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  1. You'll need some E92 M3 front LCAs and tension arms to deal with those corners that commuters often come up against. LSD also helps with general commuting, make sure you maintain proper traction, safety first!
  2. Need more details and vins Good choice, awesome cars.
  3. PM me if ya want any details, it needs some love, probably too much to make it nice, if you could get it cheap enough and had some spare cash could get it to "daily" spec. Has had big wheels on it in the past, and the gaurds have been butchered. both rear quarters resprayed (not sure why), looks like some bog in there. Throwout bearing, or DMF, is shagged. Suspension needs love (hard to say with this, it drives very differently to mine, but mine isnt exactly stock anymore so hard to say whats normal). Exhaust is a 120 backbox welded on, it used to be straight piped.. actually sounds OK just ugly work. Wouldve been a nice car at some point in its past, but with the price of these things falling on their asses...
  4. Went and looked at it today, would make a good racecar build...
  5. Jacko

    New GST import stuff

    Nah, just a specialist chinese retailer
  6. Kind of on topic, stumbled on this the other day, details of how the N52s work from a BMW tech training manual. Pretty clever for a 16+ year old engine. spec_(1).pdf
  7. Nah, in terms of performance or reliability pretty similar, some reports say early N52s make more power, but the standard for measuring changed at the same time, so its a bit moot, they're the same in reality. Silvertops (Early N52) have magnesium rocker covers, external CCVs, most have the cam ledge seal fixed Blacktops (N52Ks) have plastic rocker covers, internal CCVs, all have the cam ledge seal fixed, depending on DME they can unload things like alternator under hard acceleration, and load it up under braking, which in theory results in better mpg.. but the difference is trivial. Silvertops magnesium rocker cover corrodes, external CCV system regularly shits itself after a few hundred thousand km Blacktops plastic rocker cover cracks, internal CCV system shits itself more regularly than external, but it appears parts are cheaper (provided you dont have to replace the whole rocker cover, depends on what breaks) Pick the problem that best suits you
  8. BMW New Zealand || Discussions/Classifieds/Parts Its probably on the faceballs marketplace too, but I dunno how to work that. Edit - just ran the vin and its manual, still.. cheap - https://www.mdecoder.com/decode/p010369 plate is LKN28
  9. Decent looking blue 130 listed for 8.5 on faceballs bmw parts page at the moment. Looks to maybe have acs exhaust and spoiler.
  10. Jacko

    New GST import stuff

    $500us order from china delivered today, no gst. System works good 😛
  11. Jacko

    Quick Questions

    Mine (N52B30) throws O2 sensor errors when I put sh*t gas in it, even 96 (have had to twice, gas light on, middle of nowhere... still feel bad about it :( ), once it meets its internal emission cycle stuff, and sitting at 100 in 6th "lean burning" it'll throw the code for various O2 sensors. May have something to do with always running it on 98, and reseting the adaptations whilst on 98.
  12. I can bring it on the 8th if that suits (have no pm)
  13. They auto up/down with the door closed. With the door open, only auto down. Depends on competitors, at the time it was pretty much just the R32 golf as a competitor which was also a very expensive small car. BMW were very obviously targetting the R32, as the specs all just slightly beat it (Mk IV R32 has way better seats though)
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