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  1. Lubed

    S85 rod bearing replacement

    How many kms has your car travelled?
  2. Try reset all "DME adaptations". I have seen a reset fix this issue you have described before. You will need a good quality scanner to carry out this service function. Disconnecting the battery does not reset the DME unfortunately.
  3. Lubed

    Help needed...

    Have you confirmed both the in tank and underfloor pumps are running while cranking and supplying pressure to the HP pump?. A good quality tester will have a fuel bleed service function to bleed the system, otherwise and couple of 30sec cranks should do the trick to bleed it if that is in fact the problem. Give your starter a chance to cool between cranking cycles.
  4. Lubed

    Help needed...

    Just to clarify.... the engine was running immediately prior to the underfloor pump and filter being replaced? Is the fault "rail pressure monitoring" still present? . The DDE needs to see a minimum rail pressure set point before it will switch on the injectors and the engine then fire up. If both the in tank and underfloor pumps are running while the engine is cranking then it may be possible that the high pressure pump still has some air bubbles inside and not reaching the DDE set point pressure. How long have you cranked the engine for in one continuous cycle?
  5. Lubed

    E36 Oil leak

    Looking at picture 1 it seems you have not taken the old O rings off the valve and have fitted the new O rings on top of the old ones. Old O rings do go hard over time making them look like plastic.
  6. It is not the first time and probably will not be the last time someone somewhere leaves a caliper bolt loose. A couple of years ago an E70 was brought to our workshop from another shop to diagnose an issue they were having trouble with. One of my colleagues was road testing the vehicle when the lower caliper bolt came out resulting in the caliper rotating around on the upper bolt then punching through and locking the front wheel. Luck would have it that is was under 50kph and no crash resulted. There are no excuses for this sort of event other than human error. What is highlighted from this incident Jacko has been involved with is the poor handling of the situation, surly any reputable workshop would have fitted new OEM brakes at no cost along with a sincere apology at the very least.
  7. If we read through your previous posts its seems your not comparing apples with apples, the OP car was serviced by JC BMW in Takapuna and not the JC BMW workshop in Wairau which you speak of that has been closed for many years now . While I can understand your disappointment with previous dealings I feel it some what unfair to be painting both workshops with the same brush . Intended or not your comments are disservice to the hard working people at JC BMW Takapuna .
  8. Being this is a public forum and your part of the admin on this site then its best we keep to the facts. I currently work in the JC BMW workshop and have done for the past 14yrs along with a number of other long term techs who are still very passionate and dedicated to the product. My colleages and I are some of the people who were doing pre delivery inspections on new E46 M3,s so its fare to say there is a lot of experienced guys in the shop more than capeable of working on these cars. Your comments about the dealership once being taken over by Sime Darby are simply not true with so many long term staff still onboard.
  9. Who does not love a good old fashioned misinformed dealership beat up? come on lads lets keep to the truths and enough of the dribble.
  10. Lubed

    E91 325i buyers guide?

    Possibly Glen misread the thread title, hence some of the faults pointed out such as the high pressure fuel pump do not apply since the 325i has the n52 and does not have direct fuel injection and therefore no high pressure pump fitted.
  11. Lubed

    E91 325i buyers guide?

    OP is referring to the 325i so no issues with injectors, fuel pumps, stem seals , valve gear so its not all doom and gloom.
  12. Those last few kms up to Turoa are quite steep and engines are working hard, producing high exhaust temps. Possible current or previous oil leak burning off hot exhaust manifold?
  13. Lubed

    M62 stop leaking!

    Sounds like compression leaking past a loose spark plug, first check plug torques.
  14. Lubed

    Found in sump - what is it?

    Looks like the plastic clip that comes on new hydraulic lifters that seals the oil supply hole, obviously is supposed to be removed before fitting. Must have found its way in when the rocker cover was off at some stage then been flushed into the sump.
  15. Lubed

    m52b25 jumper chain?

    Before you condemn the engine with worst case scenario how about dry the plugs out as suggested then after reinstalling plugs start the engine at full throttle to allow as much air in as possible to lean the mixture out on start up.