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  1. Looking for a parcel tray / boot cover for my wife's 2011 X1 if anyone has one spare??
  2. 4 months later the car still looks great too...
  3. If you can't find any centrecaps locally, these guys are good to deal with: http://www.purems.com/Products/BBSCENTERCAPS-BBS-Center-Caps
  4. So I finally took the fiancee's daily driver into see Christian & team at OCD this week, given it's about to be used for a wedding car. I can't recommend them highly enough - top operators who know exactly what they're doing. If you're like me and have been thinking about using them for some time, see the images below to encourage you to book in! Christian (CSET) made it an incredibly easy task. Check them out at ocdetailing.co.nz Thanks guys.
  5. From memory mine were 80mm for RC303.
  6. I did a few years ago. They were great to deal with.
  7. I got Michelin Pilot Sport 3 from Grey Lynn TyreWorx for a sharp price a couple of weeks ago. I'd give them a go if you're in Auckland.
  8. I've been looking for tyres recently too as my "Kaiser" branded tyres are similarly horrendous in the wet. Think I've settled on RE003 - especially given Bridgestone does buy 3 get 1 free for State customers.
  9. That would have got the car going again.... It didn't deserve that kind of attention!
  10. The best case was bent valves, but more likely pistons etc. The engine had lost compression.
  11. Agree Glenn - I've sold it to someone with the skills to rebuild the engine themselves. Wasn't worth going down the path of a second hand engine to risk it again. Sometimes you just take it as a learning and move on (and away from VW).
  12. Ha - budget says no unfortunately. However that would be incredible!
  13. Skipped chain I think, lost compression. Best case = bent valves.
  14. I know this is unlikely... But does anyone know of a spare 1.4 TSI twin charged VW engine for sale? It's the BLG engine. Long story, as well as a long shot. Cheers guys
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