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  1. Be careful Nathan. From memory X5 engine sump and bell housing profiles are not similar to sedan RWD only vehicles
  2. They are both the wrong kits. From those poor quality photos it's hard to determine whether it is the pan that is leaking. Several items can cause the leak shown. I would get it checked by a professional.
  3. I'm sorry I couldn't help you with the PPI now that the business has closed due to my retirement. These vehicles are / can be quite problematic when not serviced correctly by time and or mileage. Especially when coming X Japan and the UK. I hope all goes well for you and feel free to phone for any advice..... actually.. give me a call tomorrow
  4. Who did the PPI for you Cameron ??
  5. Funny this thought came to me today I decided back in 2001 to call my business BMW Ltd because of my passion for BMW's and the business was going to be located in Botany Junction It now occurs to me that BMW LTD can mean: BMW= Life time debt or BMW= Love to dream or BMW= Love to drive Any others ???.... but please keep it clean
  6. BTW...the Website and Face Palm sites are now removed and personal communication soon will be on my mobile number only... and I don't repair vehicles any more but I'm happy to advise and help if I can
  7. The M43 engine is the better option in the 4 cylinder versions- much more reliable and less problematic
  8. Yes you can sell in here James. Use the Fore Sale Thread http://bimmersport.co.nz/forum/11-for-sale/
  9. Thanks Ian & Graham.. I'll look in several times a week to help when I can
  10. Make sure the aftermarket LED tail lights are not leaking into the boot and wiring loom if you are keeping it outside in Palmy
  11. And??.... who did the PPI?
  12. Thanx Chris... how did the PPI go ??
  13. We probably won't cross paths Michael. I have over the years enjoyed the imput you have given us over the years though. I'm now more into Motor Homing and my Grand children. The Ti has only done about 200km in the last five years now. It's still mint and is for sale
  14. Botany Motor Worx Ltd will cease trading as an Automotive Specialist repairer as of 12.05 pm tomorrow. It's been fun and there have been special moments which I've enjoyed sharing. But the time has come to enter a different time as the journey continues. I'll be around at the workshop over the next few weeks and may have a few bargains for the special people. Just give me a call first.
  15. Just to keep all my friends and customers here informed. Botany Motor Worx Ltd will cease trading as of 12.05 pm tomorrow. A lifestyle choice I'm going to enjoy. My phone number won't change, and for those that would want sensible help with issues feel free to give me a call