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  1. B.M.W Ltd

    E36 Clutch Problem

    I've struck this before on conversions. Been caught out twice over the years. Some people have lengthened the slave pushrod, but then the fork can touch the clutch cover housing
  2. B.M.W Ltd

    E36 Clutch Problem

    It's not the fork. As I've mentioned above it's the release bearing carrier. There are two different heights for these one is 10mm longer
  3. B.M.W Ltd

    Break Open The Piggy Bank - M4 CS

    I'd do more than 455km in one day with a car like that if I felt like wasting that type of money for a bit of fun
  4. B.M.W Ltd

    Break Open The Piggy Bank - M4 CS

    You might need a lawyer to say something
  5. B.M.W Ltd

    Torque Wrench

    Warren & Brown 220ft Ib Professional torque wrench in excellent condition. These sell for over $500 new. Asking $300
  6. B.M.W Ltd

    RC Model X6

    As above 1:14 scale model in excellent condition. Will not come with my batteries $50
  7. B.M.W Ltd

    Project twin e34's

    Did you dial in the adapter plate on the engine after making the adapter plate modifications ?
  8. B.M.W Ltd

    SOLD Professional Diagnostic package

    Both items are now sold
  9. B.M.W Ltd

    X5... hmmm... thoughts anyone?

    Really depends on how well it's been maintained and what is wrong with it now at the point of sale. A PPI done by a professional BMW repairer should be able to evaluate correctly and give the right advice to a potential buyer.
  10. B.M.W Ltd

    BMW e46 Key Replacements

    Talk to Express keys in Penrose. They can do it
  11. B.M.W Ltd

    X5... hmmm... thoughts anyone?

    I agree...it'll empty some poor guys wallet quicker than a wife would
  12. B.M.W Ltd

    X5... hmmm... thoughts anyone?

    It's just an 11 year old BMW, not negligence and in a lot of cases catch up maintenance . Being a 4.8 @ 130k it's in handgrenade territory
  13. B.M.W Ltd

    X5... hmmm... thoughts anyone?

    They all look terrible on a hoist from underneath as well, even with an oil/ coolant rain coat on
  14. B.M.W Ltd

    Glenn's "Cold Turkey" shoot out

    Another year rolls by... 8 years now. How you going Kyu ??
  15. B.M.W Ltd

    Removing adhesive from paintwork?

    Eucalyptus Oil