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  1. mynbmr

    E38 735i One lady Owner project

    Back where it belongs, now the hard part, connecting all the wires and hoses.
  2. mynbmr

    E38 735i One lady Owner project

    Remember Friday labour weekend, wellington blocked for 18 houres, that was me lol, had a heart attack, changed the oil and filter in gearbox and put it back on the motor, ready to put back in car.
  3. mynbmr

    E38 735i One lady Owner project

    Yep no truck driving at all and 4 more months bevore i get my car license back, unless i get a shock from my inplant, than it will be another 6 months. Start a new job at the sawmill on wednesday, truck is getting fixed, than i will put a driver on to keep it going
  4. mynbmr

    E38 735i One lady Owner project

    Well it has been a while, but after my accident, and not allowed to drive my truck again, I have spent some time on the e38, and redone the interior, redone the hood lining, put leather seats in and they are all working, other doorcards, welding in new pieces on the boot, and than I will be putting in the reconditioned motor
  5. Has anyone got a R H rear window regulator and a L H mirror for a 1997 E38 for sale please, thanks Hans
  6. mynbmr

    E34 530i for sale

    NO, his winning price monny will cover the purchase price
  7. mynbmr

    E34 530i for sale

    FOR SALE IS MY BELOVED CAR , IT IS ON TM, $3250.00 FOR BIMMERSPORTERS https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1523280527
  8. mynbmr

    e46 330ci Respray

    The trick is build the paint up in many thin layers than in a couple layers
  9. mynbmr

    Temperature gauge not working.

    Thanks Brent
  10. mynbmr

    Temperature gauge not working.

    1994 e34 530i temperature gauge not working have replaced the cluster and the sensor on the radiator and stil not working. what else can i look for thanks
  11. mynbmr

    Quick rant thread.

    And now we will have 5 weeks of detour on top of the bombays as well at night, o joy live is getting better
  12. mynbmr

    Quick rant thread.

    I feel for the people in Elliot st off Beach rd, all the trucks and cars taking shortcuts tru there neighbourhood
  13. mynbmr

    Quick rant thread.

    Also the Hamilton expressway by the new Cambridge extension is one lane, and at night when we get back to Auckland the F#*@en motorway is closed every night and we have to detour
  14. mynbmr

    Quick rant thread.

    It is now official, it is not called New Zealand anymore. Its now called New Coneland or aotearoconea land of the long row of cones. The Beehive .............. The Cone The Allblacks ..............The Coneblacks The Silver Ferns .........The Silver Cones The Black Sticks .........The Cone Sticks The flag will have a cone on it
  15. mynbmr

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Changed starter motor, will find out tomorow if i dont have to wait 20 min for solonoid to cool down before i can start car again after long drive