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  1. mynbmr

    My fave photo is of the........

    Withdrawn by TM
  2. mynbmr

    E38 735i One lady Owner project

    After 3 tries to set the timing right and new spark plugs, i took it for a test drive today, and no problems. Troy came down tonight and put it on the computer and cleared most of the codes, only 2 codes left, passenger airbag and drivers side seatbelt tensioner, and now the cosmetic outside of the car to do. Should be all done by the time I get my licence back. Thanks Troy
  3. mynbmr

    Official Tools for Hire Thread

    Emaild them thanks Glen, but they hire only if you got a mechanical workshop
  4. mynbmr

    E38 735i One lady Owner project

    Borrowed a home made tool of a mate thanks Glenn
  5. mynbmr

    Official Tools for Hire Thread

    Anyone got a m62 camshaft tuning tool kit for hire please thanks
  6. mynbmr

    Quick rant thread.

    Dont worry even Huntly is expesive, next door and two in our neighbourhood over $500k. build ours 40 years ago for $39k and section $8.5k. 3 more sections left in street over $100k each
  7. I can see where Murray is coming from, its a hobby and money is not what it is all about. Its the achievement and satisfaction of having done it yourself, I will spend over 8 grand on my project but the car will still be only worth 3+ grand
  8. mynbmr

    E38 735i One lady Owner project

    New radiator and oil cooler in, lights back in and working. Had the motor running today, but it runs rough and is back firing. We have to figure out what that can be, any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers
  9. mynbmr

    E38 735i One lady Owner project

    Oh duh ! forgot earth wire from motor to chassie lol This weekend connected all the oil lines, new fuel and oil filters, new fan belt. Connected all the coils and throttle cables, Also put the exhaust on. turned the key and she fired up for a few seconds running rough. Now i have to get a new radiator and new hoses. Getting there slowly
  10. mynbmr

    E38 735i One lady Owner project

    OK conected all the wires, checked all the fuses, took the old alarm system out, and car still wont turn over. what did i forget to check. cheers
  11. mynbmr

    E38 735i One lady Owner project

    Back where it belongs, now the hard part, connecting all the wires and hoses.
  12. mynbmr

    E38 735i One lady Owner project

    Remember Friday labour weekend, wellington blocked for 18 houres, that was me lol, had a heart attack, changed the oil and filter in gearbox and put it back on the motor, ready to put back in car.
  13. mynbmr

    E38 735i One lady Owner project

    Yep no truck driving at all and 4 more months bevore i get my car license back, unless i get a shock from my inplant, than it will be another 6 months. Start a new job at the sawmill on wednesday, truck is getting fixed, than i will put a driver on to keep it going
  14. mynbmr

    E38 735i One lady Owner project

    Well it has been a while, but after my accident, and not allowed to drive my truck again, I have spent some time on the e38, and redone the interior, redone the hood lining, put leather seats in and they are all working, other doorcards, welding in new pieces on the boot, and than I will be putting in the reconditioned motor
  15. Has anyone got a R H rear window regulator and a L H mirror for a 1997 E38 for sale please, thanks Hans