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  1. Yes the owner does Nathan. You can't contract out. That's why sensible repairers will only diagnose the faults and supply parts for the repair themselves. It becomes a sh*t fight if it turns tits up and the repairer gets bad feedback for doing it. I'd rather read a book and have a few coffees and watch the grass grow than get into that situation . 99% of getting an effective repair done properly is diagnosing the repair properly first and then using quality parts to effect that repair in a timely fashion.
  2. Has the professional workshop operator agreed to that ?
  3. If not a battery issue, I would suggest you have a faulty CAS control unit system failure. You will need to get it scanned by someone close to you . I don't know who you can tow it to close by in Whitianga though. Common faults: Keys, key reader, steering lock and the control unit itself. But you'll have to start with getting it scanned first. https://www.youcanic.com/wiki/bmw-cas-car-access-system
  4. Talk to Joe https://eurosurgeon.co.nz/ or Kevin at BM Workshop in Botany 2716636
  5. Google this and have a good read through: ZKE functions on a BMW E39
  6. I think it is now time for this: It maybe time to get a BMW professional to look at this for you and check with the appropriate scanner to check module live data signals.
  7. It's possible that the drivers door lock barrel which is not working and needs to be replaced anyway is holding the drivers door module in a lock or unlock position. This will be preventing initializing the keys impossible because the central body control module is not getting the right signal from the drivers door lock which should be in a neutral position. This is not an easy job to do. You may need help with this. It maybe time to get a professional to look at this for you and check with the appropriate scanner to check module live data signals. Does the boot lock and unlock with the key and work with the interior lock switch ?
  8. When you use the interior central lock button does the drivers door lock or stay unlocked ?
  9. 2001 E39 530i should be M54B30 unless Boston has another project
  10. I strongly suggest that you do quite a bit of researching on this repair before you start ripping it apart. Some "mechanics" would struggle to do this repair properly
  11. I would be getting time serts installed on this motor. Have you checked on the tools and equipment you will need to carry out this repair ?
  12. Went for a drive in the Brother Inlaws 2019 Beast in the weekend. Absolutely amazing. vehicle. I've never been so thrilled and scared at the same time with the performance and superb handing. I can't say where , what and how quick. Pity it's limited to 250kph 😋 The technology in this vehicle is amazing
  13. Mr Muffler in Pakuranga https://mistermuffler.business.site/
  14. According to his FB page he lives in Queensland now. I looked it up earlier
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