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  1. BMWTouring

    Project E39

    I think they’re pretty cheap genuine mate from memory. We used to sell tons of them.
  2. BMWTouring

    Project E39

    Let me know if you want to cash up the halogen ones..
  3. Definitely the end of an era JT! Many a training, model launch, OOT delivery conducted there! Bit sad, but as you say time to move on.
  4. Have done around 1,000km in the CS. These things are unbelievably good. Amazing how much better than a standard F90 or even F90 Competition they are. Worth every cent.
  5. Anyone got a pair of these lying around they'd like to part with??
  6. They are comfort seats, which it was ordered with from new by the looks of the build sheet..
  7. I've done a lot of driving in heaps of different G20s, All are firm riding, regardless of Adaptive suspension or not, and M Sport or not. Non Run flats also don't seem to make a difference either. is the car NZ new? as I'm pretty sure Adaptive M Suspension was standard.
  8. It’s certainly a happening thing https://www.autocar.co.nz/clean-car-bill-passes-third-and-final-reading-will-be-passed-into-law/
  9. As the title suggests I’m after the facelift type multifunction M Sport steering wheel like this:
  10. Have seen the M6 in person, it’s a stunner. Would own!
  11. There was also one registered new in NZ in May 2014... currently on 8,100km.
  12. What is the rod bearing job costing you Peter? Im thinking of factoring it in my next 12 month maintenance budget...
  13. BMWTouring

    New 4 series

    I dig it, big time. Nice to see someone going out on a limb like Chris Bangle, all of those Bangle busses are good lookers today just like this will be/is!
  14. They will definitely keep depreciating, probably to similar levels to E60s over the next few years as they become older and the F90 becomes a common used car. reliability on them is getting questionable particularly on early cars, I have seen quite a few major engine failures this far. Having said that, like anything as long as it has very good service history with only the correct oils used and you get a warranty (preferably BMW Premium Selection as your $10k Autosure claims limit won’t go far towards an engine rebuild) you should be good to go!
  15. How much of a difference does it really make? Did you notice a change in sound and response that would justify spending the money?
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