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  1. B.M.W Ltd

    Top Hose Burst

  2. B.M.W Ltd

    Top Hose Burst

    All good 👍 Who the hell is Dexter ??
  3. B.M.W Ltd

    Top Hose Burst

    Correct...for the last 43 years.. no bullshit
  4. B.M.W Ltd

    Top Hose Burst

    Yes I agree... breaking down at such a low mileage... been thrashed alot though
  5. B.M.W Ltd

    Top Hose Burst

    All good thanks. Glenda's been brilliant. Actually everyone has been a great help. Even the poor intern at MM who openly said he didn't know how to deal with it. We got the bleeding under control and I had to wait and go to my surgeon to get it sorted. We now have our own cauterizing kit at home now thanks to my surgeon. The commercial cleaner guy got the shock of his life seeing the result. The blood on the floor was still wet when he got here at 2.00pm. He might have got it all out. If not....new carpet. He and my wife did a marvelous job. Think I might still have an issue with getting a good night sleep after last night though.
  6. B.M.W Ltd

    Top Hose Burst

    I'm all good thanks guys. It was the scariest thing I have ever encountered in my life because I couldn't see where the blood was coming from. Both of us panicked a bit and I couldn't use my glasses to see. I'm all taped up for the next couple of days so this won't happen again. I put this opp off for years because of work. A bit of a long road to get down at the moment but all should be all good in 6-8 weeks. Rhinophyma cannot be dealt with by medication alone(which I've tried) and effects people in many ways, both physically and mentally just have to deal with it now I have time. Maybe I should take up spray painting now ? I have an air brush gun and compressor to practice with at home.
  7. B.M.W Ltd

    Top Hose Burst

    Woke up about 1.30am this morning feeling funny and thought I was sweating. Then I felt rain coming down all over me ???? in bed ? Woke up the missus and said it's raining inside, turned on the light..... f**k me, panic mode set in and I nearly passed out Scroll down... scary sh*t BLOOD Had a facial surgical operation on Monday morning. All good till 1.30 this morning when two nasal arteries burst. I had trouble stopping the flow and went into shock. Called the ambulance. At least I know I've got good blood pressure....130/60 .... 20 yrold pressure. What a day....Middlemore (4 hrs &useless) Ambulance guys were great. Home..(MESS EVERYWARE) back to the Specialist (all sorted.. I hope)....Home... Get hold of Insurance Company....Call in the cleaners. I couldn't believe that blood could squirt out of your head lying down and hit the ceiling without an inpact..... Any way... It's Beer time
  8. B.M.W Ltd

    Quick Questions

    I've never seen one with the cap part missing
  9. B.M.W Ltd

    Quick Questions

    You could try drilling into it, screw in a large PK screw / bolt, spray with silicon and try easing it out slowly. Have you got a photo of whats left inside the reservoir ?
  10. B.M.W Ltd

    O2 Sensor Readings

    After cat exhaust leaks won't cause O2 sensor fault codes. What driving problems or issues are you having with the vehicle ?
  11. B.M.W Ltd

    O2 Sensor Readings

    The reader tool you purchased will not help you diagnose faults properly. The vehicle needs better diagnostic systems to do that and a person with a qualified brain to use it. The faults you have will probably be the result of a problem and not be the actual fault. O2 sensor faults are normally triggered by lean or rich mixture problems
  12. Not the same quality. Your choice though. The ATE parts I can guarantee won't give you problems if fitted correctly. We used them for over 20 years. Also doing it yourself, you will have to get someone to reset the CBS menu and you must replace the progressive wear sensors
  13. B.M.W Ltd

    LCI E60 550i Angel eyes bulbs ?

    I stand corrected then...carry on guys
  14. B.M.W Ltd

    LCI E60 550i Angel eyes bulbs ?

    Your local may cost you more unless he has experience working on these vehicles
  15. B.M.W Ltd

    LCI E60 550i Angel eyes bulbs ?

    You will still have a lot of fun getting the headlight out and back in again. I hope you have patience