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Found 13 results

  1. I may be looking at parting out my E28 in the near future which means all parts will be for sale. If by any chance anyone is interested in the whole car complete, message me as we'll need to discuss a few things. But I think it's worth more split up. $8500 ono for the whole car. *Please be aware that this is still a maybe at this stage. Gauging interest for if I do go ahead with selling/parting* Parts: M30B35 Engine - 180,000kms, complete with loom, ECU, AFM, manifold and all accessories etc. No AC. Will supply with E28 engine mounts and adapters if you are looking at putting it into an E28. No guarantees on if it will pass cert, but I had no issues for the past two years in my car. $1200 or make an offer. Full E28 exhaust will be included for extra $200. Getrag 265 (not dogleg) E28 Manual Conversion - Full e28 manual conversion with all factory parts including driveshaft. Gearbox shifts smooth with no noises or whines. M5 lightweight flywheel and clutch that is only 1 year old. New oil put in about a month ago.This will include all you need to do manual swap including pedal box etc. $3000 or make an offer. Can do deal if buying with engine. E28 Large Case LSD 3.07 ratio - $800 Remotec 16x8 et20 Wheels - Very good condition, no curbing at all. No center caps, had redrill to other bolt pattern as well which I never bothered to measure. The 5x120 is the factory drilling. I recently refinished these with mirror polished lips and painted centers. All four have tyres but tyres are nearing their end, 2x Achillies ATR Sport and 2x Goodyears. 225/50R16s all round. These wheels are pretty hard to find, and go for heaps in Europe. - $1000 or make an offer. Coilover Suspension - Stock shocks with coilover sleeves and springs. 10kg springs front, 8ks rears. 6" all round. Have helpers to go with them as well which I am not currently using. Shocks probably blown. No guarantees for cert on these but will make a good base. - $600 or make an offer. Mtech Seats/Interior Blue Vinyl - Overall very good condition. Driver's seat has splits in vinyl on driver side bolster and base, rest of the it looks great, foam is still good. All other seats look like new. Will include door cards and charcoal carpets if buyer wants. - $1000. Can include rest of interior upon negotiation, all factory black parts. Rear parcel shelf with blind and premium speaker grills - Good condition, blind is excellent, no tears, wear or holes at all. Parcel shelf has been painted black with fabric paint. Factory black premium speaker grills. Super rare. $500. Happy to keep for future if too expensive. M5 replica front lip - Fibreglass, no cracks or damage, fits pretty good for a replica. $200 Mtech replica rear spoiler - Fiberglass, has studs for mounting. Paint is ok, could be redone for perfect finish. - $200 or make an offer. Heater box, non AC - Foam flaps all redone and heater core replaced about two years ago. Works like new. $100 Various other parts including bumpers, headlights (which look like brand new), grills, tail lights, body panels etc all will be available. Please contact me for all other parts. Rest of the pictures can be seen here: Register your interest in parts now, so if this does go head you will be first in line. Car is currently complete and in running order, people seriously interested in drivetrain/engine etc can see it running and go for a drive.
  2. Genuine Momo steering wheel boss kit for late type E28 and E30s. Should also fit E34, possible E36 etc as to my knowledge the steering wheels interchange (though this could be a case like my diff so do your own research). Model number 2006. $80. Pickup from Panmure or can post for $10 (non rural).
  3. I have a full e28 M30 manual conversion which will be available in about 4-6 weeks. Included are the following parts: E34 M30B35 Getrag 260/6 gearbox - does not have holes for the e28 sensors, the but the spaces in the casing are there, the holes just need to be drilled. Includes crossmember for mounting and mounts. E28 manual pedal box with master cylinder, bottle, clutch line. Single mass flywheel with almost new clutch. Matching driveshaft for E28 fitment. This is a full manual conversion kit for E28s, if I missed any parts in the list they will be included, or specified otherwise. This setup was in my car and running without issue. One lady owner, never thrashed. $2200 or make me an offer. I may sell parts individually depending on interest and what is offered. This will all be available in about 4-6 weeks time. More detailed photos will come around then if a sale is not confirmed. Pickup from Onehunga. Can post if buyer arranged shipping.
  4. From a manual UK import 535i. The part where the top left screw goes has a chip on it. Worked when removed from car (parted as it was too rusty), but I cannot remember if all the pixels were good. AIWI Located in Wellington. $30 $20
  5. AP Suspension 40/30mm lowering springs for E28. Less than 2 years old. Rears have had one coil cut to even out the height as the back sat too high as they were. They are still fully captive on stock length shocks and seat properly, once installed it is impossible to tell this has been done as it's one of the dead coils at the top and rests against the rubber pad in the top mount. $200. Pickup from Panmure, Auckland or can post at buyer's expense. How my car sat with them (with M30 bear in mind)
  6. Hello - My names Dan. I'm from Wellington. And while I don't quite own a BMW yet, I'm on the hunt! I've been lurking around the forums for a bit, so I thought I better sign up and introduce myself. Anyway, hopefully one day I can fully join the ranks. In the mean time I'm enjoying checking out some of the awesome projects you have underway. Cheers Dan
  7. The seller Tim also owns an E34 M5 "Must have had bushes and steering done recently as handles better than my E34 M5 and rides real firmly on the highway". $4K 182K Miles (UK import) 8-series wheels Black leather (recently coloured)
  8. **BMW E39 M62B35 V8 Engine & Trans** $1200ono cash offers only please. Located: Napier, prefer pickup Displacement: 3,498 cc (213 cu in) Power: 173 kW (235 PS) @ 5700 Torque: 320 N·m (236 lb·ft) @ 3300 Redline: 6200RPM Brought for an E36 V8 conversion although plans have changed, excellent condition engine, low kms, tonnes of potential. Aluminium Head/Block so very lightweight. - 127,000Kms (Quote previous owner, could check DME?) - Comes with all ancillaries - Injectors - Fuel Rail - Coilpack - Headers - Automatic Transmission - DME and Gearbox Control Unit This is a complete engine ready to go in your car, all running gear included. Priced to sell, if you are seriously interested feel free to contact me here or via TradeMe @ Sorry for the potato quality pictures
  9. "Im lead to believe that this was the last e28 to be sold new in NZ and was bought by the then BMW Club President. She has obviously been well taken care of over the years as the overall condition is pretty good. There are a few small dents but the car is rust and accident free. I bought it in April 2015 with a blown head gasket. The head was crack tested and rebuilt as well as the bottom end inspected. Internally the motor is perfect and it does not use/drip/burn any oil. The transmission shifts perfectly. I have replaced boot and door seals, new brake pads, filters, wheel bearings and the previous owner replaced the radiator and radiator hoses. I removed the interior and had everything cleaned, other than the rip in the drivers seat it has come up really nice. This model has the factory LSD and bilstein suspension and the car drives very smooth. I have done a couple of longer trips over the summer and its has been an awesome cruising car with surprisingly good fuel economy."
  10. Large case E34 3,45 ratio diff, came out of the 535i I wrecked. Drove well, no funny noises or anything. $150. Pickup from Penrose.
  11. Complete car, so most parts will be available. Has been painted matte black. Will put up some photos and the VIN this weekend
  12. I recently picked up an 88 535i manual. It's pretty rough (actually it's a POS), but for the price I paid the mechanical parts are good (running engine, 5 speed and an LSD). It has been painted matt black, put on some 18" wheels, tinted and probably lowered (I assume stock m sport suspension isn't this low). Has no wof and the reg is on hold. Mechanical: Working LSD, not welded. I jacked up the back and span one wheel and the other side span the same way. gearbox seems ok, haven't tested 4th or 5th as I don't want to take it on the open road with no wof and reg (and other reasons) Minor exhaust leak (was major). Exhaust missing some hangers and needs to be resealed. Red springs? Most of the suspension bushings look like they need replacing. I can wobble one of the arm things about a lot. 4 18" wheels (the tyres on the rear and been burnt out (?) to the sidewalls), 1 16" basket weave Engine: Runs Leaks oil from the front somewhere, I think it might be the sump gasket as the sump looks fine. Haven't been able to get under it yet for a proper look. Possible blown headgasket, lots of smoke out the exhaust and some coolant has gone from the tank (and it's not on the ground ). Or a cracked head... Needs a valve adjustment Was misfiring until I changed the plugs (3 were blackened), might still be running a bit rich Not sure on the timing chain as the the rockers (something is anyway) are too loud. 160000 miles Massive tear in intake boot after the filter Radiator cable tied on General condition: Window, sunroof and door seals need attention or replacement Big chip in the windscreen Leaks... Water in the boot and under back seat. Drivers floor super squishy and has completely ruined carpet Leather seats in pretty good condition. The rest of the interior is pretty terrible. Working OBC No stereo equipment at all mtech gearknob and steering wheel Sagging headliner Drivers door can't be locked from outside, but it locks all the other doors Electric sunroof works for the most part There is some rust under the back seat and in the boot, I think there is also some underneath So, should I fix it or part it (and take bits for the e28 )? I'll post some pictures and a video later Carjam: Intermediate pictures:
  13. Is actually in Wellington, not Nelson. Would be a steal if it was a manual. I guess at 1 grand it's not too bad as an auto either.