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  1. Or at one of the car sales sites that facilitates sales for private sellers. A great shame.
  2. <sigh>
  3. Thanks Brent.
  4. This one would need to stay auto. Presumably fluid and a filter would help - I suspect that's typically overlooked. After that I only have theoretical experience with autoboxes. No idea if it is an issue with this car or not, yet.
  5. JA91136 ex-Japan, so I expect it's a Jatco 'box. Possibly a 300? The reason for asking is that I've heard not-so-good things about the Jatco boxes. I'm sure it doesn't invariably apply bit something to make me cautious.
  6. Is there a definitive way to tell, from a VIN, which auto gearbox would have been fitted to an E36 or E46? Looking to be able to tell if it would have been a Jatco or a ZF.
  7. ZF LifeGuard Fluid 6 is (as far as I can determine) the BMW-recommended fluid. Penrite don't list a fluid from their range to suit your car and specify this.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/Kayne-Barrie-Motorsport-Ltd-381083371919997/
  9. Entirely reasonable. Your car - you're more than entitled to be picky!
  10. The E90 rims are probably Style 194. 0.5" wider at the front, but should also fit an E46 without issue. (From BMWStyleWheels.com) (From http://www.bmwfanatics.co.za/showthread.php?tid=62216)
  11. The rims Brent has sold ^ are really nice, and look superb on an E46. They come up fairly often so perhaps worth waiting for.
  12. You are assured of my vote.
  13. Nothing usual about that, these days!
  14. Permanent. Salaried, paid hols, pension contribution. Usual stuff.
  15. Nothing at all to do with BMWs, or even cars. The company who fund my car-related expenditure is looking for a couple of people to join the team in Wellington: a technical consultant, and a project manager. There's scope for some crossover, and also some business analysis involvement. The company provide EDRMS solutions and services and work with government (national and local), health, and similar areas. There may be scope to work from Palmerston as we have an office there, too. That would up to the individual to discuss. If you might be interested, please drop me a line and I'll forward a link to the role description and suchlike.