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  1. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-bilstein-parts/b4-oe-replacement-touring-shocks-struts-kit/22-111081kt/ - $600 USD shipped.
  2. Wiper Blades..BOSCH ICONS...??

    Meyle look to be the same thing, work well.
  3. Road Toll Not working

    A shitty piece of road design can still meet the standards though, and if its initially cheaper, that's what the client wants most of the time. Auckland is littered with examples of it, along with the stories from the engineers about how what they wanted to do, and what the budget let them do, was very different.
  4. The new BMW M2 Competition.

    Remember when performance engines used to look good?
  5. Road Toll Not working

    In regards to civil engineers and bad road planning/execution. Its 90% about the budget the project has, doing it halfassed is cheaper... Unfortunately its often a very false economy.
  6. Road Toll Not working

    Im all for letting Darwin get back to his regular job. We shouldnt have to have campaigns to tell people to wear their seatbelts.... Also agreed on the transport planning situation, what we have now is very scary (wife is a roading engineer) and will likely see a whole bunch of CE companies go bust and/or the skilled people leave the industry/country while plans for our nationwide gluten free monorail are drawn up.
  7. Botany Motor Worx Ltd

    Curious with this as well, who is the recommended go to now? I was very happy with Glenns service, have the 330 booked in for a service with BM workshop, is there anyone else out there that has the bimmersport stamp of approval?
  8. Quick rant thread.

    Snapping off the bolt extractor flush, into the head of bolt that snapped off flush, in the toyotas block. Looks likes its been helicoiled in the past, and now the helicoil wants to wind out. Yay.
  9. Road Toll Not working

    Much of my daily journey is through north Waikato, and I agree, Friday evenings are bad. Drunk/Stoned drivers all over the place. Ive *555'd and followed three of them, who were really bad (public road pinball..) for a few km while giving details to the cops, cops never catch them (and if they turn up the next day at the persons house, have no proof they were driving while shitfaced)
  10. E81 130i

    Not that I need another N52, that would just be greedy, but whats wrong with Singapore? (Vs Japan/UK/etc)
  11. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Nice, got to remember this, the regular crowd of windscreen repairers are useless.
  12. Road Toll Not working

    I wonder how much of it is more modern cars not scaring the sh*t out of you when doing medium level dumb ideas, stability control, slushboxes etc combined with a NVH levels that allow you to play on your phone in total comfort? Kinda similar train of thought to that roading experiment where they got rid of all the speed limits, and the accident rate dropped as drivers got a lot more aware and cautious about what they, and everyone else, was doing. Wonder what the accident rate world wide is doing?