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  1. Still for sale, still getting daily driven and still receiving hilarious potential swaps
  2. $8500 Getting to the stage where I’m just gonna swap it for this dope Chev that I really don’t need.
  3. Cheers mate. I think it’s very fairly priced and I’m honestly a bit shocked it hasn’t already sold hah!
  4. Real life is creeping up on me faster than expected! $9000ono 102,000ks
  5. Going travelling again so selling my like.. uhhh 7th bmw ? Anyway I’ve replaced all the typical wear parts and serviced it twice in the 20,000ks I’ve owned it. Wheels could do with a re-spray as the missus has touched a McDonald’s drive through curb or two ??. This was my dream car for years and anyone who has driven one of these know they’re a hoot on the highway and don’t suck too much 98octane to daily drive. 10k and she’s all yours. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2297106318 It won’t let me post pics so just check the link any questions 021411155 cheers
  6. I’ll continue to stick my head in the sand I think.
  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply man! Super helpful, I’ll change the thermostat and hopefully it cures it.
  8. Thanks for the completely unhelpful reply Two N Glenn. The temp gauge in the OBC menu, unsure where the factory sensor is located sorry, but yeah I thought it would be the Tstat.
  9. I’ll add that I’ve tried to start the self bleed system and nothing happens
  10. Right so like a few weeks ago my car came up red over heating, I stopped checked all the normal things found nothing but some water ejected from the overflow. So I let it cool, topped it up and carried on driving worry free for the rest of the day. The next day it shows hot after 10 mins driving, so I turn it off and on and carry on with no problems. I proceed to battle this every time I drive it. so today I get the temp gauge going and notice it rises up to 120c, warning comes on, I stop turn it off and on drive off and watch the temp reading drop from 118c to 89 in a split second and continue from there to drive with no worries. Can anyone tell me what the f**k is going on? I really don’t wanna fork out $800 for a new water pump haha
  11. Ended up getting re003s in 235/35 and 245/35. pretty stoked with the fitment, the rear rubs with a car load of adults around roundabouts, nothing major though just a slight touch. cheers for the input
  12. I knew I should’ve bought another e28
  13. Bought a mountain bike Need some racks anyone got some laying around or can point me in the right direction ? Thanksp
  14. About to look into tyres for my style 95s any suggestions, make, model, supplier ?? 225/35-40 245/35-40 cheers
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