How these materials them self are made and what process used to see what the carbon foot print is of both.It is all good to say the electric car is less pollutant than the petrol but the materials / processes used could far out weigh any gains The i8 has some interesting materials used I believe this was highlighted when reading an article about what special care needs to be taken to these vehicles when they come up for disposal .
  20. Could the link be renewed doesn't show up
  21. Thanks, not really what i was do you define renewable, i.e. something that can be reused again and again maybe. But how can the wind or water be classed a renewable you are not using the same water or wind again. Only harnessing the force which each generates at that time then more takes its place. the system relies on a constant flow of water or wind to work.Once it has gone through the turbine and traveled on.that water or wind is lost how can that be called renewable?
  22. Like most things they improve as time goes on the battery tech still has a long way to go before a reasonable range can be obtained from these vehicles Having the necessary infrastructure in place would go a long way to help also most places in NZ are not to far from one another. As for the renewable energy part not so sure would some one like to define what it means?.
  23. This is getting confusing, so who or what is insured in the cases in question. Are you insuring your self or a vehicle or does the policy cover both the person and vehicle while together. As William has stated he is covered also even if he rides another person bike / vehicle is it all in the fine print??
  24. Check out the condition of No 15, 17 they are rubber plugs at the back of the manifold
  25. A few article 's turned up from Pelican today among them was this selection of suspension kits if any one is going down that path for E36 30, 21, 46, 90, 91, 92, 93, 34, 28, Z3, X5 e53. Need a manual 15% off Bentley manuals Enjoy