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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, my E60 M5 owners manual recommends 98 RON unleaded fuel. I usually fill up with 95, but found a gas station around the corner offering 98 at a reduced price cheaper than 95 even. Does contain 10% ethanol. Is that a problem?
  2. charles28

    E60 530i N52 Raw Fuel Smell

    After a drive I park the car in the garage and close the door, if I go back out to the garage later on I can smell raw fuel. I have not noticed the smell inside the car at all.. the fuel cap could be to blame? it seems too easy to open when its done up and clicks.. but maybe its meant to be easy to open. Any common causes? i thought about that filter that you can access under the rear seat.. it has a metal cap over it, so could prevent the smell entering the cabin perhaps.
  3. Hi guys, I know this has been asked many times before on the interwebs, but I just want to make sure I'm running the correct fuel here in NZ. Just bought a used 120i which was originally a Japanese import. The only owners manual I was able to find online is U.S.A. and doesn't cover this model (does anyone know where I can get a NZ 120i owners manual pdf?) In the U.S. manual it says: AKI 91 (RON 95) is highly recommended. You may also use gosoline with less AKI. The minimum AKI Rating is: - 128i: AKI 87 (RON 91) - 135i: AKI 89 (RON 93) Is the same model car tuned to use the same octane worldwide? i.e. RON 95 here in New Zealand. Or would it by any chance have been tuned differently for Japan? The guy I bought it off told me he had been using RON 91 while he owned it - which is why I'm confused. Thanks, Barry.
  4. Rohil

    E30 starting problems

    Hi guys, so i see that a similar thread to this one was posted a few weeks ago on here but i thought id make my own as i have my own set of problems. The car wont start, which is next to no help for anyone who wants to help me diagnose the problem. So the car used to start occasionally in Neutral only (Auto Trans), and i thought doing it this way would be okay until even that stopped working. When we jump the battery is starts every time but the battery has been tested and it seems fine? When you turn the key you can hear the fuel priming, it just wont turn the engine over. As i said i have had the battery tested and have been told its fine, however when i jump it the car starts perfectly. And because iv been told the battery is fine i dont really want to spoend money on a new battery if the problem lays elsewhere. Could it be the starter? I have no clue, but i have been told (admittedly the person who told me that literally just had a glance) it could be the starter. This is the ONLY thing holding the car back from being my daily, i have put in a lot of work over the last few weeks these holidays getting it all nice. Once the car can start everytime no problem, itll be on the road and i cannot wait for that! Thanks for any help you guys can give me, it is much appreciated!
  5. musccoo

    Inline Fuel Pressure Gauge

    Wondering if anyone has a inline fuel pressure gauge they no longer need or use, otherwise ill buy the bits and make one up.
  6. So my FPR in my e30 was leaking so I took it off to discover a munted O-ring. Now I have it off the car I'm wondering is there an easy way to diagnose if the FPR itself is broke or not? (I suspect it is - horrible fuel consumption, can smell fuel quite strong when car is running, and cuts out when sitting in traffic on really hot days). I have a hand vacuum pump so could connect that to create a vacuum, but then what could I do? I suppose probably the only way is with a pressure gauge? I don't have one so was hoping to avoid if possible.. Cheers guys