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  1. 2018 has seen more increases in engine parts and component stocking levels. We are NZ's largest stockist of King Race series bearings for import and euro engines. We also carry OE bearing applications in ACL, King and Glyco We have increased our range of gaskets stocking OE type head gaskets to full sets. We have also increased our engine parts for BMW 6 cylinders for stock, performance and race applications. Glyco bearings, head gaskets, gasket sets and singles, timing chains, water pumps now available. We cover M20 M30 M50 M52 M54 S14 S50 S54 comprehensively Now available popular 6 cylinder timing chain kits and components. We also have the best range available in NZ for the M3 S50 engines. Parts we stock are oe and performance, including all timing tensioners and waterpumps and complete engine overhaul components.
  2. Hi. We have options to suit the E87. We've used a number of these diffs in E92 M3 Targa applications successfully. They are priced well and have been very strong. Thanks Evan
  3. Hi all. We are organising our second Apex wheel order and will consolidate with Ground Control suspension products! Want to accumulate over the next 3 weeks. Let me know if there is any requirements and happy to get some prices together. Thanks Evan
  4. Hi. Thanks to all that came on board. I do have some extra stock coming of the 17's and 18 x 8.5's so will list them up little closer to arrival. Will plan another order in 8 weeks to come with some other new goodies!! Thanks Evan
  5. Hi Guys. We are doing an order with Apex for some local and race class customers. Mainly ARC-8 in various sizes and offsets. We'll hold a few sets in stock also. If anyone is interested in tagging along it will make the freight a lot for affordable for sets of rims! probably in the $50 to $60 kiwi's range for freight to get here. Possibly less if we get good numbers. Want to hit the go button in about two weeks. Pic's of 17 x 8.5 40p and 18 x 9.5 22p Thanks Evan
  6. We have a pretty complimentary range of setups for the E30. We keep 45mm and 51mm tube kits Unlike most other companies, we can tailor spring rates, shock valving, camber plates etc. We do a custom heavy rear spring to suit extremely lowered E30's and keep the rear geometry under control a bit better. We can do all the LVV stuff, welding corner weighting even!! Cheers Evan
  7. Hi all. Thought id kick things off with some details on the range of coilovers and parts we have available. We have our full line up of XYZ coilovers that have been available for some time in NZ Both road and race applications, holding their own across BMW open classes, GT1 GT2 SS2000, Honda Cup and many other forms of motorsport. We have camber plates, in our XYZ or Ruff Technik Rear upper shock mounts in both rubber and bearing option for road and race applications Suspension bushes Coilover threaded tubes, Weld on style collars to go onto factory type struts Race coils, keeper springs and general coilover hardware Let us know if there is anything we can price up for you and we have some good pre stock take specials happening as well!! Thanks Evan
  8. Not that we ever went anywhere, just very slack in participating. We apoligise for any PM's we didn't reply to, we were forum virgins ( and still are really) but we will do our best to not let this happen again. We now stock a very comprehenive range of engine components (pistons, rods, valve train, gaskets etc), clutch kits, suspension bushes, XYZ coilover and brakes just for BMW's We work with Cat Cams in Belgium, our conrod and crankshaft manufacturer Molnar Technologies & our aftermarket and custom pistons Wossner, so we are able to supply top quality engine components in nz. Fell free to contact us for any enquiries relating to the above topics. Check out our website to see what else we do.
  9. Hi, When you say you want to lower your coupe, how far are you talking as it does have a big affect on ride quality? An adjustable coilover package lets you sit the vehicle at the height you want but if you don't want to lower it more that 45mms there are a number of different shock and spring packages available like bilstien/koni. We have a few options that may suit you so PM us if you want to discuss them. Yes you will get a discount. Its hard to find a bolt exhaust on for BMW's due to the configuration, noise constraints, sound quality and so on so we make to suit.
  10. Will give you a call tomorrow to discuss some options, Thanks.Been working pretty hard on the desired rear spring rate that suits the best stance and the occasional pasenger. Will post some options shortly and clearify. On the topic of repacement and rebuildable shocks from XYZ-Racing We back up everything we sell across our range of performance and race shocks under the're normal expected, intended usuage, and carry a huge inventory of parts commonly expected to fail. All the adjustable components are removable from the fully threaded shock bodies. We supply assembled replacement shocks with different bump and rebound levels if need. Dont hesitate to contact me regarding any queries on quality and reliability. Thanks Evan
  11. Yes have E46 kits in stock now. Have a set in our E46 and rides great! Evan
  12. We have some new and improved XYZ rear springs for the rear of E30 for the seperate shock / spring setup. Its a stiffer rate than previously and spring length is only 110mm long. These offer max lowering and are stiff enough to stop bottoming out. Can be run in E36 as well. Spring rate is 670 lbs Sits the E30 rear the same as Sascha picture. Evan
  13. Geoff was meaning the rear upper mount.You can offset the top rear mount so to accomodate the rear spring diametre (of the complete coilover option) in the factory rear shock turrets. If you were building a car and fabricating cage into it at the same time, you'd go the turret option. Evan
  14. Hi all. We have a new range of wheels for BMW direct fitment. Available in 17 x 7.5 with 35p offset. Weight per rim 8.7kg Also available in 18 x 8 35p offset. Weight per wheel 9.8kg These are hub centric BMW fitment with 72.6mm centre bore. 5/120 pcd BMW centre cap logo's supplied if required. These rims offer great back clearance in spokes to give good caliper clearance. pricing starts from $750 set-4 for 17's. Happy to answer any questions.
  15. Hi all. Have a couple of new arrivals we would like to let you know about. Firstly E46 M3 style bumpers to fit the E36 sedan and coupe. These are a plastic bumper, not fibreglass. Has correct bumper to body mounts to enable an oe type fitment. These bumpers come complete with driving lights and grill mesh. Price is $495 inc gst Also E46 CSL bumpers. For the 98-04 models. Carbon lower extensions. Curently coupe in stock and sedans available if required. Check with us for pricing on the E46 due to model applications. We are planning an indent order for these bumpers if response is good. We will be stocking these, but little hard to keep on top of stock levels initially. Let us know if appeals to anyone and if you have any questions.
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