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    Are they BMWP covers? Mines got those, interesting...
  2. This is nice but not 15k nice https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=2684416819&tm=email&et=45&mt=F909EDC8-3C14-49CC-9D87-FCE0B397F44E
  3. Been driving it and it hasn't broken yet. Got 2 more coils on the way and a big smile on my face.
  4. After a 30 min drive/taking it through the rev range ? Swapped a coil in from @Jacko, misfire code gone and doesn't sound like there's a lumpy cam inside anymore.Will be replacing the rest of the coils, ordering two more shortly. Car will get driven a fair bit now to see whether the vvt code comes back. I've looked at the live readouts for vvt/camshaft /eccentric shaft values while revving the engine and they all look good as far as I'm aware in regards to angles, voltage and temps. Valvetronic motor also clicks and sets itself now when you power on the car, which it wasn't doing before being replaced. So miiiight be ok in that department.
  5. Right, that's good to know. Wasn't sure if it was the plug or the notch but turns out it was neither lol.
  6. Will pm you shortly, pics below
  7. Swapped coils around on the car today and misfire moved, so a bad coil. Checked codes with carly multiple times and didn't get a valvetronic code, just the misfire. Admittedly I didn't get the chance to rev it past 4k, it threw a check engine light and misfire code immediately once I'd driven down the street. Thinking about getting all 6 coils, rather than the one. And if it's still broken then there'll be a cheap 130i up for sale shortly.
  8. Demontweeks are extremely slow and useless in responding, from my one and only order with them midway through last year. Took a month to even ship two Bilstein shocks, which were in stock at the time. Had zero response to my communications to them either asking about the order. Finally got an automated email it had shipped and turned up two weeks later. 6 weeks total, for something in stock. Pretty poor. They have pretty cheap prices, but if I was ordering again I'd go elsewhere and pay a little more.
  9. Nothing so far, haven't had the chance to swap the coils around to see what the misfire code is about and if I can fix it. Need a fine day for it. I'm kinda hoping the misfire made it throw that code but I haven't had that luck with this car. Been thinking about just selling it as is.
  10. Yeah last time the error was the valvetronic motor being stuck, this time the error is the limits on the valvetronic.
  11. Yeah idk. The valvetronic motor has been changed previously. When I had it at the euro mechanics they had the rocker cover off so would have thought they would have seen any issues there. Yeah will do that, while I investigate the misfire I need to get in there anyway.
  12. Yeah I was just joshing around with the N54. Its a hard theory to confirm it's the shafts without pulling the rocker cover off afaik. I'm not really sure what I'll do, having put a few grand into it to get it running and it's still not working. Budget has kinda run out, especially for something like eccentric shafts/cam shafts. Cars probably not worth that much if I sell either ?
  13. There is an N54 on Facebook marketplace.... I have the service history which is solid so really unsure why its gone so bad.
  14. Searched the part number and seems like $1.5k just for the eccentric shaft on its own from various parts sites. I'll ring around locally and see what they would price up for the job.
  15. Yeah I'm reasonably confident they're OK. Pre covid I had it in with the mechanics for this issue and they pulled the front of the engine off and checked the tensioners/guides and chain. Reported those were fine. They changed the eccentric shaft sensor and rocker cover gasket at the same time. It then ran for a couple days before playing up again. Going to ring them tomorrow and see if they remember what the eccentric shaft looked like but like KwS said we could see some marks/wear on the gear inside the engine that the valvetronic motor connects to. Also going to swap coils over if the weather is ok and see what's up with the misfire, as I haven't had that fault previously when a valvetronic error has presented.
  16. On Carly they're two seperate things. You have to code the Ah(amperage?) size then register it to the vehicle.
  17. Yeah, it was a new valvetronic motor and endpoints relearned.
  18. Would this cause rough idle/running and similar fault codes for valvetronic? Any idea of cost? Digging into the engine is likely beyond my skills.
  19. Yeah I went and did this on the black car, coded and registered within Carly.
  20. Guess I got excited too soon, car is broken again. f**king sick of this bullshit. Threw an engine light driving home last night. Carly shows a 2A39 code(valvetronic, adjustment range) and a misfire in cylinder 1. Afaik we did everything correctly setting the limits on the valvetronic motor as the car drove mint for a hundred kms or so over 48 hours. Considering all that has been changed it seems unlikely, though I suppose possible, to be misfiring because of a coil(has new plugs). Internet reading on various forums about 2A39 suggests a lot of stuff that's already been swapped(see previous posts in thread) plus also cleaning eccentric shaft sensor or potentially something damaged inside the engine like the eccentric shaft or its springs. Anyone come across this error code or something like this before? I've changed a whole lot of bits and essentially the same fault is re-occuring, though its clearly mis-firing this time around, so still haven't chased down what was wrong with it when it first broke back in the glory days of 2019. Wonder at what point its worth buying a used motor and taking all the new bits of this pos motor.
  21. Now turning to some things that were planned previously and never happened due to the car not being driveable(un-safe) during lockdown/most of my ownership: - Alignment. New rear tyres fitted, that have barely been driven on, this is first up. - Paint touch up on the wheels, hopefully same time as alignment. - Supersprint exhaust back box from my parts car. Will give it a polish before fitment. - New antenna, ordered today as I fitted a stock one sourced from here but I didn't like the look once fitted. Ordered a stumpy one. - Headlight and side indicator tidy up, have a headlight lens restore kit which I'll use to clean and protect the headlights. After all these things are done there's still a couple of cosmetic issues with the car. But I'm going to drive it and enjoy it for a while before dealing with them. Some pics from antenna fitting today:
  22. So after many months of tribulations the car is running again! I'm very happy ? Huge shout out to @KwS for helping me out with the valvetronic motor diagnosis and install with bmw software to set the limits. Got it done quick and it worked! He's an absolute legend. Also thanks to fcpeuro for the parts, delivered during lockdown too! After multiple trips to a euro mechanic since owning the car at Xmas, it still wasn't running right. Replaced the PCV, MAF, Eccentric shaft sensor, rocker cover gasket and had the front of the motor off to check the chain and tensioner. This was all done individually over the course of a couple of months and several back and forth trips to mechanics. Each time the 130i would then run OK for a day or two but then have further faults and run like trash. After the last major bill that "fixed" the car. I bought myself a carly scanner(scan tool should be mandatory if you own a bmw for real) and decided I would have a crack at it myself. I don't doubt that the parts replaced by the mechanic had issues or were faulty but it wasn't the main cause and it always seems to deteriorate after leaving their care. @KwS and his bmw software gave me a hidden fault code pre-lockdown of a stuck valvetronic motor, which was giving off strange live readings. It would work OK after reset then proceed to fall out of parameters. A bit of googling and I ended up ordering everything in the valvetronic chain, electronic and mechanical. I replaced fuses and an electronic module linked to the valvetronic system, plus did spark plugs as a "while I'm there" job during lockdown(also did plugs on my black 4 door). Used carly to clear faults and it came back, sometimes car would start and drive fine for a bit and other times wouldn't even start. So all that was left was the motor(plus gasket). Valvetronic motor is the silver cylinder on the left hand side of the engine, this is actually my black 130i from when I was doing spark plugs. I didn't take any pics working on the white one lol Once we were set free, @KwS came round on Sunday and fitted up the motor and gasket. Not a super difficult job except for one tricky bolt underneath, having to wind and unwind the motor to tension and removing the electrical wiring on the side to make room. Plus the software adjustment. Some of the coils and plugs/wiring that need to be removed to get to the motor bolts for removal. After we started it up and set limits it ran so goddamn beautifully. Improved throttle response and actual power when you put your foot down. Been driving it last two days and it's just great. Really happy to finally have my car back after months of frustration.
  23. Hey, appreciate the post. I've certainly been doing a lot of looking after the car and not a lot of driving it sadly. Its definitely getting to a state of looking and driving well with the cosmetic stuff I've been fixing up on top of the mechanical issues which I've spent so much time/money to get it back running right. The car was getting some praise from my mate the other day about the wheels, he hadn't seen the car yet as I've barely been able to drive it since I bought it at Xmas =( He was a big fan of the wheels, stance and general look of the car. Told him about all the things that had been done, mostly by you iirc, and how clean it looked because of it.
  24. It was $7.5k for a while iirc, still a sharp price. Worth budgeting another couple of grand to fix any issues.
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