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  1. leonf

    Ultimate ex’s revenge........

    Actually what sharonprentice on TM SHOULD be doing is contacting the buyer of the ex's (?) 2015 Lamborghini (ffs!) and offering the keys to him. You can guarantee he paid a not insignificant sum for the vehicle. Or at least allow him to buy it from her.....and not play silly games on an auction site.
  2. leonf

    E46 M3 Touring clone

    ok - full disclosure,,,,,,the 1 bidder for the M3 Touring was me. And a deal has been reached with Nathan (previous owner from Hamilton) and the M3 Touring will be making its way down the island to PalmNth in the next few weeks to take pride of place in the garage next to its little French brother. Can't wait.....
  3. Ex HellBM build. This particular car has received a fair amount of love from this site in its build thread of a couple of years ago. So is quite well known around these parts. Nice bit of kit that attracted 87 watchers and 4405 page views yet only 1 bidder at its first time on TradeMe. Relisted again at original asking price. Makes me wonder what will be different this time around. I guess time in the market is never a bad thing, but the real estate people would tell us that these 'listings' can get stale and that anybody who was truly in the market would have seen the advertising and responded accordingly. Again..........1 bidder. Group thoughts on value??? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.asp?id=1644361303&cc=602&pid=788303371&hbc=&member_hash=&ct=title-link&tm=email&et=602&mt=729e11be-b8e5-4bcb-a7af-eacdc8acb2fd
  4. leonf

    BMW 323i E21 1980

    hey Euroless nah, man. Just a long time lurker here and NO ulterior motive with this vehicle. I am interested, as I said, in the idea of a repowered older BMW coupe. My love affair with hot French hatches is still alive and kicking, but I sense my time with the beloved Peugeot coming to and end (after 15 years!), sadly. End of story, really......
  5. leonf

    BMW 323i E21 1980

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1629019781&tm=email&et=45&mt=729E11BE-B8E5-4BCB-A7AF-EACDC8ACB2FD anybody else noticed this (new?) arrival on TurdMe?? Really like the idea of repowering an older BMW coupe and this one may be tidy enough to actually look at? Rust is the killer here and although this has some, it may not be a deal breaker. Any ideas as to the ability to chuck a much more modern 3 litre 6 cylinder into this ol' girl?? Difficult? Or impossible?? A new lease of life would do her the world of good (purists look away!!)