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  1. What are you using to scan with and have you done a full vehicle scan of all modules and cleared all adaptions
  2. Took 15 minutes to heat up to 45C.... time to get in or you could sit in it from start up if you liked.
  3. Not sure. It's a 250mm X 300mm X 30mm glass panel installed in the roof with it's own power system and remote control
  4. Just installed the Chromotherapy light system this afternoon. It arrived this morning
  5. Sorry Chris, but I don't think the situation NZ & the World are now in is a joking matter. The time for jokes another time please. This is now really serious sh*t we are now all in. Stay safe everyone and please comply.
  6. Probably... so long as your wife doesn't mind smelling like a spray booth
  7. That's great Andre. Thank you for the explanation 👍
  8. I think that maybe "Bravo" s (Graham) old car (Admin)
  9. More info if your interested: https://www.infraredsaunas.co.nz/mini.html
  10. But why would a person be under an enforced self isolating order when he's been here over a month ? He brought the car and had the AA attend a month ago in one of his other threads
  11. So you are trying , or have been driving while under a self isolating enforcement ?
  12. 10-15 minutes approx. Maybe a bit longer because the wife used it about an hour before me. I'll check next time I start it up from cold. No drip tray needed. There is no steam, you sit on a small towel, you have a small towel for your feet and another to wipe the sweat off your brow and shoulders. The foot plate removes for cleaning the lower infra red panel. There is no need for a drain and the exterior does not get hot
  13. Best Appliance/tool I have ever purchased in my life. Dimensions are 825mmW X 890mmD X 1690mmH. 6 individual infra red heating panels with magnetic wooden safety panels. Max operating temp 65C Bluetooth sterio speaker system with internal lighting. Chromotherapy lighting system (sold separately) yet to come next week sometime. Easy fit into the roof. I put this together yesterday. I'm absolutely rapped and impressed with the quality. Wife and I have both used it separately. I did 30 minutes at 65C set at 75% intensity. It was hard going first time and I'm going to use it at least every second day. Did I feel good after the shower 😍
  14. The inconvenience of having to do certain things to comply with the situation we now find ourselves in is just something we all just have to suck it up and do our very best to comply. And I too understand what I need to do in my situation which is now been made worse by Covid-19. My wife has stage 4 TC and has to have chemo every 3 weeks for the rest of her life here with me. No visitors and brief visitations by family at a distance. I can now only go out for absolute necessities.
  15. Just suck it up Nathan. Be grateful that you were actually able to get a flight back to NZ. Allot can't get back now from all over the world. Two weeks self isolation is bugger all to complete and please do the right thing with this. Many will rely on your actions.
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