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  1. Looks like a jag with that front. too much like a fisker. less super car, more grand GT. so no more 6 series Gran coupe eh.
  2. Nathan, yes, that does happen. take pay out, buy car back for pittance, and then repair.
  3. Boom! somebody bought it so quickly!
  4. Dropped by the cafe yesterday, the car looks stunning. GLWS !
  5. congratulations on selling it!
  6. DHL charged me 80 bucks for the pleasure of bringing in a phone....
  7. Graham, one of these days you need to list out all the cars you have owned, mate. I would love to see that list, I bet it would be as long as my arm! the car isn't listed anymore, has been sold to a collector. wonder if one could make a copy of it here, with a c36 engine...
  8. Saw this in the Malaysian Classifieds, and was claimed that only 6 existed ex UK, being a 1995 car. I was wondering if this would make for an interesting project. The kit seems to be an AMG 3rd gen? doubt if the photos even represent the original E36 though.
  9. I.... I don't know, I feel like there is room for a 5er coupe as well as a hyper car.
  10. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1316370087.htm looking good at the moment...
  11. we can check this out together mate
  12. Got a new job, daunting uphill task ahead but more opportunities to grow.
  13. Clarkson was astounded by the economy of those diesels.... Olaf, found a thread that may suit, http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/showthread.php/131540-Buying-2008-A8-4-2-TDI Swirl flaps and variable vane turbo issues on these hmmmmm
  14. I know this is another can of worms, but would you want to try importing an E61 Motorsport 535d ex UK ?
  15. a Modern hatch has the active safety electronics, but the older euro possibly has the passive crumple zone engineering. one would think a design to surpass a standard would be better than one which was designed to merely achieve a minimum standard. Really though, accidents are unpredictable and can go seriously fatal in millimeters. I have seen a e34 5er flip in crosswinds (at possible extralegal speeds) and the chap who walked away was very lucky to have lived, as the initial impact hit soft earth, missing the hard concrete highway surface by a mere 500mm.