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  1. gjm

    1998 E36 318ti

    I just pull over to the side of the road...
  2. gjm

    1998 E36 318ti

    FS: 1998 318Ti automatic, import from Japan in 2006. Sunroof, factory MotorSports suspension, sports seats. 193xxx kms, regularly serviced, 6 months WoF, (passed today - fitted a new balljoint before the inspection), rego 'til 16/9/2018. Recently replaced the cam position sensor. Cheap car; economic, reliable and fun motoring. Runs beautifully, handles well, 16" alloys and tyres with ~6mm tread. Paint has usual red paint issues - some lacquer starting to lift, some discolouration. Small dent on leading edge of front offside wheelarch courtesy of a little old lady in a supermarket carpark. Great for a learner or just for a runabout. $1400. Located in Te Kauwhata, just off SH1, halfway between Hamilton and Manukau.
  3. One other thing to consider - what use are you going to give it? If you plan on weekend use, the average kms/year will soon come down again.
  4. You're right. 👍 I'd got confused with the Hewland box in some E9x models. S55 is based on the N55... Oil consumption issues caused by duff PCV. Engine vibration caused by failing fuel injectors around 80,000km. Replace injectors to sort. Key thing is to ensure you use good quality fuel and oil. If that's done, you're gold. It's fairly high for a 4-year old car, but no real mileage if the use has been continual long runs and servicing has been adhered to (which it sounds as though it might). Certainly mileage is against it in terms of value, but not necessarily reliability.
  5. Is it an E- or F-series? V8 engine, or twin turbo 6? You mention DCT so I suspect it is a V8. It's a solid car., and the S65 is a good engine. How high is ''high kms'? If it has been correctly maintained it should be fine: well looked-after high mileage vehicles are rarely an issue (with some notable exceptions). That said, I don't own one and haven't driven one. I'd like to!
  6. gjm

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Somewhere I have a pic of me driving a Mk1 Ford Capri with a similar stance!
  7. gjm

    set of wheels $800 ?

    It's got to be worth $200 weighed in for scrap... that could be all the effort the engine warrants.
  8. gjm

    set of wheels $800 ?

    Get the 3.5 diesel Jon has for sale in Featherston...
  9. gjm

    set of wheels $800 ?

    Seller has no idea what it is, suggesting it's not been looked after, and the rego is dead. Options list as long as your arm, of course, including electric rear seats, phone, TV... And it was NZ new. Could be a bargain. Could be an almighty money pit!
  10. gjm

    Help needed...

    Cleared the 4A63 error. Still wouldn't start. And the 4B90 is back... There'll be a wholesale check of all electrical connections tomorrow, assuming it's not pissing down with rain (again).
  11. gjm

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    I think it is in an E21, so the opportunity is there...
  12. gjm

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Lovely M12 goodness. 💖
  13. gjm

    New owner North Waikato

    There's lots of BMWs around the area - you'll have seen them - but not so many forum members (as far as I know).
  14. gjm

    1985 525e

    I'm quite sure you're mad. But that's nothing to do with the price. 😏
  15. gjm

    1985 525e

    I'm kinda sad it hasn't sold.