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  1. Had Gunship cranking through the fog on SH1 yesterday morning. Retro 80s Synthwave epicness.
  2. When I did mine used a Renault Clio unit (plastic finned flavour from rennojag for around $100), all the 944/VW units I could find were rusty piles of crap. Renault unit bolted up fine, used a 1/4" HSS drill bit cut in half as spacer on the shaft to the master cylinder. Worked mint and looks OEM (and new)
  3. Shout out to ECS Tuning. Fedex are still fluffing around around with my smashed clutch & flywheel, and how they will deal with it, and how many pictures of bent steel they need... ECS Tuning stepped up instantly and are reshipping the order and taking the hit on NZ GST/Duty! Buy sh*t from these guys https://www.ecstuning.com/ they are GCs.
  4. Ive had Post haste drop card to call pick up forms in my letter box, go to pick up the item and its not even for me, or even someone in the same suburb. Couriers are up there with Wilson parking....
  5. Fedex outsourcing delivery to NZ couriers. So now you pay Fedex prices, but with the added bonus of total ineptness and the ability to smash your goods beyond recognition. New clutch kit from ECS took 3 weeks since paying duties to finally arrive, took 3 goes of asking them to hold it at depot to pick up for them to stop driving it around Auckland everyday in the van, finally picked it up today and it looks like its been dropped from a few meters, a few times.
  6. Got an error code popping up for back up battery on the alarm (e87). Normal practice seems to be to replace the whole unit, has anyone simply replaced the cell? Seems crazy to spend a couple of hundred when the battery is a couple of bucks...
  7. Worth a watch, some slick fabrication around the front end.
  8. Cut/Polish/Wax/Sweat/Beer. Shiney.
  9. Some little car park dents, window rubbers cracked, air con controls dicky, and a leaking rear shock... not that it matters now as sold
  10. Scariest thing about N52s is the water pump, the failure point of them seems very random (my 130 is on the original at 230km, some fail at 40km). Its also kinda the only thing that just goes pop and leaves you on side of road. That car had no antifreeze in it, the anti freeze is what lubes the pump. Also magnesium/ali block with no corrosion inhibitor in the coolant... It might be fine, no idea on how long its been running straight water, too much of unknown to risk it for the wifes daily car.
  11. going to have a look at this 2mo, anyone else checked it out? if anyone wants the PPI report of the silver msport e91 at zip pm me, might save someone the cost.
  12. Good to hear, the fedex man has mine at the moment.
  13. 100,000k's on F1 Assy2s/3s with a can of tyre fix in the boot, never had to use it.
  14. Its running no anti freeze, straight water, and the rocker cover gasket is all siliconed up.... 60k on the clock and abused.
  15. Thanks for all your help over the years Glenn, appreciate it! Its a shame the business is closing, legit mechanics are few and far between Enjoy the fishing!