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  1. NAP is fine - it represents how often the car is sleeping at the workshop.
  2. I find the price pretty steep and I'm incredulous that the reserve hasn't been met.
  3. My mistake, I took your post to mean a car not technically for sale had changed hands. If you've got any other leads along those lines, myself and two other friends are looking for mint M325i's so please do get in touch.
  4. Doesn't the E39 M5 get nixxed for compliance by EU4 emissions?
  5. I'm out of the running at $40K+ 😤 was looking forward to getting some of those E30 M3 value gains over the next few years. Will have to settle for an insurance adjustment on the current E30. We took a genuine one owner sub 125K km Brilliantrot example on trade for a new 1M and sold it to the CJ dealer principle the same day for $17K in 2011. Have they doubled in price in 10 years? Yes they have. Are they worth double? Probably not. As @Olaf alluded to, there's been a few off books trades of M325i's recently, but they're hardly representative of the market, seeing as the buyers pool for those trades is exactly one. Fag packet calculations would suggest there's still 34(+) kiwi new MT2 M325i's floating around, and I bet this auction sees another couple of cars come to market - perhaps the white M325i down in Dunedin that sold in hours preempted this sale? I'd argue the white car was the better purchase however... ...Speaking of "is this where the E30 market is now?" This 325i SE/a at 19K is absolutely laughable, I mean, reserve not met ffs!!
  6. One of bimmersports OG's for sale, https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/320i/listing/3021140431 Abby or Milan's old E30?
  7. Hmmm awfully convenient it went for $100 less than what it was asking for. There was some shameless shill bidding early in the piece as well. Interior colour not to everyone's taste, but I'm surprised this hasn't sold yet. Factory 6-spd would be hens teeth in NZ. More than you can afford pal, Ferrari BMW.
  8. Indianapolis E60 M5 with 20" Works and a massive quad exhaust, sounded awesome!
  9. What's the argument for these over a 535d? Admittedly this is 20K over priced relative to the market, but what does the 550i do that it doesn't? Is it simply that the F11 is a bit of a boat at the best of times, so may as well go full fat?
  10. I loved driving these when they were brand new, such a hilarious tonka truck to hustle quickly. Sharp pricing as well, someone will quickly work out the man-maths required and own it at 30K I should think.
  11. Was lucky enough to be fanging a 6.5 Makinen at 17, and like you say, almost got caught out driving a mates Estoril 3.2 in the wet. Only a few years difference between the cars, but the arms race Subaru and Mitsubishi were involved with at the time made for cars that turned mortals into driving gods.
  12. Used to park up beside the Remuera post shop quite often in 2014/5 from memory, same wheels with BMWAG number plate.
  13. I just so happened across this car today, photos don't do it justice. It should get close to what the Mora Metallic example went for (based on condition) hopefully the flat-peak facebook e36 gang don't get wind of it.
  14. Compare an E46 coupe to an E46 M3 - both very handsome cars in their own right, as are the E92 and E92 M3. In fact, I'd go so far as to say the E92 is the best looking 3 series "coupe" ever designed. The F32 is awkward and slab sided in its design language in non F82 M4 guise, the design doesn't become cohesive until the arches are flared and the car is lowered to remove the arch gap - same problem with the G22 to G82 M4, and that's not even delving into the front end.
  15. It's definitely a coupe in their marketing, how else will they be able to call a 5 door hatchback a "gran coupe" with a straight face.
  16. Keenly watching this one, sat for a couple of weeks at $12K without much action.
  17. leichtbau

    328 CI

    E39 M5 style boot lip spoiler would be a nice touch!
  18. Great stalk 👏 I thought they might have a white balance camera issue or some weird bulb temp in their overheads, but looking at the Obsidian Black CLK430, the colour is bang on - shows exactly how blue that colour really is. I'm inclined to think the 130i has had a respray. No chance that is Le Mans.
  19. What colour is this?! https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/130i/listing/2854642618
  20. ?? Ali ones, obviously. Steel ones are for run of the mill E30's. Budget is commensurate with how much they now cost, I'm happy to spend the money, I'm looking to save on shipping. And I want new as I've not been happy with bushing replacement on ali arms in the past.
  21. As per title, looking for NOS. Happy to spend the coin if I can save on shipping.
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