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  1. http://bimmersport.co.nz/profile/3323-promo/ is your man
  2. 2 Series active tourer, they're as nasty as they are ugly, and the three cylinder one I see around sounds like its chewing on ball bearings. Been around for 5 odd years, luckily they dont seem to sell many.
  3. Both cast then machined, the chinese ones just done better
  4. Zimmerman Sport Coated ( Slotted / Drilled ) Brembo Sport Coated (Slotted / Dimpled ) The Zimmermans are nicely machined, however the inner side of hub isnt deburred, neither are the slots. Finish inside the vanes is OK. The Brembo are machining Artwork, not a bur on it. The coating on the wear surfacea is different to the hub. They spent some time making them... AvE would say Skookum as frig. Ones made in China, the other is German...
  5. Yeah, Im pretty sure they are a harmonic thing, they're heavy steel, either for noise or for a vibration at a set resonance? No idea.
  6. I have some Zimmerman sport coated and Brembo sport coated rotors in front of me, will post some pics later, its interesting the difference between them. Its very apparent there are Brembos, and Brembos!, even in the same size/application.
  7. Stickers stuck, clearcoated, and some new hardware on the 6 pot bananas.
  8. Pretty good outing considering he had 1/8th the marketing budget, He's already said he will be standing again next time, heres hoping he can get more traction next time around. Its pretty amazing how the media affect who sees what, the whole things so slimey.
  9. Anyone got tidy LCI E87 door cards, in black or red leather (or anything else out there?)
  10. Pretty sure the pads currently in the stock brakes on mine are ceramic ATEs, and they bite pretty well, and Ive never had them fade during spirited driving.... I looked at all the fancy metallic pads but then decided brake dust will make me sad, so went ceramic again. Looks pretty easy to change pads out for something more aggressive for track day as well.
  11. Looking like brakes... courier man is drip feeding me parts... Ended up going for brembo sport coated rotors (slotted/dimpled) for the rear. Options for the rear end are slim pickings due to the odd size. Front end is Zimmerman coated (slotted/drilled), went for Brembo sport NAO ceramic pads and HEL stainless lines.
  12. TLDR; sounds like what your really want is a manual 130. Or a DCT, with an S65... go hit up HellBM (Can gaurantee all ya E36s will be on tardme after driving that monster)
  13. Jacko

    Quick rant thread.

    Those ryco filters are garbage too, I had one that had chunks of hotglue falling out of it, took it back. "bulk" packs of 6 or so genuine ones pop up on amazon/ebay often for the same price as one "preschoolers art project" ryco one.
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