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    Nice catch on the E34. As Pete says we Naki bound have joined a few Welly events. Well worth it.
  2. Personally never seen a 740d E38 in NZ. Plenty of pics in UK and Europe. Definitely rear beast here
  3. Crack into it lads, you’ll love it. Was tempted myself ....
  4. Love the question, Is that for both of them , πŸ˜‚
  5. Breaker

    Most expensive non-M3 E30 so far?

    Pretty special condition for a great non M3 car, but not super special other then condition and mileage as a measuring stick, could you buy another? Probably not, but does that mean it's worth the coin, maybe to another collector. Personally something that's more special and individual would be my go to
  6. Breaker


    Madness, mint condition but still boring 318 so the market for it will be very small. Comparable you can get a 325 for that, although they are climbing on the back of E30 tax
  7. Breaker

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Riced up the 38, well as much as I will. boot spoiler. Gets a new windscreen on Wednesday to fix the cracked one
  8. Yip, price is coming down nicely on these and 550s are starting to drop as well
  9. Breaker

    Aussie Police buying BMW for highway Patrol

    You can buy a gun locker for the E38, OEM. Finish out the Mafia look
  10. Breaker

    Ultimate E38 M7?

    I'm definitely an mpar bloke, took me ages to find mine
  11. Breaker

    Ultimate E38 M7?

    The drivetrain changes here for me are the ultimate goal. Anyone got a E39 drivetrain lying about they want to get rid of? https://petrolicious.com/articles/this-engine-swapped-six-speed-sedan-is-the-m7-that-bmw-never-built
  12. Breaker

    Ultimate E38 M7?

  13. Breaker

    E34 M5 NZ NEW

    I have often lusted after a 535 and one day the garage will have one, you have to put contact to its age and style. Functional and aimed at delivering the best driving experience for the class in its time, true classic. Always.
  14. Breaker

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Instructions from Grant (Hotwire). Sells the relay, wiring, camera, everything you need. $230 https://www.trademe.co.nz/1409521166 >Remove R/H number plate lamp assy. >Remove the boot lining >The aperture will require some slight enlarging to house the camera – it will be pretty self evident. A bead of silicone behind will secure it in place. >Connect the camera number plate wires to the car wiring. (I prefer to solder connections if possible) Make sure the resistor sits out on it’s own – it gets quite hot. >Run the cabling (two leads) down to the right hand hinge area. It needs threading through the conduit into the boot. This is a bit of a process but it will go through. I usually feed a guide wire carefully through, taping the cables to it & drawing them through. Make sure there is no tension on the video lead terminals as they are pulled through – secure the cable to the draw wire behind the terminals. >Leave the connector plugs in an accessible position within the boot lid incase of having to revisit in the future – unlikely but possible. >Once inside, run the leads to the back of the car then across to the L/H side. Trims will need to be removed. >The video module (VM) is the first silver box you see behind the trim, Has two plugs – white & blue. Remove this, from memory the CD changer too, behind a felt liner on the very inside of the guard is the radio tuner – another silver box > Connect the camera power supply (red) into the purple/white in the radio harness. Connect the earth (black) into the brown (earth) wire in the harness, along with the brown earth wire from the relay. >Connect the red relay wire to the L/H reverse lamp. It is white/yellow in the E39, I would say it will be the same in the 38. >Remove white & blue plugs from the VM – depress tab & slide over the release lever. Once removed the inner block needs to be removed from the case. There is a tab to release on the leading edge & the block slides out. Do one at a time so as not to confuse. In the blue plug find vacant slot for pin 17 – insert the white relay wire – make sure they push fully in. reassemble the plug. Repeat on the white plug & insert the yellow video wire into pin 13 slot, the braid into pin 14 That’s all connections done, key on, into reverse & camera will come up on screen. Reassemble as required.
  15. Breaker

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Put a reversing camera in the E38, thanks to Hotwire for a great package and instructions. Great to have and integrated into the 16:9 screen.
  16. Breaker

    Millennials in the Workplace

    I miss 28
  17. Breaker

    Millennials in the Workplace

    Love Simon, he's a great speaker with awesome insights
  18. Breaker

    Couple of tempting X5's?

    Love that blue one, very well presented
  19. Breaker

    X6 abomination

    In my humble opinion the X6 has fallen to a new low for the style deprived https://www.trademe.co.nz/1408139147
  20. Breaker

    NZ source for grit guard buckets

    United car care, $24 odd bucks each. Buy them on line or their shop
  21. Breaker

    M760Li xDrive

    Jealous πŸ˜’ right now
  22. Breaker

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    Nicely summarised:) just increases the drool though.
  23. Breaker

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    Very nice, I remember applying a level of drool on this. Really interested in what the supercharger performance is like, welcome aboard
  24. Breaker


    It is a nice combo, but that price!!!!
  25. Breaker

    Stuffed M6 anyone?

    Oh dear, shame really. Nice colour options. https://www.trademe.co.nz/1374014265