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  1. I put a stage 2 tune on a my '16 330i using MG Flasher. Getting ENET to work was... Challenging. But it's easy compared to boosting an M3 :D Highly recommended.
  2. I'm hardly a photographer nor have much spare time. But you're right. Maybe I should hit Atta up
  3. Mmm not quite, it went into my grandmothers garage while I travelled SE Asia. The only reliability issues were around the stock clutch and the sump breather, which were fixed pretty easily. 10 grand to turbo an M3? L-O-L. And then you're implying that my car is not in good condition... These type of know-it-all ignorant comments are exactly why I don't visit here any more
  4. Aluminium preferred but anything is better than wood right now.
  5. Keen on some parts if it is being dismantled
  6. PM me in a month if this doesn't sell
  7. It's kind of cool... I'd buy a decent E36 widebody in a heartbeat, shame this car comes nowhere near close to pulling it off, 10 points for idea, 0 points for execution.
  8. Guess you better tell BMW to stop making these new turbo engines then .Having had a FI M car for 18 months: get ready for some wallet hurt (especially since you're E46!). Glenn is 100% right. Budget about 50% more than what you think it will cost, and a second car would be advisable for the first 12 months. Saying that, I'd do it all again
  9. Congrats on the new job! Hope you find the right buyer, it's one of a kind that's for sure.
  10. ecko_complex

    E36 M3 Turbo

    Thanks for the dyno, dispels my worries about my dyno numbers being inflated by the tuner.
  11. Awesome stuff! Mind PM'ing me prices/sources? I'm in desperate need of a brake system overhaul before the next track day .
  12. http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/epis...ence#tab-Videos </thread>
  13. Alright, thanks. Sorry for thread hijacking .
  14. G4, but I'm told it happens on all Link ECUs. It's hard to describe exactly what happens, but if I put the key into the 2nd position (before ignition) and wait a few seconds it starts up perfect upon ignition. But if I jump in and instantly turn on the ignition it stops half way thru and sits there for a few seconds then starts up normally. Just wondering if it happens to other people or it's a tuner bug.Not a major issue, but it's one of those little things that add up . Otherwise, Link ECUs are great value for money .
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