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  1. Just Had a Flat Tyre: Story of My Life. WONDERFUL! 

  2. lord_jagganath

    moon mileage...

    https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201901083728028 I suppose there is little point in the Sytner one when number 20 here is just 2k more...
  3. lord_jagganath

    moon mileage...

    also, car number 4. must be worth something to be that early in the production run
  4. lord_jagganath

    Could be a Bargin 135i $1 Reserve

    I'm BARGING in on the BARGIN! looks like an awesome car
  5. Happy New Year all! may the new year be filled with the good oil and easy maintenance. 

  6. lord_jagganath

    Quick rant thread.

    god damned Pohutukawa and their feckin pollen. Exposure allergies suck.
  7. lord_jagganath

    Quick Questions

    Thanks for that Graham and Glenn, I'll get them to do that.
  8. lord_jagganath

    Quick Questions

    a Friend's E87 116i couldn't start and was diagnosed as having some computer issues. after getting that fixed for 2.1k, it still couldn't start, and as such, the company Auckland Mobile Mechanics suggested t hat they should replace the engine for 4.5k. I can't help but feel they are being taken for a ride. invoice as below. I wonder if we can pull the car out? and who are the best guys to go to?
  9. lord_jagganath

    Unobtanium is now listed, 850CSi

    HELLO SALLY! https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1876211805 look at that spec! A veritable Bargain!
  10. lord_jagganath

    S54 M-Coupe Anyone?

    Withdrawn by seller, so i would assume so. it was a bargain at 80k.
  11. sooooo, there is balance in all things. the rent went up again, bringing the total increase in the last year up to 80 dollars a week. So, when can we start eating the rich and landlords? 

    1. gjm


      Not yet. Wait 'til they're fat and juicy.

  12. lord_jagganath

    New car on the horizon...

    Diesel is always good, been pottering around in father's Maxima and uncles W211 3.0V6 for the past two weeks, and find that I truly miss the torque of diesel, and the smoothness of the DSG. worth the extra RUCs and servicing one pays to be honest.
  13. Sigh. CC. 

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    2. lord_jagganath


      all good here, mate. just a bruised ego and a car up in the workshop.  seems to be cosmetic. 

    3. gjm


      Fingers crossed!


    4. lord_jagganath


      good news, I will be seeing it in a month, car will be repaired. suppose the damage was not as severe as it seemed. 

  14. lord_jagganath

    a 4 door M3 CS for sale now

    one would imagine this would eventually become the more desirable model over time. just for its rarity.