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  1. B.M.W Ltd

    E28 rear bumper straightening and re-conditioning

    Bumper Services Limited http://www.bumper.co.nz/
  2. B.M.W Ltd

    Forum clean up?

    I agree Rob. But the owners and most of the admin don't seen to give a sh*t anymore unless it suits them apart from Jon. I've tried negotiating this previously and got nowhere . It's also a reason why we have lost so many knowledgeable and professional members and have now got all the copy and post know all's strutting there finger skills
  3. B.M.W Ltd

    M43 engine

    Don't you mean M40B16 Olaf ?
  4. B.M.W Ltd

    Independents, New Car Warranty, Self Provided Parts

    The other issue out there is you can't contract out of the SGA even if you have a verbal or written agreement between two parties it can be a sh*t fight if the repair turns to custard. Both parties are covered under the SGA by law. It then becomes a blame and finger pointing exercise with a third party involved.... the parts supplier / manufacturer
  5. B.M.W Ltd

    Quick rant thread.

    I thought everybody who came onto this site was into self harm 😄
  6. B.M.W Ltd

    Independents, New Car Warranty, Self Provided Parts

    It also boils down to your exposure to risk under the CGA...ie: the person your dealing with, the vehicle your expected to work on (condition) and the quality (brand) of the components your expected to install for labour only with a workmanship warranty . I can give examples but I'm not wanting to get into any argument or debate about what I'm saying. Many workshops will forgo the labour $ because they don't want that exposure and they refuse to do the work. Ask the workshop to fit some small item parts that you supply is not normally an issue, supplying a clutch kit or engine overhaul kit is a different story where the repairer must look at his financial exposure to the risk factor knowing that his supplier would back him up if there was a component failure with parts he might supply.
  7. B.M.W Ltd

    Quick rant thread.

    Where abouts ?
  8. B.M.W Ltd

    Quick rant thread.

    But... it hasn't rained today Chris 😘 Nice size workshop though. What area ?
  9. B.M.W Ltd

    Official Tools for Hire Thread

  10. B.M.W Ltd

    E38 735i One lady Owner project

    How did you set up the timing when reassembling the motor? I see you are wanting to hire the correct tools to obviously check this. I hope for your sake if it's out, it's not to far out causing damage.
  11. B.M.W Ltd

    Independents, New Car Warranty, Self Provided Parts

    What parts are you talking about Dan ?
  12. B.M.W Ltd

    Quick Questions

    There are variations... especially the radiators
  13. B.M.W Ltd

    Vibration during acceleration

    Is the guibo hitting the gear selector rod when the gearbox moves under load ?. The rod can fit both ways and only one is right. Are you also using a very short shifter lever ?
  14. B.M.W Ltd

    *clutch help needed*

    Clutch plate installed the wrong way ?
  15. B.M.W Ltd

    New e28 525i - won't accelerate!

    These have been known to give a lot of problems on the early Euro Bosch systems https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1CHZL_enNZ752NZ752&q=Early+bosch+rev+limiter+built+into+distributor+rotor&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjmn8zHpuXgAhUQXysKHSUAChcQsAR6BAgGEAE&biw=1600&bih=757 But there are so many things that could cause this. Fuel supply, blocked exhaust system,Cross firing in distributor cap, air flow meter. You need to go through things methodically starting off with all the basics . Without the right gear and knowledge you might have to seek help with this. Depends on your mechanical skill level.