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Found 22 results

  1. Hello all, i m thinking to change the power steering oil in my 2010 320i but i m confused that which oil should I put in...... on the cap it says ATS oil but nothing else and when I went to check it with repco and supercheap they told me that there are few of them like ATS gen x2, so if someone can help me with this that would be great. Regards, Aman
  2. Hey there, hope that someone can help I m looking to replace my 320i exhaust with a twin one which we get in 323i or 325i, if someone has that available for sale or can tell me where I can find one.
  3. Hi all My name is Subhash.I am really happy to be a part of this esteemed community. I have been a non-member follower of this forum for the last few weeks and have gone through many threads containing loads of useful information. My love for BMW started a few years back, when i had a chance to test drive a BMW 3series. I had fell in love with car at first sight. The sheer driving pleasure,the comfort and the build quality amazed me and made me a fan right away . Even though i couldn't afford a BMW at that time i never missed a chance to drive it whenever i could. After all the wait finally i now own a BMW 320i 2007 model for myself. I imported the car from japan and got it delivered last week. Here are the few pics of my car:
  4. $9,499 ono. Great XMAS gift Moving overseas in a couple of weeks, so I really need to sell this. 6 cylinder Tiptronic 3 Series with M Sport trim, wheels and body kit. Internally, comes with iDrive. Yes the BMW system with stock built in screen, not the after market addition some dealerships add in. Maps and TV do not work because it has the original Japanese based system but it does have a fully functioning radio with the NZ bandwidths and a 6 CD stacker in the boot. Tyres are run flats and the car will come with an unused refill can. I'll chuck in the phone holder and AUX cable, both pictured. M-Sport trim is included as pictured. 157,000 kms (at the moment). WOF and Rego due in Jan 2018. Full disclosure: > The wheels are all silver. The car just needs a wash. Wheel finish is a tiny bit worn in places and there is a little curbing from the previous Japanese owner but not extensive > Currently one of the right headlights has just stopped working (as pictured). I took it into a Euro mechanic and he found that it was the ballast behind the headlight that needed replacing, rather than the bulbs (which I tried initially). I have found a replacement ballast, I just have no time with all of our planning to take in to get swapped out, so will happily supply with the sale. To be clear, the high beams and halos work, it's the standard light that has failed. > I was backed into on the left rear bumper. There is a small graze and rippling of paint in this section (as pictured). > Rear tyres will need replacing, I just passed the last WOF. I'm not a hoon, a gift from the previous owner but have never found any grip issues. Feel free to ask any questions
  5. Hey all, So one of the headlights on the right hand side has failed. Took it to a Euro specialist after replacing the bulbs and having no luck in Welly while down for the day and the guy said it will be the HID ballast needing replacing and mentioned I could get the exact part online for a lot cheaper than having to get the entire headlight replaced. So... Anyone know where I can get one and if I'm looking at the right one for my car, like this one here: Cheers
  6. In a moment of weakness we bought a set of these BBS RG-R wheels off a bloke in Osaka. Being on a budget we shipped them down on the slow boat and they arrived a couple of weeks ago. It took too long for us and we have moved the car on for which they were intended SPECS 18x8.5 ET 38 18x10 ET 25 Centre Bore : 72.6 Stud Pattern 5x120 BMW The RG-R rim is renowned for the forged construction and the relative lightness of the wheel less than 10kg as I recall. Plus of course just a handsome wheel. Colour silver with BBS centre caps. We have refurbed them as there were a couple of marks on two rims . So they a minty set of rims in Christchurch. Still in the boxes they arrived in. FOR SALE $2200.FOB and can deliver to MainFreight although they are more courier sized. Queries PM me, thanks for reading.
  7. 2007 E90 323i Motorsport $13K 94KMs Blue leather interior - clearly aftermarket rather than 'individual' as build sheet says "Stoff Blue Shadow/alcant./anthrazit"
  8. hi guys i have a 2007 e90 320i, no idrive i changed the led angel eye bulbs to led and they had been going good for a few months. then the passenger side angel eye started flickering, over time it completely stopped working. its putting out the code cc-id 13 which is a fault which the passenger angel i believe. changing the bulbs doesnt solve the issue. so i am led to believe that it is an issue regarding the frm module. from what ive read online, when the frm module detects a short circuit within the system, after the ignition has been cycled 50 times, it will disable that circuit to prevent damage. normally the frm module would need to be replaced in this instance, but i have seen online that you can solve frm short circuit issues with some coding. people use the toolset32 program to reset the short circuit count from 50 back to zero to tell the frm to turn on the circuit again. is there anyone in auckland or hamilton that is able to help me. so annoying driving with one angel eye, and the bulb warning never goes away.
  9. Hi all! Purchased a black e90 2007 335i M-Sport Sedan in March this year and have absolutely fallen in love with it, now I've been looking into doing some modifications which is all new to me. Any advice on where to start and what people recommend from cosmetic to performance to maintenance would be appreciated (including brands, where to get, rough cost etc). Also, can anyone recommend good mechanics for 335s in Christchurch? And any reviews on the MHD flash? Thanks in advance!
  10. 131KMs $8900 Description - not sure why'd you tint a week before selling .... new Tint week ago M3 exhaust pops film (??) M3 red leather seats After market front&rear bumper After market steering wheel Custom made IPad mini setup( doesn't come with iPad)
  11. Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend a good mechanic in Christchurch, that they regularly go to ?? (apart from jeff gray) had a good mechanic up in wellington but yet to find any good mechanics down here as of yet Cheers
  12. Hey All, - This is my first post but thought I'd jump right in. I bought a 2010 E90 335i from BMW prestige Auckland about a year ago. Now I'll be honest, it was an impulse buy and given I have a strong background in Subaru's buying Eurpoean was never really the plan. However it came with NZ GPS a 3 year motor warranty so decided to take the jump. One year later and most of my running gear needs an overhaul its done 110,000km's, BMW has been kind enough to do it all for about $4,500. What I would really appreciate is for suggestions on the best replacement parts either aftermarket or Ex BMW and where to get them in NZ (ALK). I am hoping to do all the below for under $1k (I have good experience with automotive work so installation isn't a concern). The items below are the items I need to replace: 1) Replace front left shock [leaking] (Should I replace the whole lot with aftermarket?) 2) Replace Front Pads & Disc's (Best setup for low dust?) 3) Replace Rear Pads & Disc's (Best setup for low dust?) Thanks heaps for the help. Pete
  13. Hi guys, I recently upgraded my e46 330i to an e90 335i and now that I have a decent platform, I want to dip my toes into modding. Are there any recommended suppliers/tuners in Wellington? I want to start with the downpipes, high flow cat etc and a FMIC. I want to do as much myself as possible but the exhaust system can be handled by a pro. Any other recommendations? (I've visited this site on and off for a few years - onto my third BMW but this is my first post).
  14. Hi folks. New peasant here. I have a 1998 E46 which I enjoy more every time I look at it, and a recently-acquired E90, which is growing on me. Already the forum has been helpful, by giving me the clues to re-program the E90's Japan-spec radio. Must admit that I hadn't been listening to much radio for a while, but now that we've got some cricket underway, there is hope. I've also just read the Rules - apparently photos are compulsory - oops, I must redeem myself - standby. Cheers Andrew
  15. 186kms, some display fade but tidy! Currently price is sitting at a tad over $4k... and auction closes in a week.
  16. Hi guys Having trouble with my E90 N46b20 engine. It blows whitish (maybe with a blue tint) smoke if the engine is warm and idling and then i give it a blip. Doesn't seem to smoke under load. Doesn't seem to be consuming oil. Oil indicator still shows full after about 2k of driving. Looses some coolant but I believe it has a leak somewhere in the system as I can smell coolant from under the bonnet and driver side but not from the exhaust. Also few times i have seen few drop of coolant on the ground just under the catalytic convertor which I am trying to figure out what it is. The water on the ground is only if i drive it for about 20 min to work and then leave it there for few hours. After driving for about 2k, i probably only added a quarter of litre of coolant. would a leaky head gasket not cause more coolant loss? This link shows info on what might be the leak I was also reading on some forums where people were mentioning they had lots of condensation in their exhaust, few litters of water coming out of the old exhaust when they took the old one out in order to install a performance exhaust on theirs It is strange as i have an e46 as well which consumes oil constantly but i don't see any smoke out of the exhaust on that one on any condition, where the e90 smokes a lot but no loss of oil or much coolant, i was suspecting a head gasket but the oil is nice and clean so is the coolant, no oil/water mix anywhere. i also talked to dealer i bought my car from and he sent me to his mechanic who was telling me it cannot be the head gasket as the engine runs perfectly fine, no misfire at all, no rough idling in the morning etc. he is now looking for a replacement second hand engine for me!!! The car has done 115k and i only had it for 6-8 weeks which is the reason i was talking to the dealer about it CCV hoses seems to be all good, not collapsed and not even brittle (I had done a CCV on my e46). i was thinking maybe the valve seals but then she does not consume oil. I have also scanned it with no code coming up any help would be appreciated, I wish i knew someone like Glenn here in Sydney to take the car to, I still suspect the head gasket but not sure. Cheers
  17. So we had a wedding to attend over the weekend and it was our first trip in the new E91 325i. Drove like a champ with the exception of hitting roadworks on 20" rims! Jeez it feels like you hit a brick wall. Anyhow, weekend and wedding went well, got 90-95% of the way back home and got yellow overheating message between Paekakariki and Pukerua Bay! The message states something along the lines to "take it easy for a bit to cool down", then the red overheating appears stating "STOP!!!!!". Pulled over, with the attempts of cooling down the vehicle and crawling, checking the engine bay there was no steam, overflow, dropping of any water and the expansion tank was full. Had no data on my phone to research while waiting but put the issue down to the water pump while waiting for a tow truck. From 'breakdown' to home it was four hours to go 17.4 KM Car is now at my mechanics awaiting the part through warranty (Protecta), sounds like they are supplying an aftermarket pump due to the known issues with the original/OEM versions. Still going to cost more than my excess, so glad I got warranty. TLDR: Car overheated, OEM water pumps are crap, warranties are worth it!
  18. I'm wanting to replace the wood grain trim in a BMW E91 with something silver/aluminium. The car is fitted with CCC and has the single button wheel in transmission tunnel console. Looking at part numbers online it appears all of the trim is interchangeable between E90/E91 shapes (pre LCI). I'm also looking for a tidy set of sill trim sets with the 'M' silver inserts. The current one's plastic has perished. These parts are also interchangeable between E90/E91 shapes across pre and post LCI models. ​If anyone on here has a set/can source a set, please let me know (and a price). Thank you!
  19. Does anyone know if BMW's Brake Force Display feature is legal in NZ? ​My brother has E91 and my mother has E70 both with "Brake Force Display - Deletion" in the build sheets, but they are jap imports, thinking of coding it back in. ​I like the idea: normal braking = normal brake lights, heavy braking without engaging ABS = brake lights + rear fogs, braking with ABS engaged = brake lights + high stop and rear fogs flashing E90 ABS engaged:
  20. Hi there, trying to track down an e91 330i touring. Doesn't seem to be a lot (if any) floating around on trademe. Prefer >100k kms. >$20. And leather. Any ideas?
  21. Hi all, I have a 2006 BMW 320i E90 pre-facelift model (pre-LCI) with halogen lamps and no angel eye rings and I wanted to upgrade to the best possible angel eyes set up. With a bit of research I have found that the entire lighting unit will need to be replaced and after talking to fishcake on ebay about the DEPO P90 V2 part - he mentioned that the only part compatible with the halogen factory set up were: (from his website) Has anyone used this particular part before? (i've heard that condensation can be an issue due to build quality and that they usually don't send you a new product and expect you to re-seal?) Will it be plug n play with my E90 / no ring halogen set up? Any coding required for errors, etc. or other parts I will need to buy? (apart from the bulbs) Any places in Auckland that will do the installation + coding etc? - BM Workshop has said they don't do it PS. I've included a picture of my current lights. Thanks in advance, Arjun
  22. sold to a great guy in Christchurch.