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  1. sam726


    Hello Julian. Firstly thank you for coming in to see myself and Christian today. It was a pleasure to meet you and I'm sorry we were unable to accomodate your needs at this point in time. Whilst we wouldn't normally engage in this, I would like to point out a few facts so that the other Bimmersport members can stay educated and hear a bit from us too. When you spoke to Christian you were wanting us to use your products and tell us the technique you would like us to use. While we respect all of our customers requests - what you were asking us to do takes all of the quality out of our control; which would negatively effect our business should you be unhappy with quality due to us not following our process. To break down the facts about a brand new car detail is as follows. Step 1) Full wash down of the exterior including wheels, wheel barrels, under guards plus full dry of the vehicle and clean and dry of the door jambs. One hour. Step 2) Decontamination. Yes, all new cars need decontamination. I have attached photos of a brand new M235i we detailed. You can see all of the Iron contamination reacting from transport. Disgusting I know that new cars come out of the factory like this, but at least we were there to fix it. Following up with a very light clay bar for thoroughness. One hour. Step 3) Preparation of surface. We mask all exterior plastics and trims and prepare the vehicle. Quarter hour. Step 4) Machine polish using dual action machines. We use four different size machines, Rupes 21ES, Rupes 15ES, Rupes Mini, Rupes Nano to achieve a perfect finish. All new cars we do, including Rolls Royces and other high end have buffer trails, sanding marks, swirls from the dealership and more. Given in your case on white they are hard to see but I 100% guarantee they are there. Machine polish whole car, single stage. Four hours. Step 5) Secondary wash down to remove any light dusting, residues from polishing process. Again, not always necessary but we pride ourselves on being thorough. Half hour. So far. 6 hours 45 minutes. Exterior Only. Of course this excludes any wax, sealants, tyre protectant or interior detailing which we always do as standard to ensure vehicles leave our studio in pristine condition. This process would be at a cost of $549 for a mid sized SUV including the interior. If you consider here labour, product cost, overheads such as power, water, full insurance for your vehicle and our premises and the such - and given if we add on the finals above we are looking at more like 8 hours - I think this is great value. How much does your mechanic charge? $100 per hour excluding materials? At a rate of more like $68 per before expenses for which which I know and consider as just as skilled as a mechanic then it's great value! If you would like some guidance about our quality I would speak to Jooles C, Martin U, Andy P, Kevin L, Amber E, Tristan J, Richard P, Peter F, Dan S, Ryan H, John M, Raewyn A, Ray R, Seth H, Sam F, Sam R, Nick A and no doubt a raft of other Bimmersport members I can't think of at this time. Again, sorry we could not help to apply your products to your car. As mentioned I wouldn't normally reply to threads like this but of course I take exception when the business Christian and I have built comes 'under fire'. We have never had a problem customer before and we are happy to help with any customer request as long as we don't sacrifice quality. In regards to becoming soon 'bankrupt' we are constantly booked up every single week for over the last 12 months including winter, at the prices we need to charge in order to survive. If we were to lower prices to what you consider fair for the work, I would say we would definitely go bankrupt like you say!
  2. sam726


    Sam from OCD here. $160 is a great price but I would be questioning the quality. In my eyes it all comes down to your expectation and budget. You might find that the level of quality you get for what you pay your mate is exactly what you are after. Theres a place in the market for every 'level' of cut and polishing and grooming. To give you an idea I can do a cut polish and wax in 5 hours and make a car look a lot better if I wanted to - but it's not my game. We recently corrected Martins E39 M5 (check project threads on bimmersport). It took approx 1 hour for initial wash down, 2 hours for clay barring and decontamination, 11 hours or so of cutting the paint, another 2 hours of refinement polishing and then probably another 2 hours for final wash down, sealant and wax. You wouldn't catch me spending almost 20 hours on a car and charging $160 . On top of that we use three different size machines to polish as many areas as possible, polishes from Germany, waxes from Korea etc etc... But in terms of cost our RRP for that service is $749 (including a full interior and exterior detailing). My advice would be to really have a good think about what your expectation is. Do you want to improve your car or do you want as close to a show car as possible? Also, if you do the show car route do you have the time, knowledge and resources to properly maintain that finish too? Sorry for the long post! Feel free to PM me if you have any more specific queries in regards to anything car care related
  3. sam726

    E39 M5 restoration project Version 2.0

    Thanks for bringing the car in Martin! Was a pleasure to work on it.
  4. sam726

    Sonax products... where?

    Hi Guys, I run Attention To Detail - Vehicle Grooming. I'm bringing a shipment of products from the USA, going to make an order next week and Sonax Full Effect is one of the products I'm bringing in. I'll be selling it for 500ml for $29.99 or 5L Container for $184.99 including a spray bottle to use it with. 5L is expensive yes but much better value than the 500ml ones, works out to be equivalent of $18.50/500ml. Send me a email if your keen sam@attentiontodetail.co.nz - I have a set list of products I'm bring in so can send you a pdf with the whole lot, and can also special order almost any product for you Planning to make the order Wednesday 22nd, should have the products shipped and cleared nz customs 2 weeks after that. Thanks everyone! Sam Gibbons Attention To Detail 021 926 299
  5. sam726

    S54 M Coupe

    Thanks so much Ray. Great to see you, and awesome to do work on such a special car. Just thought I'd mention to Bimmersporters that even though I no longer own a BMW - happy to set anyone up with a deal if they want any work done! Just call/text or email me - 021926299 - sam@attentiontodetail.co.nz Have just posted up the full album of this car on my Facebook page too, https://www.facebook.com/attentiontodetailnz/posts/1489696861292715
  6. Hi Everyone, Have recently sold my E39 and have my old sub box for sale. I made it myself and carpeted it close to the E39s carpet colouring in the boot. The way I made the box is so that it fits snug at the back and follows a similar angle to the back of the boot. Because of the width being nice and snug I never had to secure the box, it just sit there and never moved an inch, better than drilling holes and all! Also its not very deep which means it doesn't actually take up a whole load of boot space, in fact I hardly noticed it was even there with daily use. The box is ported too. Two options: Box alone - $25 pick up. Box with subwoofer and amp - $100 pick up. Amp is a JBL CS60.4, Subwoofer is a Kicker C124 12". Box measures 820mm W x 300mm D x 340mm H. In terms of the sound performance with the JBL and Kicker I found it perfect for the E39. It isn't an overly powerful amp & sub but it definitely fills that lack of low notes from the stock sound system. Only bad thing is rattling number plates on the boot XD Pick up Royal Oak, Auckland or i may be able to deliver it around. Prefer not to ship it because of its size. PM me or 021 926 299
  7. sam726

    Style 42 Refinishing Advice Please

    That's good to know, I did always wonder how they would stand up over time. Think I'll try by hand to start with, a bit of manual labour is good for ya
  8. sam726

    Style 42 Refinishing Advice Please

    So off they go! Going to just go without the clear coat for now and keep the polishing up. Have included a few quick before photos here and will show some good after photos once they're done nearer end of week. Thanks Lucan for the Style 66s to borrow.
  9. sam726

    Style 42 Refinishing Advice Please

    Hey thanks for the info that's good to know. I think ill be investing in a mother's powercone, seems to be the easy way of getting the job done. Will throw some sealant on and should be good, I have some special wheel wax which I can use. Looks good! Should look even greater once the wheels are done! :-)
  10. Darn that would've been perfect! Thanks anyway
  11. Hi Everyone, Does someone have, or know anyone with a full set of E39 wheels and tyres which I can borrow for one week? (next week) I'm taking mine in to have the lips remachined and some damage removed but still need to use my car. Happy to provide a box of beers for anyone willing to lend a set, and they will just be used for my daily commute to work and back, no stupid behaviour guaranteed. If someone wants I could pay a bit but hoping a box of beers might cut it if someone has some spare lying around. Style 5, 32, 37, 42, 65, 66 would be best .....just kidding
  12. sam726

    Style 42 Refinishing Advice Please

    I think i'll just polish every couple weeks or so and use a wheel wax to try and keep them looking as good as possible as long as possible!
  13. sam726

    Style 42 Refinishing Advice Please

    Cool think I'll go for this option, can't go past the price too at $120 a wheel I can't complain. Will be sure to post some before and after pics before they go in! Now I just need to find a safe cleaner to use for the wheels, assuming an all purpose cleaner/degreaser at a lower end dilution will be fine. I normally Meguiars Wheel Brightener at 10:1 dilution but I think as its acid based would be too harsh for uncoated aluminium.
  14. sam726

    Style 42 Refinishing Advice Please

    Hi Andrew, Definitely not opposed to polishing them and not having to clear coat, but would they really need polishing every week? Could be worth the extra to get them clear coated if so. Cheers!
  15. E39 Angel Eye 5 Watt LED Upgrade Bulbs Have been in my car for around 3 months Selling as I have bought 10 Watt bulbs Picture is of the 5w bulbs in my car is taken at night. I don't want to be deceiving so I'd say these look great at night or in shady areas but aren't very bright during the day or in sunlight. These will only fit E39s with factory angel eye housing, they are not rings to install but simple bulb replacement. After $25, will install free for purchaser also PM, Reply or 021 926 299