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    It is not just BMW, all ICE cars are getting more complex and fragile to meet ever tighter emission restrictions, so they won't last as long, meaning they need to be replaced sooner, thus saving the world ! But i suspect there is also more of an element of built in lifespan as well, it is in everything else we buy so why not cars....
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    Theres a few pics on Autostance's socials
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    I don't think today's modern cars will still be around as much in 30 years as say the e30. Mostly in part due to all the electronics that are in modern cars. It's difficult to get replacement control modules for cars over 10 years old from the dealer, and with NZ having such an old fleet, you'd struggle to get something for your 14+ year old. I think if you're looking to hold onto a modern car you'd best start learning how to repair electronic boards.
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    No, i think you would need 3 to be safe...
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    When Tommy Shelby comes into the 21st century looking for some good getaway vehicles
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