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  1. Reads like a scam. Walk away.
  2. Gosh the guys reply reads straight like a Nigerian scam. I know english probably ain't his first language but there are some similarities in the wording to common scams.
  3. Its not just "lifter tick" on the N54, the injectors are bloody loud too being a direct injection engine.
  4. Thats been for sale for ages. Cant see it selling any time soon.
  5. Alerted the fire crew to be ready? 😅
  6. KwS

    Quick rant thread.

    Having worked at dealers in the past, I sure as hell wouldn't get them to clean my car if I cared about it.
  7. +1 on Mag Monster. I've been through a bottle and a half on my wheels which were a previous owners track wheels, so baked on brake dust everywhere, and they're almost silver again. Normal wheel cleaner didnt touch it. If it dries it says to wet it with more MM before washing off, but i'd do it in the shade to be safe. From To
  8. Good guy admins keeping us safe 🤜
  9. Wholesale dealers like that buy the rubbish the dealer that traded it doesn't want to deal with themselves. They pay almost nothing for them. I'd keep looking unless you can chop a decent amount off that price.
  10. You're lucky, the majority of FedEx stuff here gets handed off to their "partner", NZCouriers
  11. I think that Alpina was owned by @Secniv but since been sold a couple of times. So much want, awesome car.
  12. KwS

    S52b32 M3 engine

    So much arguing over an engine none of you are buying. Typical 3Pedals rubbish, good to see you never change.
  13. Its well known the M3s have a shitty steering ratio. Get a purple tag rack in there.
  14. Spotted a good patch on a road the other day. I swear it looked like someone had dropped a lump of hotmix in the hole and then stomped it down by foot. it didnt fill the hole, or touch all the edges. B+ Will fail again soon.
  15. Why doesnt trademe have an option to change from KM to Miles on a listing?
  16. FDM 3D printed parts are good for prototyping or home experiments, but should never have been used in a production part like that. I guess the proper OE trumpets are injection moulded or similar?
  17. I went on the new CHCH Northern Motorway twice when I was down there last week. Once two days after it opened... fresh seal but all well stuck down, and a nice smooth surface. The second time about 5 days later, and the tar was starting to bleed, stones were already flying around (apparently broken windscreens are on the rise in that area now) and it wasn't looking good. I still cannot understand how after all these years of making roads, and the advancement in technology, we still suck so much at building them. We have got to stop paying the lowest bidder, it makes no sense.
  18. Google seems to indicate they are 328mm rotors, so not that small!
  19. Interesting to see they arent Winger anymore either, must've been bought out by Continental Cars. Hopefully that improves their service, they've had an average rep for a bit.
  20. I wouldnt bother building something you can just buy, it'll be a spiral of sunk costs and headaches. The only time it would make sense would be if you had the donor already, and could do the work yourself.
  21. Its a shame you cant see, but the biggest give away would be if it has a sunroof, i guess. Hard to swap that. I actually really like the look of that car.
  22. In manual though? Most E9x manuals ive seen are real low spec stuff or diesels. The E46 does look nice, but for that price i'd expect @Sammo nice, and its not.
  23. Yeah, just gotta be cheap, thats all insurers care about.
  24. KwS

    Quick rant thread.

    In years gone by they were done properly and rolled by a bloody roller and swept up instead of forcing traffic to roll it. I still cant believe how sh*t we are at making roads, its not like its a new process. Drove the Kapiti Expressway the other day and god damn that road surface feels like its about 10 years old, not 3. I dont hold high hopes for Transmission Gully staying together long.
  25. KwS

    E46 330ci Manual

    My E36 shaft had it on the rear section just before the diff, so i guess it could be either end
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