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  1. B.M.W Ltd

    Another e36 - My 328 Beater

    Not by welding. You will end up with an internal engine fire or explosion. Most adhesives and glues will not stick to oil contaminated surfaces and will not tolerate hot / cold cycles- another sump & gasket for a reliable fix
  2. B.M.W Ltd

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Sump replacement on the E36 is only easy on a hoist with the right gear. Engine support and drop the cross member. Claim on your insurance and get a professional to do it.
  3. It will probably be the alternator spragg clutch pulley. You might also have to replace the tensioner as well
  4. B.M.W Ltd

    BMW LTD ... Plate

    I've put a price on this to satisfy the rules. I don't know what it's value is but I'll put it to the test with members. Best offer could win it. PM me. The asking price for this unique plate which cannot be duplicated with other letters or numerals is $5000. PM or ring me on 021921377 . I will only supply it to the purchaser as shown in the second photo with new plates manufactured at my cost. I will not sell it as shown in the first unless I know exactly who I'm selling it to
  5. B.M.W Ltd

    BMW 120i 2009 Key replacemence

    Go to Express Keys in Penrose
  6. B.M.W Ltd

    New forum theme is far too dark.

    It's not the mods. It's further up the chain and that's why we have lost so many sponsors and really knowledgeable members over the last few years
  7. B.M.W Ltd

    NZ's cheapest M3

    It's past it's recycling date and milage
  8. B.M.W Ltd

    Dash Cams

    I have purchased 2 units from these guys that operate by capacitors and I'm very happy with the products. Talk to Alex https://drivercam.co.nz/?gclid=CjwKCAjw2dvWBRBvEiwADllhn4rFFTU7cTfXORY83Ic8iA1BB8msBmKb3dVZ55IIFzbGOTq4--5BVxoCPIkQAvD_BwE
  9. B.M.W Ltd

    Dash Cams

    That would only apply to lithium battery types....I know from experience with a Navman that nearly took out my motor home
  10. B.M.W Ltd

    Quick rant thread.

    Friggen time wasters on Tardme. I'm over selling stuff on there. Had more success on Facepalm Marketplace
  11. B.M.W Ltd

    Quick Questions!

    Only use the proper clips on radiator vent hoses as you will end up breaking the the plastic nipples on the radiator or header tanks. The radiator shrouds put to much pressure on these. If they are used anywhere on a BMW there is a reason for it.
  12. B.M.W Ltd

    Quick Questions!

    Quality side cutters on the side of the squeeze head will release them. And new ones can be refitted withe the appropriate squeeze clip pliers.
  13. B.M.W Ltd

    Want NOS with that 328 sir?

    Correct Jon
  14. B.M.W Ltd

    What are these fault codes?

    You need a better scanner to check these fault codes Nathan. That scan result looks like a bank statement $$$$
  15. B.M.W Ltd

    BMW 130i - Birds B1 Dynamics etc etc etc

    I hope it all goes good for you Chris