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  1. I think you mean 800Nm... 800kw would be very special. 😉
  2. I was going to change the spark plugs on my 95 M3 but have been thwarted by 2 of the bolts on the cover. Some @$#@%#$ person put them on too tight and they will not come loose. Obviously, I have stripped the allen heads, what else could I do? My next thought it to try to drill off the heads but I thought I see if there were any better advice on how to get them off... Your thoughts please...
  3. Nice contradiction in the ad. It says it's not registered but then in the Q/A it says has rego and wof... so which is it?
  4. When was the last time anyone saw an imperial nut/bolt? Seems a waste to put all those useless bits in there. Or do I live under a rock? GLWS
  5. Gosh that's temping... so surprised you can't move this.
  6. I hate the sunroof, since he asked... but otherwise a tidy car.
  7. *This* is Gangsta. Bad mod city. Are there even springs in the back? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/528i/listing/4449159223
  8. No one bid on this! I need more time of figure out if I need/should/can buy it! 😀
  9. I, too, am tempted.. even though it's not local. Would some one local like to have a look at it for me? I spoke to the seller, he's hoping for $6k so... hmmm.
  10. I don't see any issue with this. He's putting in the effort so he can profit from it. I do have an issue with who cut a hole in the hood of a 3.0? Just needs a piece of steel and it was handy?
  11. Three pedals good, two pedals bad. 😀
  12. This car is still in its depreciation period. Also, these cars do not have the cache of earlier (pre-2003) M cars, being high maintenance and (IMHO) not very good looking. Also, it's SMG...ugh. But that's might be just me.
  13. Great car in a great colour, I almost bought one 15 years ago (LHD). But... -it's missing the factory radio -has a LOT of kms -has EDC, not a plus in my book as it will definitely need replacing/removing at some point, if it even works now. The 91 was on TM for along time at $45k... no sure if it sold. It only had 160k kms.
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