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Found 13 results

  1. Picked this up from Hamilton the other day, and it's great to be back in a BMW again. Obviously its a pre-LCI 2006 E91 335i with Motorsport spec. So fast, so comfortable and so damn nice to drive. Im smitten! She isn't exactly stock, Externally it’s mostly stock, with just aftermarket grilles on the front, tinted reverse lights, carbon wrap on the rear bumper and painted exhaust tips. Under the hood, it’s a bit more special…. Its had fitted, Rob Beck 2″ silicone intake pipes 3″ catless downpipes AMS intercooler BMS catch can Uprated low pressure fuel pump MHD OTS Stage 2+ tune xHP Stage 3 transmission flash Quaife ATB mechanical LSD It also came with some extra parts, like a pair of K&N pod filters and fitting kit, and a charge pipe with a blow off valve on it. I’ll be playing with these later. Heaps of common issues have been sorted, including a pair of brand new turbos, new injectors, new coils, new HPFP, and various other bits. Needless to say it pulls like a damn freight train, and will overcome the traction control if you aren’t careful. The LSD makes the rear just push hard, and if it does get a bit lairy its a nice progressive slip. Previous owner claims about 380hp ATW, and the car has done high 12s on the 1/4 Mile. The other side to it though, is that it’s a nice, quiet and comfortable cruiser. It’s a pleasure to drive around in, knowing that if you have to whip past someone, all you need to do is give that pedal a push. Love the cruise control with braking too, just a shame it doesn’t have the full “active” cruise control, although it can be retrofitted. There probably won’t be too many updates on this car, as I intend for it just to be a nice regular driver, taking it on trips and things.
  2. Hey, im hoping someone might have a pair of good working bulbs sitting around from an upgrade, that they would sell on. Car is a pre-LCI E91, so has the weird bulb with the reflector integrated, like this
  3. Hey all I'm a longtime BMW admirer, first time owner. It was the E30s that first caught my eye back in the day, and I've always had a soft spot for the wagons. Finally, after many years of dreaming, my 2007 E91 320i Touring arrived yesterday. Naturally, I'm very very happy - in my eyes, she's a thing of beauty. I look forward to trawling the forums picking up as much advice as I can. Cheers from Dunedin geords
  4. Just in 2008 335i e91 62ks msport package bkack leather sport seats idrive 20" wheels one needs repairs or replacement Miltek cat back exhaust system cts catless down pipes and filters etc all only 2 months old bare engine is sold all other parts available 021433600 brent@bmworld.co.nz
  5. Firstly, sorry that this has to be my first post here - have read many threads here and have often been assisted by reading your thoughts and repair explanations. once again I need a bit of help. After owning a 2007 e91 320i station wagon for four months I have just had a mechanic tell me that there is a small crack in the head gasket that will require an engine swap at an estimated cost of $5700. I do not want to go forward with this as it's simply not worth it for us. From what I have read it seems a new engine for this car will cost about $1600 - it seems to me that there is a good chunk of change to be made for the person who has the skill and time to engine swap themselves. (Not me) we have been offered $2000 as a trade in and my gut says we should be able to get more with a private sale, any ideas how much? Other car info: just had new thermostat, new coolant housing, recent radiator swap, 158,000 (approx) ks, I drive, great clean body and very tidy interior for its k's. ANY help here much appreciated!
  6. So we had a wedding to attend over the weekend and it was our first trip in the new E91 325i. Drove like a champ with the exception of hitting roadworks on 20" rims! Jeez it feels like you hit a brick wall. Anyhow, weekend and wedding went well, got 90-95% of the way back home and got yellow overheating message between Paekakariki and Pukerua Bay! The message states something along the lines to "take it easy for a bit to cool down", then the red overheating appears stating "STOP!!!!!". Pulled over, with the attempts of cooling down the vehicle and crawling, checking the engine bay there was no steam, overflow, dropping of any water and the expansion tank was full. Had no data on my phone to research while waiting but put the issue down to the water pump while waiting for a tow truck. From 'breakdown' to home it was four hours to go 17.4 KM Car is now at my mechanics awaiting the part through warranty (Protecta), sounds like they are supplying an aftermarket pump due to the known issues with the original/OEM versions. Still going to cost more than my excess, so glad I got warranty. TLDR: Car overheated, OEM water pumps are crap, warranties are worth it!
  7. Up for sale is my trusty wagon, been a great car but time for a change Comes with a 2 year autosure warranty which is a great bonus! Runs well, highish KM's but injectors and coils where done at 20000kms and its got a good service history http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1060381200&ed=true 2.0L Engine (125kw version so more power than the standard 320i) 6 speed manual Cruise control Reversing sensors Dual Climate Control Tinted windows Illuminated door handles (Great at night) Best to contact me via trademe listing After $11k ono Thanks Sean
  8. Hey all, so I have recently sold my jappa and purchased a 2nd BMW...a 2006 325i (E91). Already owned a 2001 320i (E46) which has been the wife's daily driver for kids, etc. The E91 was purchased with the lowering kit and the wheels (20's, a little larger than I would have chosen but seem to suit the car). Looking into finishing the "black out" (kidney grills, taillights, side indicators) and upgrading to FOCAL audio.
  9. jonoe30

    BMW E91 trim

    I'm wanting to replace the wood grain trim in a BMW E91 with something silver/aluminium. The car is fitted with CCC and has the single button wheel in transmission tunnel console. Looking at part numbers online it appears all of the trim is interchangeable between E90/E91 shapes (pre LCI). I'm also looking for a tidy set of sill trim sets with the 'M' silver inserts. The current one's plastic has perished. These parts are also interchangeable between E90/E91 shapes across pre and post LCI models. ​If anyone on here has a set/can source a set, please let me know (and a price). Thank you!
  10. Does anyone know if it is possible to swap out the mini disk player in a E90 CCC unit with a CD player from another unit? The CD/MD and DVD drives are replacable components. The unit needs a nav conversion, but as far as I'm aware when changing nav (or radio for that matter) on these E90 CCC units doesn't require any hardware (just coding and pulling out jap HDD nav in boot), so if I pay someone to get it converted they won't be replacing the in-dash CCC unit (and hence getting a CD player instead of MD). Please correct me if I'm wrong! ​Anyone in the know's help appreciated!
  11. Just got my hands on an e91 with an electric swivel tow bar like this ( )I'm having a few issues with it being super temperamental, sometimes the release button will work, most of the time it doesnt When the tow bar drops it doesnt go to an end lock position, i have to manually pull it there, but it doesnt seem to pick up that the tow bar is locked in. The I-Drive keeps throwing errors saying that the towbar is hitching and continuously beeps away. Have tried a bunch of different combinations of having the towbar tucked, and out. Any ideas/advice would be mint!
  12. Hi there, trying to track down an e91 330i touring. Doesn't seem to be a lot (if any) floating around on trademe. Prefer >100k kms. >$20. And leather. Any ideas?
  13. Has any got or made a e91 sub box that fits in the boot space, or know of a place that does them i found 1 online from the uk shipped will be about $300 give or take other then the bavsound ghost sub but don't really feel like paying $800us for it. something along the lines of this http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=848135 any help would be great Thanks.
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