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  1. gjm

    Quick Questions

    Not yet. It's dark and there's no undercover, let alone inside, space I can use.
  2. gjm

    Quick Questions

    Completely agree. It's a guide - nothing more. Load testing typically requires being able to start the vehicle. That's not happening, without charging the battery (again). Which I can do, of course. When fully charged, it seems it'll do a couple of starts. The third one is a bit of a no-go... But when the car starts, it starts easily. I measured a 5V difference between running (charging) voltage, and that displayed when unsuccessfully trying to start the car. Even when it won't start, there's enough charge to show good headlights and full beam. This suggests to me that voltage is present, but power is not.
  3. gjm

    Quick Questions

    Hooked up for a jump start - started first turn of the engine. Drove home - 20km or so - without any problems. Got home, engine continued to run without issue, suggesting alternator is OK. Left running, found multimeter. 13.8-13.9V across the battery terminals (engine running). Would have liked to see 14.2, but this is still reasonable. Turn engine off - 12.2V on battery. Tried starting - no go. Just solenoid ticking, and shown battery voltage dropped to well under 9V. Condition glass on the battery still shows a beautiful green, so yes - sounds (to me) like a dropped cell. I'll find a nice Bosch S5 for it, tomorrow.
  4. gjm

    Quick Questions

    Mrs Ms car - E30, 325. Battery went flat over Covid but as the car wasn't used, I didn't worry especially. Charged it, sight glass was green, suggesting it's OK. Drove it to work this morning - no problem. Came out this evening and it may have been a little slower turning over. Stopped to buy bread on the way home, came out and... Very reluctant to turn over before ticking the solenoid. Will not start. Lights seem OK. Bright. Dim a little when turning the ignition key. Going to get a jump start, but is the problem a duff battery (unknown age but good make) or has the alternator called time?
  5. I got a tax refund.
  6. Defenders are like E30s. Most are over-priced. They sell, because the kool-aid has got to people.
  7. Expensive. (Controversial, I know.) An auto sedan would need to be mint for that price, and this one is far from it.
  8. gjm

    6 cars a year

    It'll probably be a rolling 12 months. Otherwise person X would say "I may have sold 24 vehicles this year, but I'm not selling any for the next 3 years."
  9. Didn't sell. Vendor is waiting until travel is easier.
  10. I've spoken with Ollie a few times over this. I'm keen to be involved, but don't have (access to) the investment it might need. I suggested taking a role as an admin, allowing Ollie to be more of a sleeping partner than he is now, and will follow up on that.
  11. New job, and while Covid-19 has meant many people staying home, he's probably been busier than he would normally be. (I'm in the same boat. Well, not literally, and we'd maintain physical distance but I'm experiencing the same thing. You know what I mean. You don't? Oh... Forget I said anything... )
  12. gjm

    Quick Questions

    Thanks. You'd have to hope it can secure a piece of plastic trim!
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