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  1. allan

    E60 550i Exhaust mod

    Thought their was a wreck up for auction Manheim or such not long ago.
  2. allan

    E60 550i Exhaust mod

    something like this
  3. Both Brent and Glenn have years of dealing with bm's in every state possible so would heed what they have to saw. But try BMW fans its a parts cat and will give you some idea of what goes were. http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E60N/Europe/530i-N52N/R-N/apr2007/browse/bodywork/. Also use the search section believe someone else tryied what you are doing and it did not end well. But best of luck with it.
  4. HAVE YOU TRIED THESE GUYS NZAD NZ Automotive Distributors Ltd Website Directions 28d Moselle Ave, Henderson, Auckland 061 0800 556 923
  5. allan

    E28 Dilemma

    Try these guys thesurgery@thesurgery.co.nz +64 (0)4 232 7543 Appears they have a 73 3.0CSL being restored.
  6. allan

    E46 Compact

    NZ new rego Jan 2002 as a 316 colour Topaz blue. Work carried out all certified. Engine transplant N42 4cyl out M54B25 in 6cyl 2.5ltr, 5 speed manual gearbox. Drive shaft shortened and hoops fitted a diff up grade to medium case 3.15:1 ratio, brakes and suspension 325 m sport also.M sport body kit side skirts, door kick panels, front & rear bumpers, rear PDC, Clear park and side lights, 2004 red tail lights and tinted exterior mirror glass with wide angle section. Interior seats upgraded to leather M sport, cluster rings fitted.M sport Multi function steering wheel with cruise and radio control, Hood lining A,B,C pillar trim has been changed to the black M sport. Dash trim and door trim is Black cubic, auto dip mirror, torch in the glove box.Centre console M sport with fold down arm rest also zhp gear lever. This was a project car have all receipts for moneys spent body has 221,300k motor 134,300k's $6,500.00 The link will explain what has been done any questions please ask car located Foxton https://www.dropbox.com/s/a5p1h6fr4k3pmes/Tim up to date project 3 (3).ppsx?dl=0 rear end.doc
  7. allan

    E46 Airbag Light

    OK problem solved reading the last post also be aware their was a problem with the wiring to both the passengers seat sensor and the seat belt tensioners.This also coursed the air bag light to come on something to do with the wiring giving up and braking a replacement loom was made available not sure if still covered.
  8. Pelican show two a Siemens $99.50Us and genuine for $167.50 these don't have the motors.If of any help a superseeded part number 51357184745 is being used. When replacing the one on the e39 advised to clean the guides and spray .them with Teflon to provide a smooth surface for the glass to slide over
  9. Try these they are from BMW fans parts cat. Check the part numbers and click on the i. for more info it will let you know what other models used the parts as well http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E38/Europe/728i-M52/R-A/may1999/browse/engine/cooling_system_fan_fan_coupling/#1712058_1 http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E38/Europe/728i-M52/R-A/may1999/browse/radiator/radiator_expansion_tank_frame/
  10. allan

    Induction charging

  11. allan

    2001 318Ci

    Welcome to the surprises that e46 have for you. The back mounting securing clips brake real easy as they get old and the front one not far behind as you are now aware. Three ways I have seen people fix thises. 1.combo silicone sealer and cable ties, 2. A friendly wrecker and get them for free 3. cough up the $$$ and buy them new. As for the clock issue it can be displayed on both the cluster and radio at the same time as mine was but by fiddling with the right knob on the cluster as you mentioned it can be altered.
  12. allan

    2001 318Ci

    Dammed if you do and dammed if you don't comes to mind. Would you achieve much by loosen the lower window track and being able to move things a little? . Other than that it might be a window removal or can you lower the window and the regulator into the bottom of the door to give you more room.
  13. allan

    2001 318Ci

    The cable being black should'nt matter just the way it is attached to the door handle mechanismThey appear to have changed Sep 2000 mine are yellow but from a 2002 sedan. Might be easier if you look at trying to remove the door handle mechanism from the car to make refitting the cable easier and know that it want come adrift again. By what you are saying their isn't any room to move. Looking at the mechanism it appears to be held in by one bolt and located in a V shape a the other end. Also their should be some holes that line up with these parts in the door. Play around with the window height to get the best clearance you can.
  14. allan

    2001 318Ci

    A couple of photos that might help what i'm talking about. first locking tab on cable, second part in correct place, third part depressed allowing cable to be removed. Once this is depressed it appears it needs a little help to return it.
  15. allan

    2001 318Ci

    Ok must be something broken or miss aligned as the one i have their is no way the nipple on the end of the cable will come completely out of were it locates because of another part, red arrow in your blue circle even with the outer cable out of its locating place the X or other red arrow. Hold the press left red arrow if this part is depressed it will allow the nipple to be removed.It appears to be spring loaded under white plastic bit check the spring to see if not broken. Has your cable still got its little securing tab or is it broken hence the cable tie to hold it in place.
  16. allan

    2001 318Ci

    Their are two cables going to the door lock one from the handle mechanism you have shown the other goes to the interior handle to open the door. On the lock I have their is a white plastic piece that has a slot and hole for the end of the cable to slid into. Think when I changed the compact one I had to mess around with the window channel to give one a little more room it was a pain. Have a look here any help best of luck. https://www.google.co.nz/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiql6DM5pHcAhWBNJQKHRv6BUwQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D3laNmsAbKrM&psig=AOvVaw3jjcK9xm4jwfp-LGu4fUXo&ust=1531218221190235
  17. Ok time for a change so Tim 325 has to go looking at the prices they are all over the place comments please. First Rego Jan 2002 NZ new as a basic 316, colour Topaz blue New WOF about 2 weeks ago and will have 3 month rego when sold Owners first female 9yrs, car dealer not sure of time, male 2 1/2 yrs myself coming up 6yrs. Current speedo reads 220,900K This was a project car check out the link to get a better idea of what has been done. The exterior and interior has been upgraded to the m sport level with a few extra bits https://www.dropbox.com/s/a5p1h6fr4k3pmes/Tim up to date project 3 (3).ppsx?dl=0 Have other article of exhaust work and other work carried out on the vehicle. A 2.5ltr 6 pot M54B52 fitted with a five speed manual box and a 3.15:1 medium case diff Motor had 108,000k on it at swap over vehicle had 196,000 odd. Since then the seats have been changed to leather.
  18. allan

    2001 e39 530i - Help Buying?

    Well that blow that reply out of the water Good on you Aaron good luck with the sale.
  19. allan

    Quick rant thread.

    What's wrong with that shows the New Zealand number eight wire fix it all has now moved to using plastic cable ties. Thats thinking outside the box for sure 😁
  20. allan

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Great, make's life so much easier when one has access to the correct equipment.
  21. allan

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    MMM milk shake one can expect when your head is leaking . But the fudge is down to sheer neglect surely? Have fun cleaning that little lot up 😂
  22. allan

    E46 M3 Alternator

    If you have the old alternator overhaul it yourself win win you gain the experience and have a spare unit.
  23. allan

    Quick rant thread.

    Are you able to contact the keen buyer and come to an agreement between your selfs. Surely if both partys agree the legal side of this could be sorted with a trip to the local court house or such. Their has to be more than one way to skin this lawyer no doubt he will get paid one way or the other.?.
  24. allan

    Whats it worth

    Had a figure of six and half but at the end of the day the market will decide what people are willing to pay for it.