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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, Before I grab one I've seen in the UK. Just checking if anyone on BS had a six cyl shifter linkage for sale? Cheers
  2. e30 facelift radiator plastic mounts e30 clutch master cylinder res cap e36 m52b28 air flow metre and also m52b28 intake elbow cheers: 021747337
  3. some videos if you are bored dealing to a few fast cars
  4. While I'm patiently waiting on parts to arrive from Pelican Parts I thought I'd tidy up my M52B28 some more before putting it in my E30. I would like to delete as much extra componentry as possible. I have already removed PS pump and AC pump etc. What'd you guys do to the things like purge valve & CCV? Also, any handy tips for stripping down an auto loom to manual? I'm basically left with 4 wires right now that go from trans dme to eng dme that I need to figure out what they're for (tomorrow's job). Thanks in advance for any help! This forum has prevented many headaches!
  5. Kobra's Project E30

    Hi Guys, I've decided that I need another E30 in my life, and this time I planning to do it right. Rewind to 6 weeks ago, some friends and I are having a few drinks on a Friday evening. One friend was browsing facebook and mentioned that he found a '96 328i factory manual for sale. Only $1000 he said. This sounded too good to be true....and it was...sorta... The car was water damaged - I'm not 100% on the details, but something something Dunedin floods. Surely if it's a factory manual, the manual parts alone would be worth the money and effort. I thought about it for a while, and then tried to convince myself that it was a stupid idea and to forget about it...I failed. I called the guy, and told him I would take the car and pick it up tomorrow. The car was located in a wreckers yard in Dunedin. I managed to persuade a friend of mine with access to a car trailer and shop to make the trek from Christchurch down to Dunedin with me the next morning. Jumping forward a couple of days and this is my view: After decoding the VIN number of the car, it turned out the car was actually a factory automatic and must've been converted at some point. We started tearing into the car, and it quickly be came evident that, yes, this car was very water damaged. A thin layer of silt covered everything. As we dug deeper, things started to look worse (not unexpectedly). We found water sitting atop cylinder 1's intake valves, but 2-6 all looked perfectly fine. Draining the sump resulted in roughly 10L of water with mixed about 6L of chocolate milk...not great. Further investigation found that the car has a ZF 310 5 speed transmission, an OEM 328i dual-mass flywheel + clutch. Cool, at least the conversion looks like it was done properly. At this point I still hadn't decided what I wanted with to the parts from this car, But I'd been looking for a project car, and I felt I needed another E30 in my life. As it turned out, my friend's father has this little beauty that he's willing to sell. It's by no means perfect, but it's a straight, rust free, registered, '89 318i automatic coupe in my favourite colour (Delphin grey). A good starting point for my project E30. Jumping back to the present, I've pulled the engine and drivetrain out of the 328. The engine is sitting on a stand, and I intend on stripping it down and rebuilding it. Once it's ready, I plan to swap it into the E30 with the manual transmission. From there I plan to do new suspension, med-case LSD, wheels + tyres, and general tidying up. Eventually I would like to have the car's paint redone as it's a little rough in places. Looking at the task at hand, I know I have a fair bit of work ahead of me. But I'm ready for the challenge! Any help finding the various 24v swap components would be great. I know I need the sump, oil pickup, dipstick, and throttle cable from a 525i E34. Not 100% on what to do about the brake booster, although moving it over a bit seems like the easiest solution. The water-damaged ECU is toast, so I need a new one. I would like to keep OBD2. Thinking of getting a (red-label?) ECU and having it flashed (EWS delete, rear O2 delete, M50 manifold, maybe even a higher redline?) E28 535i engine mounts seem to be the way to go, although I've read mentions of an additional spacer is required? Subframe reinforcement is also something I want to do. I would like to use as much of the 328i's factory exhaust as possible as it's still in good condition. Not sure how much of a plain it would be to chop it up. I want to use the E36 radiator and do an electric puller fan conversion.
  6. Flywheel options

    Hey guys, I have just ordered a clutch kit minus the flywheel, as there isn't much life left in my clutch anyway, it have just ordered a standard clutch kit - nothing special, however, I have no idea what the condition of the current flywheel is so I'm wanting to look at flywheel options. Car is: 328i E36 M52B28 I have been told that you can get the flywheel skimmed, but have also been told that because it's a dual mass flywheel you can't get it skimmed... So just wondering what my options are and what you recommend? I don't want to spend a ton of money, however, if the clutch is being done, I might as well get it done right the first time. Also how hard is this as a DIY? - probably a stupid question, but have done 3 manual conversions - so I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and I'm always up for a challenge when it comes to cars/maintenance/repairs
  7. Hey people Am looking for sump, oil pickup and dipstick from an M50 E34 525 for my M52B28 conversion. Also after M50B25 inlet manifold.
  8. Hey people Im a new member from Christchurch, recently got myself an M52B28 for me E30 so will be looking to source some parts, info and advice as i do this conversion. Here's the beast....