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  1. Guy says oil is sludgy. this could mean anything, primarily a noticeable lack of maintenance.
  2. Biodiesel would be the nastier stuff, it is both degradeable and hygroscopic, and will do amazing things to nitrile rubbers, swelling cracking and making it friable.
  3. What on earth is going on on these forums?

  4. just tested the 320d motorsport. 2014. smooth, and good to drive. leather is clean, smells clean inside, economy is 6.4;/100kms, with mostly town driving bad: - there's some nicks on the interior, the carpet on the floor where the foot rest ends is worn through, driver's door is a little rattly due to loose trim, rear bumper is crazed on one side, bottom of front bumper has scrapes on the underneath, no floor carpets. I think the tyres are non-runflats but are of dissimilar makes. (similar pattern though) (225 front, 275 rear) I would put another 2-3k in it to be happy tbh. if it were a touring, i would have bought it no questions asked.
  5. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2275505876.htm price dropped. I'm going to check it out tomorrow
  6. graham's cars are in good nick, don't think you'll go wrong getting it.
  7. there is a e39 '97 528i available in auckland on facebook, sub 3k. ctz438
  8. there's one that could be obtained for that here https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2256238500.htm admittedly doesn't have the sports pack nor m sport bits. there is a NZ new 320d 2014 model for about 24k in Auckland too (if you like I could check that out)
  9. My 2 cents as a diesel advocate, if you are stuck in traffic more often than you like, I would recommend the diesel. if you do long ks, do the diesel. the Diesel encourages you to stay below 3k Revs, the petrol loves higher revs. the 328i would be a should try at least once kind of deal nonetheless.
  10. that's just the cost of living in Godzone, somebody has to make money and run their V8s....
  11. I have until the first week of December to find a car.... too much time and the lust isn't abated, will i be on the edge for the next 5 months? 

    1. BozzaFC


      What sort of car are you after?

    2. lord_jagganath


      that's the best part, i don't know. ideally diesel, would be a clean F11 or a E70 X5, or any E or ML, but would be reluctant to go over 20k. i suppose i could turn the thumbscrews down on dealers in November/December when they are under pressure to sell. 

  12. ^ try car shopping on Sunday. absolutely miserable with zero hits, plenty of getting doused in rain though
  13. the quicker the better I say.
  14. TT_TT I work in sales. and don't get a commission. and yes My soul was sucked away. but dealing with idiots for customers really makes one misanthropic and lose hair too. I wish I could get out, but this is all I have now. Be nice to your sales guys please
  15. Hi Darryl, that is a lovely car, is there a chance there may be more photos of the inside and out? also is it a current runner?
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