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  1. Silver Fox

    Fast compact roll call!

    M54B30 vanos removed track car, will be on the market soon.
  2. Silver Fox

    Compact rear into E30

    Just done it Andy, I used ti arms onto E30 beam with E30 bushes.
  3. Silver Fox

    Rebuilding/Re-valving shocks

    what Glenn said, Chris did the Bilsteins in my E28 racecar, excellent guy very good.
  4. I used the E32 double chamber one on our M54B30 race car conversion, standard fitment, excellent brakes. Plenty of stop, 10mm clearance, would recommend it to anyone. We also run with the Mazda front calipers.
  5. Silver Fox

    316ti Race Car

    You know you're good when you can do your optimum, 2 tenths is my closest, normally about 4 or 5 tenths off tho.
  6. Silver Fox

    316ti Race Car

    Nice James, I'll get there one day to play.
  7. Silver Fox

    316ti Race Car

    Pity he didn't do a 1.12.21, eh James, optimum doesn't count...
  8. Silver Fox

    Med case 3.25 E30 Diff

    Sorry, 3.23
  9. Silver Fox

    Med case 3.25 E30 Diff

    Anyone got one of the above by any chance, Thanks, David
  10. Silver Fox

    E30 Med Case diff

    Thanks Guys but needs to be E30 med case and 3.64 or 3.45.
  11. Silver Fox

    E30 Med Case diff

    Any for sale please, and what ratios. After open diff not LSD, Thanks David
  12. Silver Fox

    Information Wanted

    Built by Chris Wright, ran in BMW series for a year or so, then Auckland Car club for a while. Chris is in Mt Wellington, Auckland.
  13. Silver Fox

    405 ECU

    still looking
  14. Silver Fox

    405 ECU

    Need a 405 ECU, green label. From E34 M50B20 or 25, 89 to 93. Urgently needed to race this weekend, any about? Thanks, David.
  15. Silver Fox

    E30 Med case diffs

    Still looking guys, anyone?