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  1. Yeah 100ish mm or so at the front from memory, but even then its a finger puzzle!
  2. Little baby class D amp sits in there pretty good, tracing all the factory wiring to subs is a bit of a headscratcher... had to remove car to do it.
  3. They start with the rear sway bar in the factory, and build the car around it... its a pig to change. You wanna make sure you put the right one in, doing it multiple times will not be fun
  4. Jacko

    Quick rant thread.

    Im no conspiracy nut, but I'm starting to think there is way more to this than meets the eye. Big power shifts are happening. Vanuatu must be close to defaulting on their chinese loans due to covid ending tourism, which means china essentially own em, they already have clandestine presence in the pacific and this will just make it formal. If Taiwan gets invaded (sep/oct is apparently the best Wx), the chinese then have a clear run down through micronesia into the pacific..... /tinfoil hat off.
  5. Jacko

    Quick Questions

    Nah, black is stock. What thickness is it?
  6. yeah other than a little nick on the edge of one, they look new.
  7. On police frustrations.. my house got broken on the last night of Lvl 4 lockdown, when were all at home. My wife, son, dog all asleep. This guy had balls. He ran through our house grabbing laptops and tablets. He also left his palm prints on my gate... the police forensics team turned up quick and did a really good job. They called us a week later with a name, asking if we knew him, we didnt... I found him on facebook, about as stereotypical as you'd expect from someone who does sh*t like this. I called the police 3 weeks ago, to see if it'd had been actioned. Nothing, no progress. They said they'd call me back as it shouldve been actioned. no call back. Its madness. I dont blame individual officers by the way, but the system is broken. This sack of sh*t will 100% be out there continuing what hes doing.
  8. Well timed project of door card and stereo upgrade. Dont quite know where the amp is going to go yet, any advice? Its a small monoblock focal purely for the underseat subs. Debating installing it the factory position in the boot, close to the battery, and then running the RCAs back and forwards down the car, or moving the amp closer to the subs and having shorter RCAs and longer power leads? I may end up amping the original subs just to see what happens initially! The blaupunkt BM1402CM4 door speakers look like a quality bit of kit, particularly as the price is pretty sharp. No idea what they sound like, but the engineering is solid and the whole frame in CNCd etc. Nice.
  9. Jacko

    BMW vin checker

    Surely this will get reversed with right to repair legislation kicking up a storm.
  10. The cargo net is very handy, it stops my dog licking my ears whilst driving to the vets
  11. Yeah stupid tacky things, will look back on them in 20 years like dot matrix displays, in a wtf were they thinking deal.
  12. Jacko

    N52B30 silver top

    Yeah the lump outta that would be perfect, looks like too nice a car to pull to bits though... Maybe you need to talk to Ray about a S65 for it....
  13. Jacko

    N52B30 silver top

    Project My two still run mint, but one's at 280,000+km and I want to build up something to beat on with MILVs and headers etc, then rebuild the old one as a slow burn project once it's over 300k.
  14. Jacko

    N52B30 silver top

    Blacktop, want the silver top OG.
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