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  1. https://www.wish.com/product/582afc85e173470382bf6c89?hide_login_modal=true&from_ad=goog_shopping&_display_country_code=NZ&_force_currency_code=NZD&pid=googleadwords_int&c={campaignId}&ad_ This is all we have ever used for bleeding clutch and brake systems. One man operation used to bleed hydraulic systems and can also be used to drain other types of fluids from reservoirs or oil puddling around motors, just change the hose end fitting to suit and don't cross contaminate.
  2. The fault codes, frequency and history relating to the battery issue are probably all lost now. It's something that should be recorded and saved when dealing with all modern vehicles to be able to track history and the appropriate repair and result from the repair when dealing with any issues... it's a game to cover your arse.
  3. What was the reason to replace the battery? any issues ?
  4. You should be fine if there is no parasitic drain. Did the battery installer not check for that or just didn't mention he had ?
  5. Is the new battery the same as original ? Has the vehicle been checked for parasitic drain ? Has the new battery been registered to the vehicle and all battery fault codes cleared ?
  6. A multi meter will only give you voltage. It will not do a load test which is what you need to do after charging it for at least 24hrs. If its over three years old...replace it
  7. That rules out the auxiliary power supply from ignition switch then
  8. Does the heater fan stop working at the same time ??
  9. 4 cylinder kit ?? "E30) Lim./Sedan Typ 3/R, 2WD, 4-Zyl. VA/FA Federbeindurchmesser"
  10. Looking for recommendations to do some exhaust fab work. Must know his sh*t and carry out professional work. Auckland area only.
  11. Just a heads up...if you don't insert them accurately the block will be ruined. The head bolts will pull them out. Most motor re conditioners have their own special set ups to do these accurately and even they can get it wrong... ask me how I know
  12. What are your thoughts on these Chris ?? https://www.myskydrone.co/
  13. B.M.W Ltd

    Eurotrip 2019

    Katmandu sell some really good trousers which I purchased that had great front, safety, zipped leg pockets which were deep and angled that you can't open sitting down or standing unless using two hands. I traveled with passports, phone & wallet while overseas. They are quite stylish cargo pants and were on special at the time. https://www.kathmandu.co.nz/mens/clothing/pants-and-shorts/federate-men-s-cargo-pants.html
  14. B.M.W Ltd

    Eurotrip 2019

    Exactly what we did with the ANZ and had no issues at all. No different from using a card in Queen Street. You just need to take care and be vigilant.
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