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  1. It can only be done with a scan tool or laptop with diagnostic software on it, like ISTA or INPA. If you have one of these cars it's a good idea to have at least one of these, preferably ISTA as it's what the dealers use. If you're not DIY inclined I'm sure your mechanic could do it for you.
  2. Charge the battery overnight with a good quality multi stage charger, then register the battery. Registering it resets the power management in the DME. Then see how it goes.
  3. Was it registered to the car when installed?
  4. I would get the battery tested. That's usually all that causes this warning. How old is the battery?
  5. N46 = 2nd worst engine ever made by BMW. 1st place goes to N63 twin turbo.
  6. The hard drive inside the headunit has to be removed and re-imaged with a copy of a euro spec hard drive before you can install NZ maps. The hard drive is also encrypted i believe so to that has to be removed forst before doing anything. $400 is not a bad price given how involved it is. The radio coding is easy. Takes about 20 mins if that. I looked into doing it on my F10 but decided to just do the radio and not worry about the nav.
  7. They have stopped updating the maps for that ccc system now. I think 2014 is the latest
  8. Its not just a matter of getting a nz map dvd unfortunately. You have to change or modify your head unit and also remove the hdd jap unit from the MOST ring and also change the vehicle order and do some coding.
  9. You can download ISTA D for free from here https://www.bimmergeeks.net/downloads It is called Rheingold here but is excactly the same as ISTA D and works 100% you just need a k+dcan cable and a half decent laptop. There is no programming in it. Programming for all e series cars is done with ISTA P. But does give you access to all guided diagnostics with intergrated wiring diagrams and functional descriptions of how all the systems work. Various service functions like battery registration which will be handy for you, as i would say you need one. Genuine BMW ones are expensive (probably $500 or more) but tend to last longer. Your car will more than likely have a 90ah standard lead acid from factory. Have you had a look at the battery?
  10. It's not just a coding thing unfortunately for the NAV. I'm pretty sure the HDD from the head unit has to be removed from the head unit and a Euro spec image written onto it. The HDD is also encrypted so the encryption has to be sorted out first before you can write over it with a Euro spec image. Somebody else maybe able to explain it better but it's something along those lines. Not a simple process unless you are IT inclined.
  11. If i were you i would get that looked at. These cars are very sensitive to voltage issues and it will more than likely cause you further issues if you just leave it. It probably just needs a new battery, but best to get it checked by testing the battery and doing an "energy diagnosis"
  12. Found it on a North American site. MC-10148166-9999.pdf
  13. This was quite a common issue with the N62 going back about 10 years or so from memory. I think there was actually a technical bulletin for it, which is possibly why they are replacing the connector. Might be able to google it?? Can't remember excactly, but it was something about the crimps on the pins, causing a poor connection at the throttle valve potentiometer. The DSC light probably came on as it uses the throttle valve to modulate the engine power in a DSC intervention i think.
  14. F10er

    Octane boosters

    I never buy fuel from BP, simply because they are the biggest gougers out there. I always buy from NPD. $1.94 for 95 and $2.06 for 100
  15. Looking for an n52 small DISA valve (inner) Don't mind if it doesn't work as i have a rebuild kit for it.
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