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  1. Is it the same seller? (same TM account?)
  2. Things I needed *last week* (ball joints).
  3. The ad seems to have forgotten to mention it has 310,000 kms on it. (Carjam)
  4. OT. ebay should not be used in the same sentence as TM or FB. ebay has full protection. It's just a shame sellers won't use in in NZ and shipping is too dear (usually, but not always) to buy from USA or UK. I once unknowingly bought counterfeit (knockoff) tennis racquets on ebay. When I realized it, I got a full refund including shipping.
  5. Still available.
  6. So close to perfect... but no sunroof. A very nice car.
  7. That is an excellent point, I completely overlooked that.
  8. That sounds quite logical except... how do you explain the sale of 3x E39 M5s in the span of 2 weeks, about a month ago. One for $40k, the others for more than $50k? Each of the sold in less than two days. I know because I bought the 3rd one on the day it was advertised, after missing the 2nd one by waiting one day to call. The 1st one ($40k) was sold by a foolish person who set the buy now $5k too low. There is still one for sale now but, as with these M3s, it is overpriced ($65k, high kms). There have also been 2 or 3 Evo M3s sold in the last few months, though each of them took a few weeks to sell. There is money out there, but it's not foolish. The Evos took time to sell because they were price just above market value. The only E46 M3s I've seen sold are top condition examples for acceptable prices ($55k). But, to support your argument a bit, E39s are 'old man' cars and they (we!) are perhaps more likely to have spare cash. M3s are 'younger man' cars, perhaps less cash lying around?
  9. And tape holding the glove box shut... or something. 🙄
  10. Again, oddly sensible for a dealer. Convertibles seem to be the least valuable M cars and the season is over.
  11. But the speedo is in miles and, amazingly, the dealer has converted the odo to kms, as if it were in miles. Perhaps they are being shockingly honest?
  12. Yawn. It's a grey Z4 with a black interior. Yawn. I don't care for the wheels. It's a non-M motor (1 throttle body). Yawn. I guess someone somewhere will love it... I suppose it is 'unique'. For the record... "The engine is a handbuilt 3.4-litre E5/2 inline-6 The engine is an enlarged version of the S52B32 engine[3] first installed in the North American M3 (E36)."
  13. IMHO the rise is predominately for 6sp manuals, or a least, more significant.
  14. From CarJam... what's up with this? Why so many dealers? Ownership History 8 owners in New Zealand (3 owners excluding dealers)
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