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    The re-shelled Dakar 318is had a 3.2 Evo motor and 6-speed box fitted. I remember seeing it at Turners for around $10k a few years back, then popped up again for around $15k. Seemed like a lot at the time for a non genuine M3, but these days...probably not. Here's the Bimmersport thread to that one: http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/43360-m3-e36-evo-for-sale/?tab=comments#comment-475966
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    Just had a look at the vin decoded but nothing about sports suspension, will look into the sway bar though just to be sure. 318is Vin decoded.pdf
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    Personally I would just get all 6 injectors done and ask for them to meet half way. They are a known issue, get them done and then you set. If you send the car back then you have to start all over again and injector issues could happen at any time at least this way you will have peace of mind.
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    Yep the later model m3's came with this kind of carbon kevlar bumper support. Not sure if it's the same on all e46's bro?
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    BMW sure does love to throw a spanner in the works! 😂 BMW- lets create a variation of the 325i with a less powerful 2.5 litre and call it the 323i so that nothing makes sense anymore!
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    In Greely, Colorado. Saw it the next day in a different carpark, so it actually moves. There is something really funky going on the with the front axle...
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    After driving a 2016 6.7l 3600kg Ram 2500 for 3 weeks in Georgia, the 130i feels like an absolute razor blade weapon of a thing. So much steering feel! 100% the best upgrade to any car, is to compare it to something way less dynamic
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    Genuine BMW motorsport WTCC/ETCC carbon plenum for P54B20 made by the famous Die Wethje Gmbh I honestly don’t know too much about this intake ... got it because I was having a carbon fetish at the time !!! $2000 well used racecar part so don’t expect it to be mint or undamaged or have everything - most likely to have parts missing ect from it.
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    They all look terrible on a hoist from underneath as well, even with an oil/ coolant rain coat on
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    And it's not even a wrap so you can't peel it off and make it a better car either. Mind you, it would be very easy to spot in the car park!!
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    Lawyer sent his email giving the dealer a deadline of 21 September to give me a full refund or it'll end up in MVDT or "Common law" <-- I'm assuming that's court. The director of the company that spans the two dealerships replied and, with a brief message, basically said get f**ked. He believes that two injectors is a minor issue and that they shouldn't have to fork out for a proper repair of a full set. He said that the idea of selling a car with wiped codes and a pre-existing problem is absurd and therefore the fair trading act doesn't apply to them... He linked the AA report as well. He then spewed all of the usual bull about dealerships standing by customers and they stand behind their vehicle 100%. My lawyer told me I could email them back and make a compromise if I like, but be careful not to screw it up. I did so, and told the director that the fact that two injectors is a minor repair in terms of time spent doesn't mean that it's a minor issue. I told them the AA is a visual mechanical inspection and doesn't look at the computer as far as I'm aware. I've had my car all of one day and even that day wasn't trouble free. The dealership lied to me about what was going on, tried to claim against my warranty and failed, and tried to cover up that they changed the repair. They then tried to cheap out on me as much as they could and pull the car out of my sight to do so. That whole fiasco took more than three weeks. I said that clearly doesn't speak to it being a minor issue and the point of a car is to drive it. The fact that I couldn't drive my car that from day two is the definition of it being not fit for purpose and i'm not interested in keeping it. I proposed a compromise. I proposed that I would accept that fix. I said that the terms of this would be that he guarantees the car against any further issues, injectors or otherwise, that affect its usefulness, for the next 30,000km. If there is an issue, he is to without question give me a full refund of the purchase price and finance exit fees. I told him that as he clearly stands by the conduct of his staff and believes with them that two injectors is an appropriate repair, I'm sure he would jump at the opportunity to prove that they have sold me a quality vehicle. I was careful to specify at the end that It's a good-will agreement and that I in no way waive my rights under any consumer law that applies to the purchase. Now, I don't know what kind of freaking Git would accept someone putting more km's and wear on the car, only to risk having to refund it later. I don't think that they'll even think about accepting that, but It should hopefully put a stop to their pride bulls**t. That's what it's intended for. They either stand by their hard line stance that the car's amazing and two injectors is enough, or they don't. If they do accept it, I'd just about take it as a win as it would be peace of mind either way. Hopefully it's enough for him to just say screw you here's your refund. I'm very ready to take them to the cleaners if they say no. Even if I don't win, it'll be a good shake up for them because it's not good enough. I can't believe that even the director of this company is willing to listen to how his staff have acted, and deny someone a refund for what must be a meager loss in terms of a dealership's daily revenue. He must not care much about his companies name...
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    Sold! But staying in the bimmersport family. 😊
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    Hope this ends with dealer being named and given sh*t reviews everywhere possible. Amazing what lengths they went through just to skimp on the repair costs. Absolute scum if this is all what it sounds like.
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    They claim that the quote from my mechanic in the Wairarapa is too expensive. They, get this, want to transport it to Auckland (from wellington), "fix it", then return it to me. I don't think so. I don't what the hell they're planning if transporting the car that far is cheaper. They've only taken this stance since the warranty refused to pay out. I've sent them a strongly worded email telling them to honor their agreement with me (in which they specified the mechanic they'd be using) , or refund me. I've also made an appointment with my Lawyer on Tuesday so we can go over the legislation and decide what to do. Edit: forgot to say something.
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    Costs fall squarely onto the dealer then imo. A bit sh*t the warranty wont cover it, but those bastards will weasel out of anything they can.
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