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  1. Holy thread resurrection here ๐Ÿ˜†
  2. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1981-bmw-e12-m535i
  3. Yes, we bought two of those. Always been against car covers for the reasons Dave mentions above, but certainly the number of these sold to serious car guys with both fast road and race cars warranted a closer look. Like you we suffer a bit of a dust problem, coupled with little use over time. These ticked all the boxes. About the same cost as a couple of double bed sheets stitched together, but a bit more elegant, function over form sorta thing.
  4. RB Solutions in Christchurch stock the autotechnica (Aussie brand stitched in China) indoor covers. email sales@rbsolutions.co.nz or tel 03 337 0746. They have a trade me presence too I think. We bought a couple of covers the fit and finish is excellent. No affiliation other than a satisfied customer
  5. Chaps, you are comparing a two door four seater touring car with a sports car in the 4M coupe. Hardly an apples with apples comparison. The Anders Warming flame surfacing design on the coupe is unquestionably superior here. As for the suspension shortfalls, easily dialed out on the coupe Moupe, forgive the pun. And for the front look, replace those black grilles with a set of the chrome surround originals for instant transformation.
  6. Market value in 2021. Well sold and bought.
  7. The white M325i Tech II started at $32500 correct, with a buy now of $36000. Which was quickly pressed and the car on the way to a new home by 12.38pm, just four hours after listing.
  8. My mistake, we have a trade account given the amount of BMW cars we look after. Actually that is quite reasonable given the amount of oil you are probably losing.๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  9. My mistake. Read edit above. Think the Ladies Mile mob folded up
  10. No not them. Thought it was for a start. BM Parts. Have a store here in Christchurch, www.bmworkshop.co.nz. But Auckland company
  11. Rubbish, just bought the same inc plug gaskets from BMW parts, significantly less than that.
  12. Why not use the NZ BMW network or BMW Parts. Not a high dollar item from wherever? Especially as you seem to be in haste๐Ÿ˜€
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