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  1. The saddest thing is I suspect there are more people who don't want PG or JT (collectively) than do. But the significant number of Mayoral candidates will dilute the voting sufficiently that one or other is most likely to win. CL has made some excellent points, but he's certainly struggling to get the media representation that the big 2 receive. Talking to someone who was visiting Hawke's Bay from Auckland, they'd not heard of him. Whether he'd be a better prospect is another matter.
  2. Our E46 320d could well be available... OK, 4 cylinders and automatic, but it'll do the around town bit very economically. Well within budget. Needs a WoF as it's not been used for a while. One of those 'I'll get around to it things' but until it's needed, it's not happened.
  3. Offset difference doesn't appear to be a problem. (et35 for bottlecaps; et45 for the MX5.)
  4. There's a black automatic 4-door on FB now, with peeling paint and mismatched wheels. $4200...
  5. And this is the problem. So many E30s advertised are at least as bad as this one, and often at higher prices.
  6. I think they're awesome. M3 junior. A pity (in my opinion) that BMW didn't make a lot more of them.
  7. It was a nice idea, but seems unlikely to fit Miss M. Looks like a lovely jacket. GLWS.
  8. @Miss M - probably fit you?
  9. gjm

    Quick rant thread.

    Do excuse me, but I believe the word you were looking for is 'rassus'. Aint ne'er gonna bin nah racin' rarn hair. Fo shizzle. (Whatever that means.)
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