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  1. Jacko

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Finally fixed the siren battery back up battery fault code on the 130i, only took 2 years of it bugging me
  2. Jacko

    E30 330 Coupe

    Tech 2 bodykit looks wrong, looks nice otherwise
  3. I can answer that The genuine carly one is definitely different hardware than a generic OBD2 BT adapter, its much faster etc. I wouldnt want to try code a DME with an ebay special, seems risky. Your welcome to borrow mine and have a play if you want. Its definitely not cheap, particularly with the price of the app, and once youve coded what you want it becomes a little redundant ( other than having torque update slightly faster! )
  4. +1 for ATE, not worth the hassles of cheap sh*t parts. Glenn did mine 12 odd months and 50,000km ago, they still look mint (and not a corroded mess of squealing garbage like "brembos")
  5. Replaced the CCV system today, pig of a job, but intake was full of oil. I suspect the fuel trims were getting butchered by sensors covered in oil from the separator not draining correctly. At least both DISA valves look sweet as (and all you N54/55 guys can be jealous as of those intake valves.. ) All appears good, will keep an eye on the oil consumption now and see if have solved it.
  6. Jacko

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    OP = Original Post - Car looks absolutely immaculate.
  7. Jacko

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    Im pretty sure most of the people here are ragging on the 1M in the hopes that they will devalue some so we can buy one 1M is way cooler than an M3 of the same/similar vintage, was the first time in a decade that BMW M made an actual drivers car and not a luxury yacht. Also, modern "S" engines, while they might sound cool and have so many bro brag points, and have fancy numbers, have a very real reputation of being pretty poorly engineered handgrenades that cost a shed load to fix. Id much rather have a 1M than a M2/3/4. More fun, less nonsense and lard. NZ Market for 1Ms is very different to the rest of the world, for some reason we got a whole lot more per capita than anywhere else. That one in the OP is stunning.
  8. Jacko

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Sonax Profiline CC36 ceramic coating, looks as shiney as wax, and not even bird sh*t sticks to it!
  9. Jacko

    Independent valuation

    I had the same thing, got a friend who is a car dealer to do it.
  10. Jacko

    Quick rant thread.

    I have a bunch of gangster bellends living up the road, Ive called the cops on them (111 and *555) over 6 times, I know the little street they live on but not the specific house. There are roughly 20 houses on it, so it wouldnt take the NZ police out sourcing to Sherlock to solve. Ive taken video and pictures of them. I bet you could eliminate those 20 houses down to the Housing NZ ones..... Ive seen one of them threaten another guy with a knife, I assume over drugs.. Last week one of them was driving a stolen Yamaha sports bike through a park (it had a screw driver in the ignition), got the rego and gave it to the cops. If you own https://www.carjam.co.nz/car/?plate=B2LSN I know where it is... They race dirt bikes in the parks and playgrounds in the area, tearing the snot out the grass and terrorizing everyone. Make a racket as well.. Yesterday they were over taking cars doing wheelstands, backwards and forwards like some sorta retarded game of chicken. Been going on for months. Nothing has happened, the cops dont turn up (biggest police station in the country is 5km away). Its totally ridiculous. I bet if I went and hit up a friendly "real" gang they would come and sort these dipshits out quickly. Next step is next time I call the cops Im either - A - Telling the cops I killed one of them and see if they turn up. B - Telling the cops they have a gun and see if they turn up. Maybe if they actually responded to crimes instead of dishing out 1kmh speeding tickets, they could get some better work stories.
  11. Or they could have just taken it to a WOF place that actually looks. Doesnt mean much.
  12. Jacko

    This guy manages to pull off ...

    Thats awesome! I wanna go!
  13. Jacko

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    I did this 6.396s
  14. Jacko

    N52 starter motor (munted - supposedly)

    Definitely dont need a hoist, Its on top of the box, under the inlet manifold... However I suspect you would have to remove the inlet manifold which would mean new seals and new ali bolts. Coupla hours and ~$200US in parts.