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    I might buy a Radar Detector

    It's the XR80, it's installed in the ash tray which is pretty cool, there is a receiver in the drivers side lower slot by the fog light and one attached on the boot lid above the plate. Must have been something Audi offered here on NZ new sales at the time as I've seen a few RS and Ss with same setup. 2006 vintage but still pretty sharp. long distance K radar for car units seems excellent. Interested how the Uniden will compare in the E38.
  2. Breaker

    I might buy a Radar Detector

    Just picked up a DFR7 so keen to see how that works compared with the inbuilt Beltronics I've got in the Audi which is a few years old now, sounds like the R1 steps it up again, keen to hear how it performs when you get it back to NZ
  3. Breaker

    My new SS Commodore... in a sharp german suit

    Yeah been on it for a while, except for the xr6 that gets dirt cheap 91 from work. E38 and S8 both run sweet on it. No concerns at all. Helps with Farmsource account I get 16cents off pump price at Mobil as well
  4. Breaker

    My new SS Commodore... in a sharp german suit

    Of the 280 BP stations nationwide, 99 sell 98 octane, while 31 of Mobil’s 190 sites sell 98 octane mineral fuel (in the North Island only). keep reading, I use 98 from Mobil New Plymouth and they state no Ethanol on the pump so it looks Wgtn only which may be due to fuel sharing with Gull ?? For the region, weird but highly possible
  5. Breaker

    BMW Car Club of NZ - Opinions?

    Member for a couple of years now also, pretty Auckland centric which isn't surprising but for $70 odd dollars a year I'm happy ticking along and getting to a couple of events where we can. the 100yr anniversary meet last year was probably the biggest for some time I heard which was cool to be involved in
  6. Breaker

    Quick rant thread.

    R rip E every P poor C c&@t O off
  7. Breaker

    Quick rant thread.

    I went good old SCA cup holder on the middle vents in both my old E39 and now the E38, end of the day not such a clean solution but definitely a more functional one for less then $10 bucks. Should be able to see in the pic below, sits nicely
  8. Breaker

    photo uploads not working

    Same, that's what I thought, resized them down, but still no upload
  9. Breaker

    photo uploads not working

    Same problem again?
  10. Breaker

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Ruemers on the way to Brixton, John out there is a good bugger as well. $380 the lot
  11. Breaker

    M3 CSL e46 wow

    Awe clearly common as muck
  12. Breaker

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Got the headliner back for the 38. Installed it today, includes A B C pillars and rear parcel tray. great to get it in and sorted, did internal LED upgrade as well, much fresher and improved. ready now for next weekends Napier trip
  13. Breaker

    Sweet 2002 restoration job on Jay Leno

    Yip needs the resonator and shows how much difference ten years makes, even on a resto
  14. I really love what they've done with this, great job https://youtu.be/ICMSnedTBQc
  15. Breaker

    Well presented E34 540i

    Haha that's what I'd do
  16. Breaker

    Wheel cleaning

    GEON tar remover from United Car Care, good sh*t at getting tar and heavy crap off
  17. Breaker

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Dropped the headliner, A B &C pillars and rear parcel shelf off at the auto upholstery today. Received the new starter motor to put in as well. knocking things off nicely
  18. Breaker

    E39 Boot Stuck / Won't Open

    I had to drill a 20mm hole behind the number plate on my E38 when the boot wouldn't open. Drastic stuff but then you can reach the wire and pull that with pliers that released the boot manually. Expect the E39 is the same, pretty sure it was on YouTube. Hole was right hand side of centre about 20mm down. overall no long term impact except a hole behind the plate which of cause you don't know is there
  19. Breaker

    Jimbo / Jimbo01 back as Jimakaze

    Welcome back Jim great to see another 38 rolling in, great to see some pics if you can
  20. Breaker

    In Hamilton at a standards meeting

    Nothing like a road trip in the 38, doesn't get better
  21. Breaker

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Long weekend work done. Headliner, all pillars, rear parcel shelf all removed for re-lining. Headliner saggy as sh*t. Since most of the lights are out, might as well do interior LEDs as well. Looking forward to a fresh new interior linings. Just needs starter motor replaced, tomorrow's job for removal. Steering rack is noisy on adjusting so that'll get looked at while it's off the road for a week or so. Then we are pretty sweet, touch wood trim
  22. Breaker

    M3 love

    Good excuse for a NP meet, see this puppy
  23. Breaker

    Dieselgate and VAG

    Haha yeah it's pretty funny, he holds nothing back. Got mates banging on about their Vag diesels, gone quiet but been pretty screwed over really, good thing I stayed Petrol , probably less emissions from the V10. Well that's what I'll tell myself
  24. Breaker

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Easy fix, replaced side indicators and corner indicators, damn rubbish plastic tabs snapped in the corners so got a set off ebay, nice to get on after a couple weeks waiting delivery
  25. Breaker

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Sold quick, did love that colour