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  1. Jacko

    Quick rant thread.

    Yeah in auto mode it can be a lil weird, the "real" first gear/clutch kinda bogs the engine when your creeping in traffic, still WAY better than any other CVT Ive driven.
  2. Jacko

    Quick rant thread.

    Thrashed a rental 2019 corolla over the crown ranges today. Stuck it in sport mode, slapped the transmission into manual and was prepared to be thoroughly underwhelmed. Smashed the go pedal and started tapping through the gears, and it was wickedly responsive, nearly like a DCT! bang bang bang.. and there were 9 of em! Only a little bit of slip, and it changed cogs in milliseconds. Very impressed by what I thought would be a horrid slushbox. Got home and googled what kind of insane box this was and how they fitted so many cogs in it ... Its a friggin CVT! My world has been shattered.
  3. Jacko

    E46 Manline

    Just stumbled on this, pretty epic car control.
  4. Jacko

    Grand Tour Season 2

    Sounds like the Topgear/Grand Tour format is ending and it might be odd specials now?
  5. Jacko

    Grand Tour Season 2

    Judging by the last episode of the Grand Tour, thats it for the 3 of em... No more (maybe).
  6. Jacko

    BMW Parts Liquidation - Ladies Mile

    Chinese window regulators and spiders, bulk lots.
  7. Jacko

    BMW Parts Liquidation - Ladies Mile

    Think I spotted a diff labelled E70 4.4
  8. Jacko

    BMW Parts Liquidation - Ladies Mile

    Some interesting bits there, lots of panels and lights for E30-E90ish gens. craploads of chinese E39/90 window regulators. Odd wheels, couple of M5x engines in various states, and random junk in piles. What looked like an entire new E87 118i rear subframe with diff and shocks etc, all new, but very corroded outside.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/events/1225318630969884/
  10. Jacko

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Made the 130i shine again, while testing out the mancave carpet (Its LEGIT!)
  11. Jacko

    Life is choice bro thread.

    Walls to be lined, benches and shelves to be installed... but SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES!
  12. Jacko

    E91 Pre LCI Towbar wiring harness

    Will see how go, the list of things to fix on the house is long, and growing
  13. Jacko

    E91 Pre LCI Towbar wiring harness

    I have your towbar but apparently there was no wiring with it ? 😕 Im trying to avoid the dash popping up with canbus errors...
  14. Jacko

    E91 Pre LCI Towbar wiring harness

    Bump, anyone? Or can any recommend an aftermarket kit thats as plug and play as possible
  15. Jacko

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    E34 "M5" with 540iA rego, on throwing stars with half red leather interior outside Takanini Mitre 10 today, had a few ACS goodies on it too. Members?