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  1. B.M.W Ltd

    $1 Reserve F10 M5

    That's not correct Gabe... CGA still applies under the Act. You cannot contract out of the CGA. Twp parties can still make an agreement but that all changes when the sh*t hits the fan.
  2. B.M.W Ltd

    E38 735i One lady Owner project

    https://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/porirua/107960545/truck-carrying-chemicals-crashes-north-of-wellington-closing-state-highway-1 Glad your OK Hans 👍
  3. B.M.W Ltd

    Walnut Blasting - what to pay??

    Vapor blasting is much cleaner and less invasive
  4. B.M.W Ltd

    Alignment issues

    I've still got two sets of E30 / E36 Ti Camber / toe plate sets that utilize E39 rear suspension adjustment bolts and eccentric washers... $100 per set if interested
  5. B.M.W Ltd

    E90 oxygen sensor issues

    99.9% of the time 02 sensor fault codes are triggered by over fueling or running lean and not a sensor fault. They are the result... not the cause. The most common causes on your engine type is unmetered air (air leaks) in the manifold or crankcase breather system. Correct diagnosis is the key to repairing these faults. Using the wrong type of scanner can lead you down the wrong and expensive repair road.
  6. B.M.W Ltd

    Quick Questions

    Get the vehicle to BMWorkshop Grey Lynn or Botany in the new year. They are closed for the holiday period now
  7. B.M.W Ltd

    BMW Running cost

    My love affair with Euros slowed in the year 2000 and is now over. I've seen far too much heartache caused to families with late model, low km's money pits.
  8. B.M.W Ltd

    My 1997 318 MS 2.8L TI M52B28

    It's just a shame we have lost so much from earlier members with their contribution of build & project thread photos... my threads included. I spent hours & hours doing these over the years like others have done and now they are gone.... well they are still there if someone would get off their arse and make it happen
  9. B.M.W Ltd

    My 1997 318 MS 2.8L TI M52B28

    Yes Scott it has AC.....that works.... everything works... I don't though
  10. B.M.W Ltd

    My 1997 318 MS 2.8L TI M52B28

  11. B.M.W Ltd

    Unobtanium is now listed, 850CSi

    And I had trouble selling this vehicle on behalf for the second owner at half the price now listed . The car was 24,000km back then. I took it on one of the Bimmersport runs out to Kaiaua . This is a very collectible car. Good luck to the owner on the sale. We also did a lot of work on this vehicle to get it running nice and re complied as the WOF & Rego had expired. Have lots of photos saved on one of my hard drives somewhere. Its also only one of two CSI's built that is manual, RH drive and the instrument panel showing in KM , C', and liters
  12. B.M.W Ltd

    2008 B7 Alpina 7 series

    I'll bid $10 going by the information and the photos you've supplied... I hope I'm not the leading bid though
  13. B.M.W Ltd

    L98 into an E36 coupe.

    No...visual only... you need to then be able to show proof of compliance
  14. B.M.W Ltd

    L98 into an E36 coupe.

    It's good to see someone doing there job properly as per the standard
  15. B.M.W Ltd

    GDM - E36 Drift/Race Project

    Well done Garett. It's been a long journey 👍