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  1. SPOTTED! The official thread

    Are they clutch wheels??
  2. Oh so lovely...

    also sedan :/
  3. Oh so lovely...

    Best colour on an E30!!!!!!
  4. E30 Rear Window Spoiler

    That looks like its a spoiler off "something" Thats been made to fit no?? I like it though!
  5. E36 Mtech touring

    Very nice!!!
  6. Dreamer of the day?

    I think it's Something about Porsche owners maybe??? http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/porsche/auction-765295539.htm
  7. 'Special Insurance'

    I was 23 when they insured my cars, they must have jusdged you on your dodgy looks / number plate hahahahaha The only clause because iw as under 25 was my excess is $1400 instead of the normal $400
  8. Jooles' E31 project log

    LUSH nothing better than a clean engine bay!!!!!!!!
  9. 'Special Insurance'

    Nah they do any car, give them a ring
  10. 'Special Insurance'

    http://www.classiccover.co.nz/ they insure your car at the value you want! and they have a super cheap special vehicle storage / restoration insurance pollicy too which im changing my car too when i go overseas.
  11. 'Special Insurance'

    Classic cover insurance are the best!!!!!
  12. e30 m325

    Why fit fake wheels to such a nice car..... All mods on that have been done cheaply and now hes asking a BIG price???? :banghead:
  13. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Did just over 100km's on taupo track 1 at Jerkfest on Saturday, lots of sideways and wrong ways and it didnt miss a beat! only problem was the tragic standard brakes :banghead: