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  1. Nope - it's a Rocket Bunny 8-series.
  2. That's a link to Outlook online...? I doubt any of us will be able to see the content!
  3. There are 5 councils in Hawke's Bay (and a couple of part-districts, but they're excluded for the sake of governance)... Hastings is the largest, Napier is often considered the capital (a parallel with Auckland/Wellington, there!), and the Regional Council obviously covers more geographic area. As a note, even the recent HBRC EGM was a public event, streamed live. Absolutely agree re Wellington. I think many in the area also agree, but they're often outnumbered by the heads-up-asses voting majority.
  4. I'd heard this about Auckland. And, possibly Wellington. I'm becoming more acquainted with council meetings these days, and apparently the rule at at least one in Hawke's Bay is that all meetings are open, all meetings are minuted and minutes are available to the public, and all meetings are recorded. Could be the exception, of course.
  5. Can't quickly address all details, but some Councils do offer the kind of transparency you describe. And individual accountability is covered but perhaps, again, only by some Councils. For less co-operative councils, there are LGOIMA requests. And the public can attend any council meeting.
  6. Springs change ride height, not shocks. Shorter shocks are often required when significantly shorter springs are used. Swapping springs for shorter ones (or cutting existing springs) is a common path to lower ride height. The shock is often overlooked. This leads to compromised function - the shock is already partly compressed before it is asked to do any work. If your car had shorter springs fitted with a stock shock, it may be possible that as it has worn out, it has remained at it's enforced shorter length. If you're fitting the new shocks with the original springs then - theoretically, and all else being equal - the height should be the same. The part number of the new shocks is correct for your car; the part number on the old shock is also correct, although I'm slightly surprised to find that shock is used on seemingly all E46 models regardless of engine (4/6 cylinder, petrol/diesel). I agree with Nathan ( @zero ) that the original shock doesn't look to be fully extended. I don't think they (the original shocks) are readily rebuildable so it seems unlikely it has been shortened, although that may be a possibility. See if you are able to further extend the shock?
  7. Just saw 'MHW' tail lights advertised at $2400 AU. WTF? Many E30s aren't worth that!
  8. I could be persuaded that a W204 C63 is a good idea... Unreal exhaust note. 😍
  9. Since the E30 boyz have been using them, asking prices for those have often jumped to $350+++, too!
  10. Nah, that's just him having a laugh. Steve's up Waitakere way. (09) 810 7009.
  11. Talk to Steve at MSE. He manufactures turbos - this should be straightforward for him.
  12. More parts pricing silliness: Brand new meyle insert shocks Brand new meyle brake pads Skimmed brake rotors No springs or top hats. $999 I suspect - hope - the price was a figure to satisfy the 'must put a price' requirement, and isn't an actual asking price, but given the way things are going who can tell?
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