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  1. Funnily, I went totally the opposite way... pulled LED foglights out and put in some 3000k yellow halogens in as I think they looked better with yellowy light against the xenons
  2. Not really any serious power gains to be had, nothing of serious consequence anyway. New map, few more hp (some claim 200kw doable, I think thats likely BS) Decent headers, pickings are slim for RHD, brintech in aussie seem to have the best option but its not cheap, however dyno proven 13-15kw https://www.brintechcustoms.com.au/all-products/n52-custom-exhaust-headers MILVs, modifying the intake lift of the valvetronic system, gives a solid bump throughout rev range but requires a custom dyno tune. There is also a custom exhaust camshaft out there, but its currently vapourware. https://www.bimmermilvs.com/ Thats about it, at least sanely. Lower spec N52s benefit from bolting the HO N52B30 bits too them, but the 130s come out of the box in the highest state of factory N52 tune. There are some epic N52B30s out there in racecars, Kevin from Birds has/had a 380bhp N52B30 that runs S54 ITBs and custom cams with locked valvetronic... but ya talking $20-30k. There is also BPC who have played with multiple silly power turbo N52s, but they're hand grenades so are not available to purchase as kits. As Dave says, best option with 130s is fixing the suspension and putting an LSD in... Ive done some very spirited B road blitzes and Ive never thought afterwards "I need more power ".. near 190kw in a little hatch is pretty solid out of the box. If your 130 is feeling slow, likely something needs some love. A service, new airfilter, new plugs, cleaning out any intake manifold slime and then resetting the DME adaptations with 98 in the tank is probably a good first step.
  3. My UK 330 had same recall, just got done, but not on the NZ new 130, which is odd as as far as I can tell, all the same hardware
  4. Jacko

    New 4 series

    Looks like the front and back of two different cars stuck together.
  5. Ill take this challenge, Ill tape up the odo on my 15 year old 130 K's mean nothing if looked after, I bet a well looked after 300,000km car has lower k's on individual parts on it than one with 100,000km on the dash.
  6. I was surprised how un-e8/9x they are underneath, looks more like an E46. Still damn cool car
  7. Gonna be keeping an eye out for dem doorcards... https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12335950
  8. Can you do 225/245 on the rim widths you have? Next sushi cafe meet need to swap keys for 5 min and compare setups
  9. How much stagger do you have at the moment? Ive done 225/235, 215/245, and 235/235 (currrent setup). 225/235 was good, but from my unscientific butt testing I seriously wouldnt consider more stagger than that, ruins the balance of the car in the twistys.
  10. Whats with all these post covid M badges in the wrong place 😕
  11. 215/245 on a 130 will make it yuck, tried it for a week of auckland/raglan return daily, and just ends up being an understeery mess... looks cool, drives poop.
  12. A manual N52 Z4 would be fun if can find one, otherwise get a 130, join the cool kids club In terms of bang for buck, 130s are absurdly good buying at the moment. I have an E91 330 as well, its a good family car and nice to drive, but in terms of weekend toy not so much, 130 is WAY more entertaining.
  13. 4 year old wisdoms from this morning - "Dad - when I grow up I'm not going to buy a BMW first" "Why is that Max?" Pointing at a Hyundai Sonata - "Because I'm going to get one of those first to see how bad works first"
  14. LCI, us peasants in Pre-LCI cars drive around with inferior door cards... its about the only LCI difference worth having
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