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  1. Toyota BZ touring Pros - Quad throttle bodies howling at 7800 rpm (also happens to be peak oil consumption) Cons - Peak oil consumption. Sounds like trying to beat the nurburg laptime when just trying to have enough torque to back down driveway.
  2. Pretty badass robots.
  3. 1M with 2002 Turbo style graphics on the southern this evening. Bad. Ass.
  4. Anyone tried, or come across, the UUC ali flywheel and organic clutch kit on a 130? Appears to share the same OEM part numbers as a Z4 3.0si clutch, which is listed on UUC site as a kit.
  5. Anyone had their average fuel consumption widget not work? it just reports 0.1l/100km. Reset the trip odo, have done a few hundred k's, still 0.1. Everything else works, no error messages... It know how much its using as the instantaneous widget works, and it obviously knows how many k's its done, but wont populate this doofa?
  6. Multi coloured E34 sedan in Taupiri on Friday, kinda BMW art car ish, members? Keep seeing an E39 around the north waikato with racing stripes and "scorpion" branding, was wondering if its some sort of tuner but google aint revealing that.
  7. Rascism at the gas station... Turn up at Caltex Bombay occasionally in the 130, I usually go to BP for 98 but sometimes it dont work out that way!, and I can always fill up at the pump no questions asked. Turn up at the same Caltex in the 96 Toyota, refused filling up. I even went inside and said "Hi, can I fill up?" and got "No, you prepay only" ... Economic profiling is the new rascism... #toyotalivesmatter
  8. The term of the CGA depends on bunch of factors, 3 months was an example referring to 3 series waterpump issue and would be covered by pretty much anyones definition of "reasonable" if it went to court! Dealers love autosure etc. It gives them an easy out from the CGA, as they can just tell you to use your warranty, and then they get to take a cut of selling the policy, its win win for them
  9. *Most. For every story the mechanical insurance actually paid out, there are three where they didnt. If you bought from a dealer, the CGA covers you for it imploding within 3 months.
  10. Consider K's to be very secondary to the actual condition of the vehicle and its service history is my advice, get a BMW pro to go over it with a fine tooth come before handing money over as well. Most mechanical warranties are BS
  11. Has anyone replaced the aero piece in front of the rear wheels on an E87 Msport before? RealOEM is confusing me and ive bought the front ones instead of the back. I think it might be 13, but only LH is listed. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=UF92-EUR-11-2005-E87-BMW-130i&diagId=51_5532
  12. 13 Hours of cutting/polishing/removing compound from face and she is is shineyAF. Still has 224k of stone chips and scratches, but they are very shiney stone chips!
  13. I have a Nilfisk 120.7 , its very average, not enuff puff but the filters in it help with rinsing off soap and avoided watermarks haha. 130 is apparently better.
  14. Like watching a train crash in slow motion.
  15. Simplicity is relative, in the 80s EFI was smoke and mirror magic, 125kw was immense etc etc Quality is the same, If anything the newer cars are better built, arguably less "solid" with things like open deck ali/magnesium blocks, but hardly unreliable. Take a look at items like suspension arms, and the newer BMW's are light years ahead of pressed steel etc in E30s 325i's. In terms of production numbers, they are similar when apples-apples. Dynamically, E30s are great fun, but im sure a 1M is more fun! Im not bagging E30s at all, but the "old skool" movement at the moment has put them on a pedestal... probably more than anything due to the 3 box 80s styling and RWD manual combo. A poverty pack E30 has crappy parts and average fit/finish, just like a poverty pack E90.