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  1. Yeah I think this is definitely the final stage, it works perfect sometimes then will stop, it comes on and off every 15 mins or so. If its not the final stage when I will know to dig deeper, just going for the most common fault first haha
  2. Awesome thanks Ray, I'll pop and get one this week.
  3. Hey Guys, Just after a final stage resistor for my E36, fan is intermittent which is going to drive me crazy when I actually would like to use the air con. So if anyone has a working one or can point me in the right direction, other than the dealer. It would be much appreciated! Cheers.
  4. Hey, just thought I would ask if anyone knows of a place or someone who does vinyl wrapping, need my bonnet and trunk lid done? Used to be a few people on trade me that did it but not anymore it seems and I have zero patience to do it myself.. Old E36 isn't really worth getting the bits repainted really haha Anyway if anyone knows let me know or PM me.
  5. I kind of don't hate it. In a more 1999 kind of way. Sans mirrors a guard vent it's not terrible, just 90's...
  6. Hey fellas, As per most E36 posts, failing of the awesome plastic cooling parts. My poor old run around seems to have got a hairline crack in the water flange at the rear of the engine, so I haven't been driving it but just wondering if anyone has replaced this part or can point me in the right direction to someone who I can send it to have it fixed.. Don't really want to dump a huge amount of cash into such an old car. It's a pretty tight spot so yeah just thought I'd ask and see on here if someone knows a trick to it or what ever. Attached should be a pic from RealOEM of the flange (9). Any help is appricated!
  7. Sweet car, I'm sure that will be sold in a flash!
  8. Ahh thats right, knew it was N something and had those premium sound speakers on the parcel tray.. Close enough
  9. Nice! I've always been a sucker for the older SL's along with all other Mercs.. I do need to get myself in one again. I remember being 15 learning to drive in a S420, was like driving a tank, loved it. Not as much as the CL65 I had in the states a year or two back. Huge 2 door Mercs are the best haha
  10. Haha I remember this E30. It used to be Emma's car who used to be a member here...
  11. Every time I see this car the more and more I want one. Excited to see the progress. Can't wait!
  12. Damn that looks amazing what a sweet result!
  13. Looks great. Hope moving the badge to the correct side is part of the plan too...
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