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  1. Bandit

    Quick rant thread.

    Yes. The sheer costs of running a small business in New Zealand. Even before your have opened the door (to your business or vehicle)
  2. Unlikely to have the LSD. Buy on condition, body fit to me is quite important, especially the front and rear panels. Unlikely to rise in value, should be at the bottom of the bell curve and staying there. The M44 is well documented as being an oil dripper if not maintained.
  3. Don't let the kms put you off..............?
  4. The black one in Tauranga could be worth a closer inspection. Quite a lot to like about it, and the mechanics are a delight, 6 speed auto and the sublime N52 engine. Don't let the kms put you off, its barely run in. No affiliation. (But we are biased!)
  5. Thread resurrection here did you ever find anything to suit Brad?, looking for the same thing now. Pointers anyone?
  6. Bandit

    E46 M3

    ? Excellent work Clouseau! Changed visually since then.?
  7. hi, yes i have a LH fog light  £20

     & r  RH door seal £45

    & post,prob £26

     in uk & can send recorded, 


  8. Achieved cult car status now. Like the little brother the Escort.
  9. Wanting door cards and the rear cards (lateral trim panel) in black to suit 1993 coupe. Also RH door rubber seal. A good unmarked second hand one in black. On checking new cost a mortgage would be required? Why is this item so costly? Also rear parcel shelf tray, the one that fades. Car has third brake light one of these required too. Steering wheel 323422227751 with airbag and sundry gubbins. Early four spoke style. Must have unfrayed stitching. Also require LH side front fog lense. Looking for Business RDS radio too. Or may just use radio delete plate. Ghastly Blaupunkt with more knobs and switches at present. Need university degree to drive it. Will post it up for sale. Can you help, call 029 777 4006 or PM is good, thanks for reading.
  10. As above a good sound one without too may holes. P/M or call, 029 777 4006 Bill.
  11. Bandit

    E46 330ci Manual

    IMO the ride height is very good. And will over time to the balanced lower look you are seeking. Nothing like the crackle of a supersprint?
  12. That's all very well and good. Unfortunately Bimmergeeks cannot provide for my chassis of choice (E86) at the moment whereas Carly can for the quick fixes, and on our other cars too. Have NCS and Expert, Inpa too, but its a bit more fiddly hooking up. Hey but thanks guys.
  13. Seem to missing something here, not sure what it is. Thank you anyway, Carly works fine not only for diagnosis but adjusting parameter settings too, on our cars My cost was about $60AUD for the Gen3 gizmo, and 3.85 pounds for a full subscription, if as you say its a months subscription its done me well for the last 12.
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