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  1. So been learning heaps... right now its putting out 520hp at the wheels at 18psi boost and the torque is awesome so going to run like this for a bit then re tune with different cam set up in a years time seen is that is is Christmas and there's presents to buy, right now as it is feels so much faster than my last engine, in forth gear cruizing at 100kph then floor it it spins the tyres which is fine for now... fastest car ive ever driven... Early in the new year its going to get a tidy up and made road legal
  2. Cheers guys, been pretty sh*t with the updates and now im getting things back on track, whats happened in the past year since i had the engine dynoed, ive always had an issue with a vibration at 3k that would rattle my teeth, it was pretty bad, i spent countless hours looking over every thing and came to the conclusion it was an imbalance in the engine possibly from incorrect balancing, so i teared down the engine and sent it back to the engine re-conditioners to get checked and they found it was way out, they were real good about it and covered the cost of new bearings rings gaskets etc to rebuild it, i've just finished putting it all back together and is going in to get dyno tuned on Wednesday, the first dyno i had the valves set so there was about .75mm of overlap and the power dropped off at high rpm so ive set them at around 3mm of overlap to see if the power range would move up... Right now the engine has a lumpy idle, im guessing its due to the overlap and a bit of revision but as soon you give it a bit of gas it is super smooth and little to no vibrations at all Other things added is a fast response IAT and auxiliary water pump to the turbo and waste-gate coolant lines to make sure the coolant flows in the right direction
  3. Garett

    e36 racecar

    Good, ive had a few issues with the build that have now all been sorted and hoping to get on the track next month..
  4. Garett

    e36 racecar

    It looks real nice richard its come a long way, bet it feels good to get it on the track!
  5. Hi guys, were can i find a decent radiator for my car? any idea???
  6. Alright so got the car back from the tuners, told them to tune for low boost first of 12psi, and pretty much what i thought it made the same power 460whp but was a little later in the rev range than what i would have liked, he gave me a big list of things i need to do before upping the psi to above 20psi which from memory is larger radiator, re plumbing the turbo and waste gate cooler lines, moving the charge pipe work away from the exhaust manifold and waste gates to reduce intake temps. All minor stuff and im sure there was some other stuff on the list Also just arrived is the other 3 dunlop 265/310/17 racing slicks to complete the set which will be fitted up the the vehicle soon The big fancy clutch set up i got slipped on me a little bit with a full boost 3th gear clutch kick while driving so that will need to come out and be replaced, so the set up cost me around $1,400, this set up would be perfect for an N/A car and should still be in very good condition if someone would like to purchase it :)... I will have to be getting something a bit bigger to handle the power. On another note our twin super charged m43 engine'd German police car has now got excessive blowby on the rings so swapped out the engine for an M50B25tu engine and fitted a manual gearbox, decided to use this for a drift missile car...
  7. Hey me and a friend are building a cheap hack car for shits using bits and pieces lying around, does anyone know if the s50b30 camshaft fit into a m50b25tu single vanos? Nevermind found my answer here https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1626914-S50B32-cams-into-an-M50 going to try make this car look somewhat like a German police car
  8. Thanks mate, I like to think everything happens for a reason.. we love him to bits and wouldn’t change a thing... I figured that the most important thing is when the exhaust closes on a Turbo and when the intake opens and everything else will just fall into place. If I didn’t have the specs of the overlap I would have done what you suggested.. http://www.catcams.com/products/camshafts/datasheet.aspx?ENGINE_id=103&CAMSETUP_id=222 see where it says valve lift at tdc... I suspect that is the overlap So being Turbo I wanted the exhaust to close a little sooner in case there is back pressure issues in the exhaust manifold.. from what I read the intake cam is where the power is moved in the rpm range this is all new to me and very interesting let me know if I’m wrong..
  9. Yeah we doing alright, no one ever tells you how hard it is and if they do you never believe them, it doesn’t help my boy has cystic fibrosis and the more severe one.. really hit home, looks like there’s a long journey ahead.... On another note I got a aeromotive fuel regulator and gauge from Paul at NZ Performance and installed it the other day it makes it real easy when the factory fuel reg is seperate from the rail. Found out when installing s50 cams with vanos delete you cannot use timing tools as it will be way out and it was, I installed the new carrier and set up the timing, I left the intake cam at .4 and set the exhaust at half the factory lift at tdc to .75 using a dti gauge and the b32 specs from cat cams, after that it ran a lot nicer.. I couldn’t help myself so I set up the link g4 and done some runs with the data logger and edited a few fuel cells, I would almost say it goes just as hard as my old engine even with a poor tune.
  10. BUMP! Price drop $1000 comes with intake manifold 2x VW TSI super chargers, throttle body with built in idle control valve and idler to mount where ever you need it to go
  11. Hy guys here's a kit up for grabs, its a little bit wild and a little bit crazy but works, runs 8psi on 1.8L engine $1500inc
  12. Little update, Super stoked we just had a baby boy (Keaton) so been spending most of my time with him, puts everything into prospective... So ive ordered a brand new s50b32 control housing (11121403686) from BMW to get things done will update when it arrives
  13. A little update, still on the hunt for a carrier..... In the meantime received the remainder of my throttle body adapters thanks to Jethro @ RML engineering.. Got some stainless rivnuts to secure things around my car instead of the alloy ones which tend to not work to well, and its a nice weekend by the looks of things so might get some more things done!
  14. Ok so found out no one has a line bore machine... Anyone know of someone to talk to??
  15. Yeah they are numbered, all lifters are bagged and tagged also The head is at the engine re conditioners now hope to have an answer soon on repair
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