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  1. exextatic

    Help! E46 wont start

    If it's the EWS module playing up, it's possible to bypass the EWS system entirely with a modified DME (and splicing two wires together at the EWS module).
  2. exextatic

    E39 Fuel Injector servicing, good option?

    Had InjectorTech do the six injectors on my S54; all done quickly with no hassle.
  3. By flap, he means this: https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-european-bmw-parts/csl-intake-flap/11617833498~oee/ Looks like you already have Karbonius' CF replacement, based on your pictures. If you did want to run the genuine CSL flap, you'll need to have an MSS54HP DME modified to have the H-Bridge IC to actuate the flap. There are a few other parts you'll need for your conversion which I didn't see pictured: MSS54HP DME (your car may have an MSS54HP or an MSS54) MAP sensor (unfortunately BMW/Bosch has stopped producing the 'proper' sensor, but take a look at this thread) IAT (Intake Air Temperature) sensor P/N 13621739510, 12521427615, 12521732635 Air filter Air rail P/N 13417833597 Vent hose P/N 11157833649 Other bits if your car is SMG (fluid tank & bracket)
  4. exextatic

    E39 airbag issue

    The door loom is separate from the main loom, so you can source just the inner-door wiring for the airbag (or a whole door loom). May be a better option if you're not 100% confident with splicing in new wiring.
  5. exextatic

    E87 M Sport with DCT/S65 Hellbm Project

    I believe 0-60Motorsports is referring to the company named 'BE Bearings'.
  6. exextatic

    E92 - 320i to 330i swap

    While it's possible to do, there are a lot of considerations required on the electrical side to ensure it will all work properly. At a minimum, you'll need to have the CAS and key from the donor vehicle too.
  7. exextatic

    E39 Wiring schematics

    If the DME has a true EWS delete, you can do without the EWS module. Just join the two higher-gauge wires together at the EWS module (pins 2 and 3, I believe), which will let the starter activate.
  8. exextatic

    Stranded: E46 330ci

    As it's turning over, the EWS module is accepting the key, which is a good sign. My next suggestion would be to turn to the DME and read the codes. If there's no voltage at the fuel pump, check relay K96 (glovebox). It's ground-activated by the DME (plug 4, pin 10, black/purple wire).
  9. exextatic

    Stranded: E46 330ci

    Can you read the fault codes off of the DME and EWS modules?
  10. exextatic

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Removed the seats & carpet from the 523i to upgrade to later-model ASC (works with the MS43 / M54B30), and swap in a black carpet / sport seats / interior bits.
  11. exextatic

    E46 full lock and ignition barrel swap?

    You can swap in the other car's EWS/barrel/key if you remove the EWS functionality from the DME. Trying the donor key without swapping the EWS won't allow the starter to activate (unless you bypass the wiring at the EWS unit), even if the DME has the EWS functionality removed. Needless to say, removing the EWS functionality from the DME would make the car easier to steal, so the barrel fix is the best thing to try first.
  12. exextatic

    Manual E46 M3

    Have a chat to Ray @HELLBM regarding converting to manual.
  13. exextatic

    E39 M54/M62 Under-vehicle fuel lines

    Hi all; Ray @ HellBM has ended up sorting me out.
  14. exextatic

    E39 M54/M62 Under-vehicle fuel lines

    Thanks Matt, but was hoping to source them locally if possible.
  15. In the middle of re-powering my 523i touring with an M54B30 and need to sort out the fuel system. As the M54 is returnless (as opposed to the M52), and the fuel pressure regulator is integrated into the fuel pressure regulator, the fuel lines are different. I'm looking for the highlighted parts in the following diagram, which are found in any later-model E39s with an M54 or M62 engine: