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  1. Mag and Turbo on Fitzgerald Avenue. Professional and courteous crew. And there before 9am.
  2. Your very lucky that your list is so small. Perhaps a copy of the cars build sheet would help you here. We are complying an 1961 Austin Healey 3000 at the moment that was sold new, went up to Japan in 2001,and has just returned, and needs to be revinned for compliance. Our compliance inspector requires a hardness test on the shaft in the steering box, among a list a lot longer than yours https://bimmer.work/
  3. Bandit

    Itb e30

    Doubt if there would be anybody cheaper than this off the shelf item.
  4. Bring up my post BUMP thanks for the replies really want the Type 1 and 17 inchers
  5. Yip use Kiwishipping outta Odense Denmark. We use Schmiedmann, and bulk buy. Do a group buy perhaps? The conventional cost efficent courier service we all enjoyed is a goneburger now. And by ship is not easy either.😣
  6. As per title looking for a set of these in 17x8 ET35 to suit E36 / E46. Must run true, quite happy to refresh if need be. Good money available, call or PM. Thanks for reading, Bill 029 777 4006
  7. English is not the writers first language perhaps chapsπŸ˜•
  8. Apex wheels, and most quality cast, flow formed and forged wheels are made in China. Apex make a premium product, flow formed or forged in a wide range of sizes to fit all BMW models, its been well tried and tested. Probably best bang for buck wheel available easily in New Zealand. There are some good wheel manufacturers turning out good wheels in Italy, Ronal is a brand that springs to mind.
  9. That is most strange. Or is it coincidence that the car is being marketed by barryn63, also selling Autoglym products on TradeMe?
  10. Hmm, Elsa57. Wonder if that's the age or the chest size of the private messenger? πŸ˜‰
  11. Bandit

    18" or 19" wheels

    Apex EC7 18x8.5ET35, 18x9.5ET35 colour: anthracite, nearly new, unmarked, $2600. Can courier to Auks approximatelty $120. I cannot replace them for this today.
  12. I'll have a chat to the gardening guy when he calls next πŸ˜‰
  13. Thanks for the feedback jon dee. Sadly the government incentive discount structure announced yesterday, effective July 01, still leaves this writer significantly short of the funds required to sign up for a Rimac Nevera ☹️ But he is financial enough to invest in 500ml of Castrol R, and leave it opened in his garage workshop. 😁
  14. There were at least 4 Z4M roadsters ex Japan imported into Christchurch last year 2007 / 2008 built and registered. All out of the BMW Japan network.
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