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  1. Looks absolutely superb!
  2. Spotted this tasty M-Tech E30 Coupe on the shore today.
  3. Interesting, I certainly think he will make some money on it, I reckon he can get high 6s for it. Seeing as there aren't many factory manual 330s around I think it would be a shame to rip that one apart as its probably one of the tidier sedans left. Would be a great base for a good glow up with some m-sport bumpers etc. I can imagine comprehensive insurance would be ridiculous on that car, but third party, fire, theft and glass cover probably wouldn't be too bad. The insurance on my 540i is pretty affordable for me, although I wouldn't be surprised if insurance companies have fine-tuned their quote process since I got mine. I remember being able to obtain an instant AMI Young Drivers quote on my 540 as well as some older AMGs (was something I used to do when I was bored), however now if I fill out all the details they want me to call them "for additional information".
  4. There is an old forum post from 2017 for a factory manual E39 540 for sale for $8K (what a bargain). Other than that I don't recall seeing any others even though I spend many, many hours on trademe.
  5. They are definitely worth a pretty penny. I recall there may have been a really tidy factory manual car in black for sale a few months ago and it was listed for $30K. No idea if it sold but it isn't for sale anymore. There is a manual converted one available for around $16K at the moment though.
  6. Yeah there are probably bugger all factory manual E39 540s in NZ, the few that I have seen have seen for sale have been converted to manual or were unfortunately being parted out due to the value of the 420g. I think there are roughly 40-something E39 M5s in NZ so a manual E39 540 is definitely a lot rarer.
  7. Yeah I would say for a couple reasons a manual e39 540 would be rarer than a manual e34 540 in New Zealand. First would be as a result of changes in consumer preferences as a result of automatics becoming far more popular to have in a big car. Second, would be the existence of the E39 M5, as most people who could afford a manual e39 540 back in the day could probably afford an E39 M5 too. Why spec a manual if you want driving fun in a 540 when BMW offers a superior version of it with sportier suspension, bigger and more powerful engine etc. This differs to an E34 as if you wanted a manual V8 you could only get a 540. That low km white E34 540 that is for sale is owned by a member of the E34 Enthusiasts Facebook page. He is only selling as he managed to score an iS, otherwise he would be keeping that one due to its low mileage and overall good condition.
  8. Haha nice, your car looks incredible bro!
  9. Spotted this E46 M3 today at the lights at Northcross on the North Shore. Pretty sure it belongs to a forum member (I think his name is Jed), had distinctive vents on the bonnet, a CSL front bumper, and CSL wheels from memory.
  10. Well this was mildly predictable...
  11. Its a very clever plate!
  12. Yeah you can generally tell a lot from the replies (if you get them) judging by the way an individual crafts their responses and how quickly they reply back to you as well as from having a quick look at their Facebook profile. The main issue with MarketPlace is you have to be really quick to get a good deal before the person realises what they are selling is worth a lot more than they think.
  13. Especially when its: a $5K M Package E34 540i/6, $9K E31 850i, or $600 staggered set of genuine M Pars with good tyres. Those are just some of the wonderful deals I never got a reply from even when I would message within in an hour of them being posted. My one market place win were my set of throwing stars for my E34, although I did pay what I think is a very fair price it was more of a rarity thing on actually finding a set for sale within a 20 minute drive from my house.
  14. Yeah lol as part of my search for W8 Passats I always do a cheeky "Passat V8" search because there is always at least 1 idiot advertising their one as a V8, thats how I found this one. And yeah would be a headache to own especially since the engine design and platform is limited to that car. Probably not worth all the fuss for only 270hp unless you are fanatical about one especially since the R36 exists.
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