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  1. That's quite a sharp deal, wish I had the space for another BMW
  2. Nice wheels for a grand, wish I still had a BMW to put them on! GLWS
  3. In my opinion, if you want to move them faster - something in the $1,000 region would be a little more advertising.
  4. Took a picture opportunity with this gem
  5. Kyu, would you swap for my M-Pars and cash my way? Or do you still have a set?
  6. Sold, thanks for looking.
  7. They look heeeaps better on your car, no doubt!
  8. Dakar Yellow M3 out in Whenuapai on Sunday around lunchtime
  9. Sold, thanks for looking.
  10. Thanks, I wish they were powdered but still an excellent paint application. There was moderate rash on all of them, but no dents thankfully.
  11. Sold, thanks for looking.
  12. I did quite enjoy them Richard! The M-Pars are nearly ready, they owe me an arm & a leg though so it would be nice to get a bit of that back
  13. Sold, thanks for looking.
  14. Have front E46 coil-overs, PM me.
  15. Yesssss please!