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New Daily - Manual 130i

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1 hour ago, Matt said:

I've just replaced my bmw performance shifter boot and knob with something else. Was thinking of selling it, if you're interested?


Could be keen, pm me pics/price 

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Turns out I was very keen 😀


Install was very easy after a quick Google. New stuff looks way better than the tired and worn original factory bits. And being proper bmw parts was guaranteed to fit 🤣. Shout out to @Matt for hooking me up and providing install advice too. 



Alcantara goodness. Bonus pic of existing fauxcantara mirror 


Have been driving round with the BMWP pieces fitted for a week or so and it's definitely a much nicer place to be. Only thing is the BMWP shift knob is way, way too small for my hand. Knew this going in but thought I'd give it a try for a bit. 

So will be looking to swap (or buy) for a different gear knob, keen on a zhp one if anyone has one. Or a factory Msport that isn't worn. 

Also have another interior piece to go in, assuming I can make it work 😅. Once I tidy up the idrive plastic(probably scratch off the soft touch stuff that's peeled away) interior will be looking really good and refreshed  except for the steering wheel. Will be doing something about that! 

Hopefully will get engine mounts and sump gasket done in the next few weeks. All parts still sitting here. Just waiting on lift space. 


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