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  1. '84 Strosek in GP White '86 S2 in Rosewood metallic CS-spec+ '89 GT in Guards Red
  2. PM'd re valance and rad support
  3. TBH, it never really bothered me. Took a week or so to get used to and after that... It was just different. RHD headers for a M5 may be OK, but several of the cars I've had would have been a different matter. Various V8 Mercs, and a Porsche 928... RHD headers don't exist unless you have them custom made. That said, following a tractor down a narrow-ish country road while in the C10 was 'challenging'. There's no way (from the LHD driving seat) to tell when it's safe to overtake, and moving far enough out to see past meant anything coming the other way would have hit me before I could see them coming. Certainly not ideal.
  4. I drove a few left-hookers in the UK. US muscle (Camaro, Mustang, C10 pickup) and some Italian - an Alfa Romeo oddball, and a Integrale. It certainly takes some getting used to - overtaking while in the C10 really required a passenger! - but it's not so bad. And puts the gear lever to the right of the driver. And yes.. Tuning parts like headers are much, much more readily available for LHD cars.
  5. Buuuut... Hyundai! Although if you squint at an early one, they do kinda look like a 1-series BMW from the back...
  6. Photobucket being difficult.
  7. Is that a Dailey kit?
  8. I think the E60 530d tank is 70l. So 15-16km/l will give 1050km on a tank.
  9. There's been a recent increase in events, largely driven by the Wellingtonians. Could we add these to the Bimmersport calendar? I had a quick look but suspect this requires admin-type privileges at present.
  10. Silly money. The 'appreciating asset' card is played, but then there are mention of 'imperfections'. And has been said - parked up for an extended period is going to mean that while it may seem OK now, there will be work needed in the near future. Not $14k. Not even $10k. Even allowing for E30 tax, maybe $6k, tops?
  11. What'd I do to my BMW? Nuffin'. Bought some wheels for the 500SE, though.
  12. @CSET's business partner may know something about that...
  13. I bought him a drink at Stringfellows in London - it was his birthday. How far off topic are we now?
  14. Waitomo is pretty cheap, too. And (as far as I can tell) they sell Mobil fuel, so no ethanol in the 95 or 98RON unleaded. The new one at Bombay is so much cheaper than either the Caltex or BP there. Only possible downside I can find is that they accept a limited range of credit cards (no Amex, for example).
  15. M5 wagon? That's nice... But I want to get somewhere quickly...! BMW will be releasing an all-wheel-drive version of the M5 in due course, with ~600hp, but alpina have got fed up with waiting and have released a G30-derived version - the B5 BiTurbo. 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8, 600bhp and 590lb ft of torque, permanent 4WD but with the ability to redistribute more power and torque to the rear wheels if you wish. 0-100km/h in 3.5s (3.6 for the wagon) and a top speed in excess of 320km/h. It'll be unveiled at the Frankfurt show in September.