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  1. Im on the hunt for the same, lemme know if you find a good source. My E91 is all wired up for it, just no bar.
  2. Good for cleaning suspension and wheels etc (throw water based degreaser in foam cannon, go nuts), and blowing snow foam everywhere, but yeh... it doesnt save time
  3. Down the list of priorities some, but its on the list of things to grab at wrecker if I see them for right price (same thing with door cards!)
  4. Yeah thats got no spoiler, the Aero spoiler sticks out some and flatten the roof line out some, some markets got them with Msport, others didnt. Cup holders were an option, when 1 series came out it was something stupid like a 600 euro option for two shitty holes in centre console, there were many tears. The i drive ones have 1 below the centre bin. E9xs have mechanical ones that come of dash, and get jammed and break, so simple hole aint all bad.
  5. No headlight washers, I think it was bundled with xenons in most markets but japan, looks in nice enough spec, also missing the aero spoiler on the hatch. Has a cup holder Engine bay is filthy which makes me sad, and the loom clips look to all be busted so it may have had some rough maintenance in the past. Werent many crazy options on the one series, people hunt out less generic interiors than the half black leather/aluminium that 95% came with, and the BMW Performance stuff which AFAIK were all dealer things.
  6. Jacko

    Air compressors

    Im in need of a 240V compressor, something that just works and can spit out enough air for occasional home gamer Have a metric shed load of air tools from previous life, drills/diegrinders/hammers etc. Its not going to get a daily use, so dont want to blow a lot of cash on it, something thats on wheels so I can throw it outside the shed when being used, and stored inside. Any suggestions?
  7. At least without it, it wont fill up with water
  8. TLDR; No rascism, but I identify that the yellow Integrale evo is cooler than the red M3.
  9. Hence spreading his name around, his social media presence is already skyrocketing, its nearly quadrupled in a week. I think he needs to go do more public debates with the other candidates, as that will get him some real world attention as he is a waaaay better public speaker than JT or Goff.
  10. You'll want to get it up on a hoist etc, have a yarn to bmworkshop etc and get them to do a PPI
  11. Looks good, and is priced right. Get someone who knows E9x's and N52s to have a look over it, they're solid cars but its easily possible to pay the asking price again in repairs (and for relatively mundane things)
  12. Kick ass, Ive been hovering around the centric site and found the rear end 42mm piston but nothing else. Thanks!
  13. I guess the dust seals have been gone for a while, everything below the piston seal looks fine, just black grime above it. Nah havent tried BMW directly yet, will do tomorrow. 28/32/36mm
  14. Toasted ceramics (and seals), still hunting for p/n of OEM pistons, no joy.
  15. Mayor makes 300k a year or so, and its not set by the council, its a stupid amount of money especially considering the results and stupidity that previous mayors babble while getting that pay cheque! Craigs addressed the payrate a few times, has no power to change it, but intends to be very philanthropic Go check out his ideas, particularly around things like motorsport (western springs) and public groups, and his approach to fixing the ACC in a similar way to how you would fix a broken machine, before you throw him in with the other "independents" who are waving banners for causes. He really does have a chance of getting in, if his profile is raised in the media.
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