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  1. No need to worry boys, the amount of quantitive easing going on recently, surely some of it will filter thru to roading. All the new expressways tunels etc from the last drop back in 2008 are nearly finished now.
  2. Thank you for the replies. Think we will get Magoo Mufflers in Ferry Road, Chch to make a system up. They are the local whizz kids, and nothing is a problem to them. Plus of course they have all the kit to make stuff up on site.
  3. Some of those colours, early 70's (guessing here) look contemporary today, another is that crayon, just a dullish grey. Porcshe colour. Some shades of green and blue are coming back too, moreso in the non metallic's.
  4. The cars in London UK. Hardly a bargain?
  5. That car at Chevron Motors was not a nice example. Singapore car, rubbers on screens front and rear damaged, carbon fibre roof delaminating, myna bird droppings had left staining on the bonnet and boot lid, probably helping the roof delamination along too. However the final blow for me at least was, a new set of Horace Horizon tyres had been fitted. The black worked well with the red interior, but didn't bother going further with a road test unfortunately. ? There was an excellent one owner x UK example in AW in the low thirties earlier in the year at Ebbett Motors in Hamilton, someone acquired that pretty quickly.
  6. Username says it all. Sad state of Trade Me today.?
  7. Quite a difference, especially at the moment between "asking" and receiving. Most of us know, as well, the better cars are moving to new garages quicker outside the vicious forum that Trade Me has become?
  8. Not necessarily. A light non air bag inflating tap can knock out the front chassis rails very easily.
  9. Thank you, but no thanks. Type 1's maybe. Found a set of staggered embossed not replicas offshore, should be winging their way to NZ this week. A set of ACS type 1 in 17" is always nice to have tho?
  10. Eeww spray paint? Why would you? At around 200 euro plus plus for new, probably see the cost benefits. Will try a young ish athletic trimmer to get the job done. Understand it may be a bit of a faff, thank you for the reply.
  11. Thanks guys, going to hang out for a staggered set with the embossing. Import if necessary. Thanks again.
  12. Anybody? How hard is it on a scale of one to ten to remove the faded rear parcel shelf.? See can get from offshore leather cut and stitched, to fit. Need new stop lite assy too. Or retrim in NZ, or ship in a new item. Probably ship in the doorcards new old stock.
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