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  1. Oh, my. I start a new job (at last!) in a couple of weeks. A couple of months too late for this, perhaps.
  2. Grrr. Spent what seemed like forever swearing about random bits of unnecessary plastic filling the back of an E46 dash. Finally gave in and removed the HVAC unit (anyone who has done this knows it means working up from the gearstick) in order to move some plastic housing to make room for the combined blocky connector and wiring. Hands scraped, cut and gouged, but we got there. And... It doesn't work. There's the usual big blocky connector, and a smaller 10-pin one. The 10 pin one (on the new kit) has just 4 wires to it - we may have this the wrong way around. Just to make life more interesting, a previous owner (not the wonderful chap we bought it from!) has butchered, bu88erefd, fT^&Eed, mangled, trashed and generally ruined the wiring behind the head unit. FFS! Why spend so much time and effort ruining something when it'd be easier to do the job properly? It'll come apart again tomorrow. I might have broken something this evening.
  3. Had no idea where to post this. Here will do.
  4. It's an exercise in nostalgia, and provided there is a differentiation between the new parent and the old name, that's fine (with me). You could argue that BMW should have scrapped Bentley and re-badged the cars, but that would probably be a mistake - buyers want a Bentley, not a BMW, regardless of what is under the skin. There have been many attempts over the recent years to revive old names. Bristol, Jensen, (Riley), Austin Healey... Even MG has been resurrected. It's nice, but ooften is just a badge exercise with an XYZ car underneath. Pischetsrieder planned something a little different. BMW running gear, but a definite diversion from typical BMW styling and market focus. Of course, he left BMW 2 years later and went to VW.
  5. Back in 1998, Bernd Pischetsrieder announced to the Association of Riley Clubs that the Riley marque was to return. As head of BMW (at the time) he instructed Nick Stephenson, Director of Rover Engineering, to start work on the new car. Pischetsrieder is a big fan of Riley and 1998 marked the centenary of the Riley name. He was at the ARC centenary dinner and spent time with Victor Riley, the grandson of founder Percy Riley, and drove the 'White Riley' and a 1934 Brooklands Nine. Sadly, that appears to have been where the revival stopped, as even Rover Group's press team were unaware of the plans. BMW own the rights to a number of historically famous and important marques, including Austin Healey. The BMW Z8, formerly known as the Z07 concept, had been mooted as being released as an Austin Healey, which (as we now know) didn't happen.
  6. One of these is on it's way. https://www.crazysystems.co.nz/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=184 (They're cheaper on TradeMe, from the same supplier.) Apparently they are pretty much plug'n'play... Which just leaves the small matter of getting to the back of the existing kit to sort!
  7. That's fighting talk! Having driven both, there is a solidity to the 190E that the E30 lacks, but the E30 can feel more agile. (I'm talking 2.3/2.5-16v vs 'ordinary' M3. The Evo, Evo2, Cecotto, etc versions of each vehicle were refined and more focused versions.)
  8. Listing prices are very high - these are likely to hang around for a while. The 2.5 is a truly superb car.
  9. You're very welcome. Great to meet you - hope to see you again later in the year.
  10. Apparently that wasn't an option! <Mutter mutter mutter mutter...>
  11. Sold / gave away lots and lots of E30 bits. Can't sensibly take them with us to Hawke's Bay. 😢
  12. Dean - I have a set here in Te Kauwhata, so I'm even local! I'll send you a PM.
  13. gjm

    Quick Questions

    Sounds promising. I have a spare steering wheel with multifunction buttons that could suit. I want to make the implementation as useful - and as safe - as possible.
  14. gjm

    Quick Questions

    Thanks. Perhaps a touch disappointing, but understandable. Just considering options for the bluetooth install on Miss M's car. The solution Kyu linked to does include a remote, but I'm trying to discourage moving hands from the steering wheel.
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