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  1. Not sure why the seller would want to trade down to an E46?😁 Actually given all the recent huff n puff about values and the increasing numbers of E36, E46 and M coupes for sale in the past 90 days, not many have found new owners, despite reductions in the asking. Perhaps a portent of things to come in 2022?
  2. Hmm the overspray underneath that upsets you may not necessarily be an indicator of the quality of the paint job overall. The market on the day spoke, and bid it to $63K. Sold, end of story. Winner are grinners 😁
  3. Quite a nicely presented example, and appears to be in sound order with good history. Up close and personal the Dakar 1 is a lot softer that the photoshopped pix illustrate. One of 18, but Barry Basicpoor boy in spec and M60B40 only. No expert here, but probably not far away from being on the money at or close to the asking Good luck with a prompt sale seller😇
  4. North of $NZ2k. Covid coupled with lockdown and our choosing to shop on the internet more has led to massive profiteering by the freight companies. Actually that may be a bit harsh, there certainly has been a sharp lift in costs and delivery times are not as quick or reliable as they were in early 2020. Good luck with your search Lee
  5. Unfortunately you must add BMW to the falcodores et al list. And the same comments re IQ apply to these drivers too.
  6. You know what I mean KwS. Some buyers have unrealistic expectations what sellers will / should do to achieve a sale. And then snivel like schoolboys after a punch up when it all goes south. If we were selling the car listed, I would state as a condition of sale that only bids from bidders who have inspected the car will be accepted, all others will be deemed vexatious and removed. Soon sort the men from the boys, wheat from the chaff, or whatever.
  7. And well done Fiat 131R. Some of the posters to this column need to take a good hard look at their attitudes here for goodness sake. You want your cake and wine served up on a plate, and want to reserve the right to complain with vigor if its not to your taste. I applaud Fiat 131R for his commendable attitude, While some of you were moaning about needing pix, the vendors poor attitude, and wanting your hands held while going to the toilet, a veritable bargain was uplifted by a quiet achiever. Kudos👍
  8. Ditto since Nov 25th. Deemed lost now by DHL. And so is yours. Trying to move on with replacement items or refund. Bit like being at the dentists, turning into a painful experience😠
  9. Wouldn't read too much into the WOF info off carjam. The car is clearly no garage queen, with 8500kms up a year since import in 2012. So driven frequently, and all the better for it too. Go have a look, you will be buying on condition with this one. In my mind these convertibles with hardtop are undervalued by comparison with the coupes. Foolishly , the kiwi enthusiast tend to dismiss these, whereas in Eurorope, the UK and the USA a ragtop with hard top in place is often the preferred choice of the cognoscenti. Should you be nervous at all, (and we mainlanders have to be wary of these slick talking Aucklanders) get a PPI, from a BMW specialist, there are a few up there. (No affiliation to vendor)
  10. Wellington Street Races late1980's. Had a few shares in OmniCorp............
  11. No need to worry boys, the amount of quantitive easing going on recently, surely some of it will filter thru to roading. All the new expressways tunels etc from the last drop back in 2008 are nearly finished now.
  12. Thank you for the replies. Think we will get Magoo Mufflers in Ferry Road, Chch to make a system up. They are the local whizz kids, and nothing is a problem to them. Plus of course they have all the kit to make stuff up on site.
  13. Some of those colours, early 70's (guessing here) look contemporary today, another is that crayon, just a dullish grey. Porcshe colour. Some shades of green and blue are coming back too, moreso in the non metallic's.
  14. The cars in London UK. Hardly a bargain?
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