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    Jaguar XK120 FHC 1952, Mk 2 3.4 litre CWW and Man O'D.
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    Plus others from the dark side..........Munich and Stuttgart

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  1. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/735i/listing/3634555753
  2. https://www.autoevolution.com/news/alpina-coupe-s-looks-like-the-ultimate-trigger-for-purists-we-hope-it-comes-true-190922.html
  3. Not actually BMW branding Dave, Smit Vehicle Engineering's Oletha, acknowledging the Z4/Z8
  4. Doubt it. Just a silhouette car. Not even motorsport seats. And wheels sets are worth just what someone wants to pay. With rising costs and Arrow Wheels, and Elite wheels ( in Christchurch) now charging $1600 plus to refurb and repair sets, Apex and VMR direct out of the USA are a more cost efficent or economic option today.
  5. Ohh of course, another free listing day on TradeMe .........I'm lost for words...........all dealer bolt on bits. Shame about the wheels a good set is worth more than the ask for car 😁
  6. Bandit

    Bbs rs022/061

    Nice, a great set of wheels ready for a winter refurb. Its very therapeutic both for the mind and the wallet. 😁
  7. A corporate would have owned the car and sucked the depreciation quite happily. I'd be very surprised if an individual owned the car within the first 24 months
  8. Bandit

    GMA T.50

    Glorious sounds here. . Followed by 13 more mundane "sniff" BMW engined cars. https://twitter.com/hjwakerley/status/152906539764
  9. Type two there thanks though Gaz. I'll get a set outta Germany probably. There is a chap in Linwood with a set, thinks they are national treasures and selling like hot cakes at $3500. Been for sale all year. 😁
  10. Long shot I know, anyone have an unwanted set of these for the E36 any colour any condition. Well, good to restorable condition.😕 Also ACS Type 1 monoblock rims 17x8 ET35 from memory, a good set of those too. Call me 029 777 4006. Thanks for reading
  11. Without a doubt the enforced Covid layoffs for both motor bike and car racing has given each of the sports a tremendous boost in popularity, moreso perhaps for the watcher. Our Youtube and other channels have been very active of late. Further to Twistee's first post , while segueing smoothly off topic (slightly) this has popped up for sale quite close to home too. The ask appears (to us anyway) quite affordable. Hmm, with a little bit of juggling both in the garage, and the wallet surely space should be found for this? 😁 Discuss.... https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/motorbikes/motorbikes/sports/bmw/listing/3602370567?bof=bHgVunfq
  12. Bandit

    Tin foil hat on

    Shamelessly plagiarised..........
  13. An excitable guy here.................
  14. Tell me what you have, and your location. PM is good or call / text 029 777 4006. Thanks for reading
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