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  1. I have a Carly, your welcome to give it ago if you wish. It may work, it may melt everything
  2. 2 x new BMW Supras, covered in white plastic wrap ( disguisey rather than shipping ) on the back of the truck on the motorway...
  3. Yeah too much money for low spec. Dont worry about the waterpump, its an easy job and in the grand scheme of things not even particularly pricey (the cost of 2 mid range tyres..) Pretty amazingly reliable for what they do to be fair
  4. Its not all bad, means they can do things like this.
  5. Jacko

    Quick Questions

    Thanks heaps for you help Pramod, life saver, I was about to torch the fecking thing Ended up being a butchered coding from Carly app, reflash to stock by @promo via the magic of the interwebs and I have tail lights that behave themselves now.
  6. Jacko

    Quick Questions

    Yeah I stumbled over that on my googling for WTF, carly didnt throw any errors when I did screw with it. I awhile ago I was screwing with LED bulbs, and turned off the warnings etc using carly, have since gone back to standard bulbs and didnt turn the warnings back on. No idea if this issue is related though 😕 Now its back to as default as can remember, unfortunately carly seems to have lost all the backups from months ago (android update, carly update? )
  7. Jacko

    Quick Questions

    Interesting, I got a jump a few a weeks ago due to dead starter. Ill have a read up about flashing it, have tool32 on laptop but have never used it.
  8. Jacko

    Quick Questions

    Tested the snot out of FRM light functions, and then reset the FRM (with ISTA+) all looked fine apart from a null value being given for tail light dimming. Looking over the wiring diagram its purely the FRM that controls voltage to the tail light, there is no relay or the like in the way. Im wondering if Carly has caused some madness with the coding of the FRM now. Pulled apart the tailgate too see if was something like the flexible section causing a break/chaffing. Nothing. It cant be a ground, Ive checked them all (and it doesnt make sense anyway, the lights all work, just the tail lights when on are at the wrong brightness) F*(^*(King BMW, who would buy one of these things. Whats wrong with good old fashioned wires and switches 😛
  9. Jacko

    Quick Questions

    Fuel pump relay, looks fine. Alarm, looks fine. Im cleaning all the connectors as a I go and rechecking, with no change. Next step is the JBE, because pulling the dash apart sounds like such good fun.
  10. Jacko

    Quick Questions

    Was fine, bit flat now that ive had the lights on for a few hours :D Same issue with no rear brake lights, with tail lights on, with engine running.
  11. Jacko

    Quick Questions

    Have been screwing with this for last few hours, chasing gremlins and my tail. Plugged it into ISTA, which throws communication issues with the fuel pump control module, the alarm, and the roof module. Only thing actually not working is the tail lights, and they kinda working Pulled out the PDC, number 1 location for Gremlins to live, its bone dry (and was conformal coated a year ago so shouldnt be a problem) and it looks fine. Pulled out the FRM, also looks spotless. My next step was to pull the LH wheel liner out and take a look at the alarm..
  12. Jacko

    Quick Questions

    Got a head scratcher. BMW E87 Throwing codes 372/345/346 - Brake force display failure Left Brake light failure Right Brake light failure Left Brake lights work fine, with the headlights off, with the headlights on I get no brake lights (still illuminated vis headlights, but no increase brightness). High stop light works fine. Any ideas? Bulbs are fine, replaced both with no change.
  13. Just noticed the door trim on front left!
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