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  1. Maybe we just drive the cars 1.6 times harder.
  2. ^ reasonably hi-spec hi risk hi reward item. bargaining should be possible in this climate.
  3. Just replaced the Pollen filter on this, and it smells so much better, do that whenever you buy a new car! was recommended to do the works -(air/fuel/oil filters) at the next service, so will see how that goes. just waiting for my bottles of fuel conditioner to come in so I can fill the 100L tank with it. The commanding position is great, as is the adjustable suspension. now if only it were easier to see things when reversing (no reverse cameras, only sensors, albeit very good ones)
  4. I wouldn't discount a well sorted Mini, you can get good Cooper S for the price
  5. Weekend car with a massive grin on your face: - Z3/ Z4 in manual. imho. Heck, I was giggling in a Mx5.
  6. does this mean that the dealers will start potato hunting on Facebook?
  7. So sorry to hear this happen mate. it is a terrible thing to happen, where you lose your peace of mind. I know I will be locking my cars up going forward, where before this I didn't bother.
  8. Feels so good only spending $65 dollars per tank. (ok not full, 50L) 

    1. gjm


      I paid $1.55 for 95 yesterday.
      Diesel was 85c.

    2. lord_jagganath


      oh my gosh. that is non-auckland pricing on steroids. 

  9. Thanks Glenn, will speak to him once Level 2 comes in.
  10. Just collected this beast today. unusually for a UK car, has power seats and black leather. The dubs make the ride a little jiggly at times though. is there anything i should keep an eye out for? also, are those BBS rims, i can't tell tbh.
  11. IT'S HERE WOOOOO Q7 Sline 3.0 TDI

  12. Ventilation is often under specified, so maybe some built in fans would be good?.
  13. Oh man,if I had only seen this before the lockdown.:( All the best with the sale bro.
  14. there are deals to be had here at the moment. you should be able to tighten the thumbscrews on FB Marketplace stuff.
  15. waiting for the q7 is such sweet agony.

    1. lord_jagganath



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