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  1. I did a little extra work to flatten the pipe section slightly, gained another few mm. This is the complete new mid section. I think I'll have to cut and reweld to tuck it up even higher. A job for another weekend. The resonator is now almost the lowest part, and I can't do much to move that upward anymore due to the driveshaft. In other news, the valve cover seems to be leaking oil onto the intake, and the power steering pump is making some noises... So will have to deal with that. I think the P/S fluid is puking out the breather, as it's completely coated the reservoir. May need to get something with more baffling to reduce the aeration. Always more to do.
  2. Another update on the exhaust. I also added an exhaust tip into the mix...excuse the dent. It has gained 30mm or so of clearance,. but I think I can get a bit more with a few extra tweaks. I dropped it back down, and drove it around for a bit to check for leaks. Found no issues. But I'm going to make a few final changes to maximize clearance, hopefully this weekend. Up on the ramps it goes. The stainless is starting to colour in nicely. That's all, folks.
  3. The seats did take a few days of effort, but part of that was me learning, and just going slowly to get everything to fit how I wanted. Well worth it in the end.
  4. Another quick update. After driving the car around a bit more, it's clear that exhaust is a problem. It's taken half a dozen hits now, the clamp is not looking great, and the flexy is not going to last long. The exhaust has also been pushed up into the floor of the body to leave some small dents. This photo is an attempt to show how low this front section sits. The clamp: So, I've come up with plan to modify the front section of the system to tuck it further up into the car: I'll cut off the main V band clamp and flexy. Add a second small flexy to the "Y" merge section. Add regular 2 bolt flange further back, just before the resonator. Then connect the ends back together with a slightly ovalized length of pipe, I already made a start on merge section. Hoping to make some more progress this weekend.
  5. Another option for the P/S hoses - make a custom high pressure hose with AN fittings and appropriate hose. For the low pressure side, a standard E36 hose worked nicely with a little tweaking, and a small support bracket to secure it. I did this to fit an E46 purple tag rack to my E30, and it worked quite nicely. I also did a different E30 by just carefully bending the original E30 high side hose. It didn't look great, but it worked perfectly.
  6. Nice work. I'm guessing those 17x9 style 32's were going to be too tight for the rear guards?
  7. While all that was going on, I was slowly getting the car ready for getting a LVVTA certification. Eventually, it was ready, so I booked the date. The battery was fairly old and decided to give up a few days before my cert appointment, so I had to get a replacement. I went with a slightly smaller DIN44 battery to save some weight. The certification check went well, but not perfect. The only thing I had to do was get some lock nuts for the engine mounts - a rule I had no idea about. A few days later, the recheck was done, and the modifications were certified. The car ended up receiving one of the new donut style LVVTA electronic data plates, riveted to the passenger B-pillar. The only thing left to do was get a fresh WoF and some registration, then it was finally road legal for the first time in 4 years. Last weekend, I finally got the chance to take it for decent drive. I am absolutely stoked with how nicely she handles. The poly bushes, coilovers, and purple tag rack produce a very direct and responsive steering feel. The ride is not too firm, but still stays flat in the corners. The brakes are quite effective, certainly lighter to engage than a stock E30, but the larger Audi master cylinder firms up with good feel. Though, I'm yet to push them too hard as the pads are still breaking (braking?) in. The LSD amazing - This is the first RWD car equipped with an LSD that I've owned, and...I don't think I could go back. Although, not everything is working how I want. The exhaust is the lowest point by far, and I have already managed to scrap it a few times on speed bumps. The main V-band clamp has taken a few hits, and is already damaged. So... I'm already planning to make some more changes to the exhaust to gain some much needed ground clearance. I've also got a new clutch and flywheel, as well as some shifter and gearbox bits ready to be installed at some point. And the body is going to need a bit of rust repair, and a respray before too long. The project continues...
  8. The exterior got some love, with the front end getting a much needed refresh with a combination of new and used parts. The foglight blanking covers (one new, one old) got a fresh coat of Alpinweiss II paint. The vent/trim pieces by the base of the windshield were heavily oxidised. I wanted to restore them, so I experimented with a mix of boiled linseed oil and white spirits. It worked fairly well. Here you see the effect, top one is untouched, bottom one has 2 coats of this mix "painted" on. It dries to semi-glossy finish. New front grill pieces. All installed on the car along with a new lip. Much tidier, I'm stoked!
  9. During my test drive, I noticed some coolant had found it's way into the passenger footwell. I culprit was leaky heater control valve, apparently an extremely common issue. Here you can see the dried coolant, and green staining to the carpet. I had to bite the bullet, and order a replacement in from Germany. Not a cheap part... but the new design is a great improvement. A got a few other replacement parts as well, including a new coolant reservoir. With it all back together, and confirmed the leak was resolved. And the engine bay looks much cleaner without that dirty old coolant tank.
  10. I converted the gauge cluster to use LEDs. The alternator wouldn't immediately start charging on engine start, it would seem it needs a bit more current draw from the alternator charging light to self-excite at idle. I bridged in an extra resistor on the alternator light "bulb" which sorted the issue. For now, what I can say is that I'm very impressed with how well the LED conversion worked out. Even the dimmer control works, which I didn't expect. It can be pretty tricky to get a good photo of the LEDs in action, but I'll try update this post with one when I get a chance.
  11. Originally, I wasn't sure how I wanted to finish the backs of the front seats. I was thinking about covering them in a black material, but ended up just using the leather pieces that came with the seat kit that I got earlier. Not perfect, but I'm happy enough with the result. The interior work is almost complete.
  12. I finally got the headlining recovered (after sitting under my bed for 3 years), so now the interior could be reassembled. All back together again. I also had to find a set of black sunvisors to match the black headlining. Very happy with the result.
  13. It's been a while since I last updated this thread, but I haven't stopped making progress. I spent many weekends sorting out various bits and pieces on the car. First up, I noticed a slight rubbing sound when test driving, and found that a balance weight on the driveshaft was slightly contacting fuel tank. This is must've been due to the poly subframe bushes which raise the subframe slightly. I got some washers, and longer bolts to space the Differential down from the subframe Another issue was the wipers. They started sticking as they moved. I pulled the wiper motor, cleaned it up, and put it back together with some new grease. The insulation on the underside of the bonnet had completely crumbled away over almost 30 years of life. Only the adhesive remained. It looked pretty ugly, so I cleaned it off. Much better.
  14. Oh, it turned out my power steering pump was going bad. A replacement sorted out all issues.
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