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  1. That's quite a sharp deal, wish I had the space for another BMW
  2. Nice wheels for a grand, wish I still had a BMW to put them on! GLWS
  3. I was untouched, didn't really care about the guy that ran the red though. Just an airbag that saved him. I've already sold plenty of spares, everything else is right here:
  4. Sad day last week, some clown ran a red light & hit the R/R door, quarter & wheel, writing it off in the process. Unfortunately I won't be replacing it, the money is going towards a house deposit instead.
  5. One BMW Style 32 wheel & tyre.5x120, 18x8, CB:72.5mm +47.Professional refurbishment in gloss black.Brand new 215/35/18 Westlake SA-07 tyre.Brand new center cap.There is a small buckle.Happy for buyer to organise freight. $100. Located North Shore/Central Auckland. Auckland shipping available. Cheers
  6. In my opinion, if you want to move them faster - something in the $1,000 region would be a little more advertising.
  7. Now that is cool! I test drove an old Mazda once upon a time, popped the bonnet to find a Red-Bull can as the oil catch can - safe to say I didn't buy that car!
  8. I've had 2 WoF's since the washer system has been out, it can't be that much of an issue!
  9. E46's only have one fog-light, the L/H is a reverse light
  10. I only turn it on when idiots like you tailgate me. Go & whinge somewhere else.
  11. It doesn't The bottle was leaking, so I removed it haha
  12. Did a small de-loom in the engine bay, cleaned up pretty well! EGR & windscreen washer tank deletes below:
  13. Took a picture opportunity with this gem
  14. Kyu, would you swap for my M-Pars and cash my way? Or do you still have a set?