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  1. Yes. http://www.nzhousecheck.co.nz/index/ Give Jeff a buzz, he is real world, and not afraid to go have a poke at stuff! He turned up and inspected my place last minute, in the evening, and did a slick job.. then offered a bunch of advice on how to fix things. Is actually a builder, and not a flaky prick who decided to make money pening crap off (there are no real standards for house inspection, industry is full of half assed cowboys) Also happened to be very vocal when pointing things out during the inspection, when there were other potential buyers looking around Very recommended
  2. You see e9x M3's every day, I saw one getting fed 91 at BP yesterday, rolled eyes. You dont see 1Ms, and if I saw one getting fed 91 Id go have words. Thats the difference, and why worth more
  3. Be a pretty legit engine swap project, cool cars.
  4. Heya guys, got a project requiring an inertial fuel shut off, its going on a 100cc efi 2 stroke air cooled twin Has anyone played with inertial fuel shutoffs? I know very little about them
  5. Brake rotors warped or unevenly warn, sometimes even pad build up on the rotors can accumulate unevenly.
  6. Kind of on topic, but has anyone tried Fusso coat? Wax, not a ceramic, japanese stuff that apparently its legit shiny and lasts 6 months.
  7. First time I drove mine, 5 years ago now, first thought was - This is a "modern" E30 325, feels really similar.
  8. Everyones trying to be as cool as me! Its good seeing all these 130s snapped up, welcome. Car looks good, xenons/manual/sunroof - Good options. Pull that ebay M badge off the grill though 😛 https://www.mdecoder.com/decode/ps89205
  9. Its pretty easy to tell if you have an open diff to compare it to, if you hammer it around a corner in a stock car the DSC light on dash will come on very early, and often, where as with an LSD its WAY more playful as it doesnt have the delta in rear wheel speeds, so doesnt think its as crossed up as it is 120 diff, 33107566169 , is 3.07:1 130 auto diff is 3.46:1 (manual is 3.64) 3.73 is what all the cool kids hunt for. Pull it apart and have a looksee You'll need to figure what sort of fluid goes in it at some point.
  10. Yup, its stock/stick. Yours looks stock up to the back box where the clamp sits? Normal mod is to hack out the resonator/Y pipe as it makes pops and crackles once gone. Whats the ratio of a 120d diff I wonder?
  11. LSD?? Or just tight open? Going to have to do a skid to check the 11's! There is normally an aluminium plate there stock for the chassis reinforcement, just doenst look like that. http://cpmtech.jp/ Someone get some free goodies?!
  12. Jacko

    Opinion sought

    Thats oil, not coolant? Its likely to be coming from rocker cover/sump gasket, and looks like a pretty big leak (but those gaskets failing is common, they will all do it at some point). If its not covered by any warranty, clean it down, find the source once you have a fresh leak to chase. Rocker cover gasket is easy, sump gasket is a big job, parts are cheap but there is a lot of labour in doing sump gasket. If its also loosing coolant, its likely another issue.
  13. Meh, 99% of em are black with aluminium trim, boring... I want red leather
  14. Cool interior, odd spec for a motorsport, wonder if its an individual or something.
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