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  1. 400km/h is very fast. Much faster than the majority of people will ever experience in a land vehicle, and that it now features as a 'contest' between car manufacturers is astonishing. On August 6th, a very carefully prepared Bugatti Chiron performed an astonishing - incredible? - feat by accelerating from 0-400km/h, and back to a standstill, in around 42 seconds. Two parts of this sentence are important - the 'carefully prepared' part, and the 'around 42 seconds' - normally I'd be a lot more precise. However, that's now irrelevant. On October 1st, a hastily cobbled together attempt on the same feat was carried out by Koenigsegg using a customers car. Last minute location arrangements using a bumpy, unprepared and slippery concrete military runway which was strictly too short for the purpose, no other car being available so "we took a customer car which had been prepared for delivery," and a factory driver who wasn't confirmed as available until the day of the drive. Which took over 5 seconds less than the Chiron. Actually, 0-403-0 in 37.28 seconds. The 0-400-0 took just 36.44 seconds. The final run included wheelspin when changing into 3rd gear, logging show 183km/h at the time. The 0-400 acceleration is on a par with the world's fastest production motorbike which, derestricted, also takes 26 seconds to reach 400km/h. It does cost a little less, of course. Full details of the Koenigsegg run are here. But for those who thought tl;dr and couldn't be bothered with the link, here's a video.
  2. Apologies to Rob - I replied and PM'd him, having convinced myself that the heading to this said '16x7', which would have been perfect. Nice-looking rims, too.
  3. iX the V12? The only thing I can offer is neither a 4WD or a wagon, but it certainly is economical.
  4. PM'd
  5. Comment on this listing from another source: "must be a typo forom 200 lol cant be 2k cos i seen these post on buy it b4 i wrea it for 1k ono peaces of sh*t these old bmws now" So. There you have it.
  6. The seller may not know the difference between various models of E30, and having compared their (admittedly very nice-looking) example with some that have been listed recently, has decided they'll try a high price and be prepared to be a knocked down a little.
  7. I was going to put this in the 'Dreamer' thread, but it's a fairly unique proposition. Not on TM, but on German eBay, there is a 1985 323i being offered at EUR 69,900. Or about $115000. It's covered just 260km from new. Not 260k, just 260km.
  8. Well, not strictly my BMW, but perhaps that of Miss M. The 318Ti. Correctly fitted the replacement headunit, with Aux input wiring through to the shelf under the glovebox. Removed, repaired, and refitted the passenger side door card. It'd been removed before and as is not unusual, the push-clips had become detached from the card and become part of the door. Sorted now. Sort of refitted part of the headlining so it doesn't hang over the rear window. Unfortunately it looks as though the whole thing needs doing. I'll need more enthusiasm for that. Replaced the rear hatch struts so the bootlid now stays open instead of trying to decapitate whoever opens it. Little things, but they make for a successful day.
  9. Hmm. M54B30 engine and associated gearbox and wiring, lift and shift into a touring?
  10. I thought it was because you can buy lightweight window winders, but not lightweight switches and wiring?
  11. Just looking at the E30 kits, the heart of them is the Bilstein/Eibach B12 kit.
  12. Because... "Focused" road car.
  13. W126 500SE and W201 2.6-3.0 here. There's a couple of groups on Facebook, and a few more formal Mercedes Clubs around: Auckland Mercedes Club (actually the Mercedes-Benz Car Club even if it says 'Auckland' at the top of the page) Wellington AMG Club Mercedes themselves run the Mercedes 'Owners Online' group for those who've bought a new or used car from a Mercedes dealer: Several clubs may have fallen by the wayside. There used to be the Mercedes Car Club - mbcc.org.nz - and the Mercedes Benz Club Canterbury - www.cinch.org.nz. Both websites are now used for something else.
  14. White cars are easier to work on. You can see what you're doing a lot better. Delphingrau, or Dolphin Grey (depending on country of origin, but very slightly different colour shades) is a great colour, as Jon says. No sunroof is popular because no leaks, simplicity, and no extra weight being placed at the top of the car. I kept my coupe shell for these reasons, and I'm replacing the electric windows with manual ones.
  15. Absolutely! Consider it the thrill of the chase.