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    I've been tainted by overnight, free shipping and cheap well branded parts. I'm dreading coming back to NZ. Though there will be many many parts coming back with me. Many. All of the parts.
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    great outcomes. congrats on the sale, Dave; and congrats on the aquisition, Brent! Smiles all round.
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    Can be done. We have a few N52B30`s and manual conversions here if anyone want`s to have a crack at this conversion.
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    Offered for sale is a beautiful BMW 7-series in E32 chassis - 1992 BMW 740il v8 4.0 This classic, timeless, luxury sedan looks great and gets complimented everywhere it goes. Vehicle drives and handles great. Starts right up , shifts without any issues and embraces the road just like a German flagship is meant to. Pleasure to drive. Gray metallic exterior over light gray leather interior. Paint is overall nice and shiny. All the gauges work! Power windows, seats and mirrors everything work as well as the sunroof! Cold AC. I purchased it from the previous owner who unfortunately let the registration lapse due to other commitments taking all of his time. It has since been re-complied and cleaned up to the state you see it in now. Since purchasing it has had brake discs and pads front and rear. Oil, brake fluid and coolant service. New rear tyres. A machine polish. Small bits like the bonnet gas struts and wiper rubbers have been done also. Service history with BM workshop. $1 reserve auction More details on the trademe link. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1612455610 745466937 by Brett Fraser, on Flickr 745466954 by Brett Fraser, on Flickr Selling to fund other ventures. Would like this car to go to an enthusiast.
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    Nice purchase Breaker! I never get sick of the smooth ride of my 750! Far better made car than my V8 A6! Enjoy!!! Cheers Mark
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    I dont think you would have found a better home
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    I have to say that Dave has requested first option of buy back if the time comes for it to part company with me. Pleasure to take over the ownership of this fine beastmate, thanks. I’m sure the driveway will feel pretty different for a while. loving the first few hundred kms on the way back to Auckland, second half of the trip today. car will get some bodywork finishing to take the work Dave started onwards. will be a stock look and feel all the way Today has been a good day (for me)
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    Took it up to Auckland for Xmas and then over to Raglan for New Years and then back to Welly. Didn't miss a beat and got to stretch it’s legs. Stopped in and met @Lucan and picked up the roof racks he was selling a while back. Back down to Welly and gave the new snow foam lance a go Thought it was a gimmick but it's really good. At 208,000km I have just replaced: - Timing chain guides - Timing chain - Oil seperator (returned to OEM setup as PO had installed a catch can system) - Vanos Seals - Valley Pan - CCV - Water Pump - Thermostat - Coolant temp sensor - Engine mounts - Upper oil pan gasket - Lower oil pan gasket - Crank seal - Fuel Filter - Oil Filter - BMW coolant Thanks @Etwenty1 for hiring out his timing tool. Now that this is all done I will hopefully make it to the next Wellington Club meet. This ended up being a lot more time consuming than I thought and ended up having the car off the road for the last 7 weeks using spare hours here and there to get it done, learnt a lot and had to ask lots of questions from more mechanically minded mates but got there in the end. Here’s a few pics from my journey. I don't think I actually took a finished engine bay photo...but you get the idea. I do really regret not painting the rocker covers but I was pretty over it being in bits at this point...
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    This is true, and for an online experience, shop from the US, and it'll be here quicker, and cheaper than most local options. I am a huge fan of FCP Euro, and will plug them any chance I get. That said, I have to plug Continental Cars BMW (formerly Jerry Clayton BMW) and their parts department. If you know what you want, call them, ask for a quote. They will post to you at a reasonable cost, and for small items, can end up being competitive with FCP Euro (since cost of shipping for small things doesn't scale down well.) You have to have the part number ready to go though, which is the only drawback. No searching, or other online-shopping benefits.
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