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  1. As above, anyone have one squirreled away? Can be manual or auto. Or any leads who I might contact.
  2. I use a torx male socket to get these out with reasonable success (come across this quite often). Hammer a slightly oversize one into the hole and then carefully try to get it to shift slightly backwards and fowards before trying to fully undo it. Give the head of the stripped allen key bolt a good number of axial blows before hammering in the torx socket as this will help shock the binding threads loose.
  3. Anyone have a Kess V2 to read my ecu, pref in Hamilton area but will travel ot Akl if necessary? Want to get the egr and dpf mapped out of a 308hdi and need to download the standard map to send off for doctoring.
  4. Give Kerry at Mosen Euro a call, 8462972, he should be able to help.
  5. Comes from the Land rover clubs in UK... nitpicky pratts that will go totally off the deep end if they suspect that an old land rover has been put together/restored with the incorrect number of rivets... etc... much like the small group of BMW "rivet counters" on this forum that anally go after any car that is not OEM (in their absolute opinions of course!)
  6. Hey Scott, good to see you still have your one .. twin to my one which I sold a long time ago now to someone in ChCh I think? Still have 2 e30 verts but neither are standard so will be hated by all the flat-capped rivet counters ?
  7. Will see if I can find my wiring schematic to do this. Did it quite a while ago and not sure where I have put it. Edit.. and see if you can get the yellow female plug off an e36, should be plenty in the yards.
  8. Yes. Are the EWSII module and the ECU both from the M52 donor car and do you have the chip from the donor key?
  9. That (white one) is an EWSIII plug, your module (yellow plug) is EWSII, the wiring to the plugs differs so do not try to plug your EWSII module into it without rewiring it.
  10. Yes, have a set on my Schnitzer touring. Unique to the touring and very hard to find. Definitely OEM, p/n's 63219405938, 82199404841.
  11. Go speak to Kerry at Mosen Euro, I am sure he will be able to help you sort it out one way or another. He is at 10 Wickham St off Kahikatea Dr.
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