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  1. lord_jagganath

    X315 XJL Jag 5.0

    I love these, I want the turbo diesel one, the kick in the pants with one of those is wonderful. since yours is a singapore car, from experience, these would have been idling around town for most of the week with jaunts into Malaysia, Thailand, for the weekends, so would have had some real solid runs at times.
  2. lord_jagganath

    So... Which model inspired a later one?

    Are those Otto-mobiles?
  3. lord_jagganath

    1999 BMW 323i $2450 ono

    Good Luck with the sale mate, I have put a review there for you too! cheers
  4. lord_jagganath

    Life is choice bro thread.

    can vouch for hyperdrive being good on their word, they price matched the set of Goodyeear Eagle F1 D5s I have on the CC from a TradeMe quote no less!
  5. $1300 bucks for powersteering pump replacement and refit. 8 hours of labour. is that acceptable? 


    1. gjm


      Take solace in that you are not alone...

  7. lord_jagganath

    Induction charging

    https://www.bmwblog.com/2016/08/17/bmw-stop-making-hydrogen-7-model/ if this BMW Blog article is to be believed, EPA is at fault.
  8. lord_jagganath

    Induction charging

    It's a real pity that burning hydrogen isn't an option anymore.
  9. lord_jagganath

    Free International Shipping on Amazon!!!!!!

    They are planning to go on strike so I reckon something has gone wonky.
  10. lord_jagganath

    Gissa job!

    Common Faarsi/Persian Indian surname though
  11. lord_jagganath

    Gissa job!

    The absolute bane of my life. maybe a form of passive discrimination?
  12. lord_jagganath

    Quick rant thread.

    can say most sales jobs are the same. May you get a far better position in the next.
  13. lord_jagganath

    A very sad 2002Tii

    judging by the buyer, yeah, they can afford to buy the car, and two, it will probably get exported to UK or something like that.
  14. lord_jagganath

    The all-new BMW 8 Series Coupe

    wa hey, it's the 7er Coupe! pity they aren't going with the merc formula, a variant for every sector. there is still room for a 5er coupe, just different price points. BMW needs a M-coupe, much like the Merc AMG GT. something that is completely of it's own type, with no equal. maybe a new Z8? with a proper Z8M
  15. lord_jagganath

    A very sad 2002Tii

    it's the presidential model, with a low damage, would be worth checking it out if you want a luxobarge. as for the 2002, I wonder how much more would it take to get it right...