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Found 204 results

  1. jeremy

    servicing an e30

    how much would it cost to service an e30? any rough estimates will be fine
  2. These check lights are on in an e30. Just wondering what they mean before I buy a car.
  3. FS: XYZ adjustable camber plates with Koni collar nuts. I purchased these for a suspension overhaul but didn't end up using them as my current mounts were in good condition and I didn't have the koni strut nut issue that other people have had. I paid $240 from speed factor, looking for $140. Pick up Wellington or can post at buyers expense. NB: Brand New
  4. adro

    FS: Oxygen Sensor $50 E30

    FS: Walker 25024024 Oxygen Sensor for M20B25 Bought this from FCP Euro for my 325i E30 not knowing that it wasn't fitted with one from factory. Brand new, comes with a little tube of anti-seize. Pick up Wellington or can post at buyers expense. $50
  5. adro

    FS: M20B25 used injectors

    FS:6 x 0280150715 Bosch injectors. Car has done 112,000 KM's Not sure if they have been replaced before or not but were running fine in my m20b25 $50 pick up Wellington or can post at buyers expense.
  6. M M

    FS: Mtech 1 Steering Wheel

    Mtech 1 steering wheel. Fine spline, bigger diameter version. Leather has some wear period correct patina. Stitching has separated above right spoke but the rest is fine. Overall in decent condition I would say. Look down upon other base model E28/E30 drivers with their peasant spec steering devices while you cruise along with your hands comforted by this ergonomically pleasant, motorsport inspired steering wheel. All for the measly sum of $100. A mere bargain, really. Pickup from Panmure.
  7. While I'm patiently waiting on parts to arrive from Pelican Parts I thought I'd tidy up my M52B28 some more before putting it in my E30. I would like to delete as much extra componentry as possible. I have already removed PS pump and AC pump etc. What'd you guys do to the things like purge valve & CCV? Also, any handy tips for stripping down an auto loom to manual? I'm basically left with 4 wires right now that go from trans dme to eng dme that I need to figure out what they're for (tomorrow's job). Thanks in advance for any help! This forum has prevented many headaches!
  8. im new to the bmw scene so any help would be appreciated. what engine size would be the best in terms of reliability? where are the usual rust spots etc? what are common problems?
  9. So the other day my old man decided we need more BMW's.... We picked up a 323i E21 factory 5 speed manual (Not the dogleg box ) thats straight as alltho needs paint, and has 6.5k of recipts for engine work with the rego on hold! In this same deal we also got a REG and WOF'd PFL 320i E30 sedan, it has a mint dash and runs mint! Needs some paint and the only downside to the cloth interior is one little cigerette butt burn in the drivers seat! These add to my collection of 2 e36 Ti's, my little brothers e30 coupe and my old mans E46 touring and 74 2002. Now.... what would a good running 323i e21 5 speed manual be worth these days if we were to respray it and tidy it all up? The E30 I am trying to claim for myself to paint up and keep as a little toy or as a daily while the 328Ti becomes more of a garage queen getting more time and money thrown at it
  10. Semu29

    WTB E30

    Looking for a e30 manual 318i
  11. new parts car just in today at BM WORLD LTD 89 E30 318i M40 5spd manual leather recaro seats really nice sweet sounding M40B18 engine leather recaro seats bumpers dash mat 5spd manual kit 3 good doors guards lights diff 2 15" alloys 4 tyres boot spoiler email directly please brent@bmworld.co.nz 021433600
  12. e30ftw

    E30 S54B32 Touring

    Hi All, I have finally decided that I am looking to put this on the market, with plans to go to an E92 335i I feel I can't really own two hefty cars (although I'd love to). It's a great car, Drives extremely well and has been very reliable. It is quick as you can imagine, Breaking traction very easy at WOT. I have taken this on long drives across the country and it is an awesome car to drive. It's an 1989 320i NZ New Touring. LVV Certified, WOF and Rego. All parts are near new and have been installed since 5000kms done since the swap. Drivetrain: Engine: 2003' S54b32, At approx 110,000kms. New OEM parts done within last 5000kms (Since and during swap) New coils, Spark plugs, Gaskets throughout, Waterpump, All coolant hoses, MAF, CCV and hose to airbox, O2 sensors. Fully rebuilt VANOS with Beisan kit, Beisan anti-rattle kit, Beisan Oil Disk, Upgraded Cam bolts I have a valve shim kit, may do the adjustment sometime soon otherwise available, plus I have all the valve cam timing tools. Gearbox: 6-Speed Getrag 420g from the E46 M3 Lightweight Aluminium flywheel, 14lbs Sachs clutch kit. Rogue short shift kit. Delrin bushed shifter linkage. Diff 3.73 LSD, Completely rebuilt by Kayne Barry Motorsport. 4x new clutches (~40% lock). Z3M coupe 3 core radiator, 16" thermo switch controlled fan. AFE Stage 2 air intake, custom Fiberglass airbox E30 S54 Ergen Motorsport Headers, Exhaust system runs from headers twin 2.5" stainless to behind the gearbox, then merges into a 3" Stainless system with Vibrant Resnator and Borla rear muffler. Aftermarket oil cooler mounted behind the front grills Walbro 255lph fuel pump, New fuel lines throughout, with new E46 M3 external 5bar FPR mounted in the engine bay. Steering and Suspension; Z3 Steering rack, New tie rod arms XYZ Coil over suspension, 450/670 spring rates Rear Powerflex trailarm bushes, Subframe mounts New rear handbrake shoes New rear UUC OEM E30 brakes, Hawk Pads UUC E30 BBK in the front, 300mm rotors, Hawk pads Braided brake lines Body and interior; Lachsilber original paint, cleans up very well but has some small dings and scratches, notable the front and rear bumpers have some scuffing and paint damage. Genuine Mtech 2 kit Recaro cloth interior Illuminated 6 speed M shifter, E36 Window switches M Sport button Genuine 16' ACS Wheels I'm going to start quite high, I really can't put a price on all the money I've put into this and the list above is no way near complete. I have tonnes of receipts totaling stupid amounts of money for the swap. If you are serious, flick me a PM and we can talk. 25k ono, to get the ball rolling. And yes I'm asking 'e46 m3' money, but this E30 is something else
  13. tcbaurpower

    WtB_16" Style 5 Wheels_Sports Seats

    WtB a set of 16" style 5 16x7.5 ET20. WtB a set of front sport seats for an e30. WtB the sport seats bolster foam insert (drivers door side) for an e28.. maybe someone has a spare passenger seat which this could be sourced from? Can provide a picture if need be.
  14. Semu29


    Wanting to purchase a manual e30. Have a 325i E36 that could be looking at swapping or doing a deal with. Based in Wellington.
  15. Semu29

    WTB: E30

    Looking for a e30 preferably in delphin grey with a sunroof keen to see what's out there.
  16. As per above, used for a month if that. Surplus to requirements, your aftermarket seat just bolts straight onto it. Can get some sliders from NZKW for extra neatness Near new condition, got a E36 now so is not needed. Looking for $120 ono Pickup in Auckland Thanks!
  17. booloveblankie

    E30 325i Misfire/Fueling Issue

    Hi guys, My E30 is having issues... Again. Under specific loading conditions, there's a notable loss of power and an audible sound between 3000-4000rpm. I've tried to capture it in the video but didn't do too well. That and my "camera mount" kept talking. Typically part throttle under acceleration on the flat, or anything from half to full throttle up hill. Sounds like launch control is engaged (IE unburned fuel igniting in the exhaust). It doesn't seem to occur when the engine is cold. Apologies for the video... Couldn't find the right mount to get good footage of the tach so I had to make do with a friend's arm. Any help is appreciated!
  18. Looking for people's experiences with differing brands of polyurethane bushings and experience in grades they've used. I'm planning on upgrading all suspension bushings while my E30 is stripped down. Have looked at a couple of suppliers in the US offering what I'm after: Condor motorsport Garagistic Revshift I've come to the conclusion that 80A is similar to OEM but slightly "harder" 95A more suited to a street/track car. 75D or solid Ali for dedicated track cars. FYI I'm building a weekend street & occasional tracker. Definately won't be driven daily. Keen to hear educated or experienced opinions. Cheers,
  19. curryinahurry

    E30 Randomly Cutting Out - M20B25

    Hi Everyone, I've been having some issues with my 89 325i randomly cutting out. The car would drive fine and all of a sudden the gas pedal stops responding and the engine gradually slows down to a stall. Sometimes the engine would start right up again and drive as if nothings happened, other times it won't start (it cranks fine) and you'll have to wait for 5-10 minutes before it'll start up again. I've now replaced the spark plugs, distributor cap and petrol filter but the problem hasn't gone away. I'm now suspecting maybe the crank sensor is failing? but I'm not confident because the tachometer still reads accurately as the engine cuts off. Would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions! Cheers, Andrew
  20. I've a bunch of parts needed for a manual conversion of an E36. Getrag 260 Gearbox Manual pedal box Shifter assembly from E36 325i (getrag 220? possibly ZF, came from a car without a gearbox) Shifter boot flywheel bolts Hard and soft lines Getrag 220 X member and mounts other misc parts (see pics) $600 for the getrag 260, comes with shifter fork and associated shiznit. $200 ONO for various manual conversion bits and bobs.
  21. Hellrot 325Ti

    Getrag Manual Conversion **Cheap**

    E36 Getrag 220 Manual Conversion $550ono Located - Napier, Hawke's Bay Willing to ship at your expense Included: Getrag 220 Gearbox (230,000Kms) Pedal Assembly Short Shifter Shifter linkages Shifter Boot Driveshaft Clutch Master/Slave Cylinders Crossmember No clutch/flywheel or hydraulic lines sorry, although I'd recommend a lightened flywheel anyway. Sadly these aren't the pics of another conversion I owned, this one comes with the exact same gear though Please note: As this is a very cheap package, I won't do holds for anyone. I am headed from Napier to Tauranga next Wednesday/Thursday and am happy to drop off to anywhere in between
  22. Brand New genuine shift knob + emblem. I got the numbers wrong on my order so have 3 extra. $80 each. Shipped. https://www.ecstuning.com/Search/SiteSearch/25111220954/ES46652/ https://www.ecstuning.com/Search/25111220823/ES46637/
  23. Up for sale is my '85 E30. I'v seen the car i want and just need this gone before I can purchase the next one. Im around $4,750 but as always ONO. A quick sale, is a good sale. Details are as follows: - '85 323i NZ New (Black Plates) with 23X,XXXks on the body (dunno how long odometer wasn’t working before I fixed it) - M20B25 + Getrag 260 swap done last year, running motronic 1.3. - During the swap, headgasket, rear main seal, clutch etc were all installed new. Driveshaft UJs were all serviced & balanced - Oil change and plugs 2 weeks ago - E36 steering rack - Lowered on H&R's - Brand new tyres all round - Genuine 14" Basketweaves all round (including the spare!) - Has colour matched genuine M-Tech 1 rear, and skirts (waiting to be installed) - Rego till next June - WOF just ran out - Sub in the boot - Upgraded speakers al round - Headunit with aux input - M Stitch Handbrake and Gear boot - CUPHOLDERS! - Voltmeter - Hella headlights (with a cool light up switch) - Yellow fogs & high beams - Parking sensors (Okay, so maybe its just a towbar) - Roof racks - Oil cooler - Sunroof with manual crank - Front 2 windows have been converted to manual cranks - Rear windows are electric - Dash mat - Euro Grille - Battery relocated to the boot - 2nd internal boot light - Airhorn! - E34 'Big' tool kit - Smiley headlights - Clear coat is a bit gone on the bonnet (have a spare in red which needs a respray) - Cassette Holders - Comes with a box of spare trim pieces, clutch, new oil filter etc - Could do with a distributor and rotor change (have the parts) Tried to be honest and list as many things as I could think of. Please PM me if you have any questions at all though! Interested in an early E36 Manual Coupe with cash either way if you know of any. Located in Auckland
  24. Hey all, Been considering buying an E30 for a few months, and I've decided to do just that. I was going to buy one today, but it got sold 2 hours before I could put an offer in! I'm after a 318i, with under 200,000kms, automatic, and preferably 4 doors. Thanks!
  25. I’m wanting to change the springs/shocks on my ’91 E30 325i Convertible. A PO has fitted aftermarket springs that have lowered the car ~45mm (currently 310mm front, 320mm rear – height from centre of wheel to top or arch). It is still on standard Sachs shocks, so needless to say the ride is terrible. I have become very diligent at avoiding minor road imperfections to avoid hitting the bump stops constantly. I don’t want to go back to stock springs and have the massive stock fender gap at the front. It’s my daily driver and won’t see any track use. I don’t mind/like firm suspension, I just want to avoid having an overly jarring ride/hit bump stops regularly. I’m currently thinking about one of two options: Option 1: M Technic spring set (apparently still available according to Pelican Parts) and Bilstein HD (B6) shocks, with 3mm spring seat at front and 5mm at rear. (Lowering height over stock anyone? I read in US forums anything between nothing and 15mm) Option 2: H&R sport springs and Bilstein Sport (B8) shocks, with 9mm spring seat at front and 10mm spring seat at rear (I’m only specifying these as I don’t want to go too low). (H&R springs lowering apparently 1.4” at front .75” at rear) (Both of the above options are with the convertible specific springs to carry extra weight at rear) My question is, does anyone happen to run a similar setup on their E30 and how do they find this on NZ roads (subjective I know), or any other suggested setups? Also if anyone runs either kit, how much did they find it actually lowered the car?