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  1. Did you end up replacing the relay?
  2. If you tell them to they should, it's your car. If they don't want to, just go to their parts department and buy the relay, and fit it yourself or get somebody else to fit it.
  3. Who quoted you that?? It's usually just the relay that's faulty on those. I would replace the $40 relay first. It's very easy to replace as well. Less than 5 mins.
  4. What bulbs did you use for the halo rings?
  5. Thanks for tips guys. They're coming from Palmy and I'm in Amberley Nth Canterbury. They've got rooted tyres on them as well which is a pain in the a hole. I only paid $90 for them and seller's not keen to have tyres removed which is fair enough for that low price i guess.
  6. Hey guys Trying to get some wheels freighted to me through Mainfreight but their terms are "at owners risk" if they damage or lose them, they won't compensate at all. Not worried about damage so much, the losing side of things is concerning. Anybody know of any other freight companies to use??
  7. Have a look at this link. https://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1126467 I did this to my old E90. Not a big job on your car as you already have 640 tel preparation. You would need a microphone, usb/aux socket and cable to run from the MULF to centre console.
  8. The daytime running lights need to be enabled by coding. I think they are illegal in Japan, so are disabled from factory. Its easy to do but you need special coding software to do it (BMW E-SYS) or similar.
  9. No i don't sorry. It's over 6 years since i did my conversion and i upgraded the car to an F10.
  10. Use these instructions for e39. I converted my e39 using these and it worked. E53 should be the same, as it is based on e39 e39_jap_2_euro_nav_conversion_mar09.pdf
  11. In the LH side of the fuel tank. It's the fuel pressure reg and filter all in one unit. Retarded idea. Supercheap don't sell them. Part number is 16117163295 https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/fuel-filter-fuel-pressure-regulator-repair-kit/16117163295/
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