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  1. Mrs Ms Baur would like the sump gasket.
  2. gjm

    BMW M EV Plan

    If I can get the money together, I'll be in the market for a Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/electric/porsche-taycan-cross-turismo-will-arrive-2020
  3. PFL and facelift tail lights are quite different.
  4. I thought e30goodies might have had them, but seems not. (They do have new pedal rubbers, if you're interested?) Someone was 3d printing them. Maybe investigate r3v?
  5. gjm

    Gissa job!

    The guys are using the ORC 2 and LRX from Altus intelligence - not cheap but pretty decent kit. They're used for photogrammetry and for LIDAR. The owner of the survey company is shareholder in Altus (NZ) which kinda explains some of his affinity.
  6. gjm

    Gissa job!

    The self-employed (in all senses of the word) route might work in the field I've been investigating... In a few years' time. At present, it's simply not sufficiently profitable to make sense. A shame, as it has been an interesting journey (and could be one I continue). Most recently I've been working with a local surveying firm, investigating ways to deploy survey markers (Ground Control Points) without actually going to the areas where they are required. It can be done with GPS (and 4/5G or wireless communications between a drone and base station, aka Ground Control Station) but there are benefits in 'walking' the land to see exactly what the terrain is like. That'll be coming to an end shortly, as I have been offered a role in Central Hawkes Bay. Exciting times down there, too... Which means another headache for us. Rent, or buy? How do we relocate all our 'stuff' economically? Oh well... No-one said life was easy!
  7. gjm

    BMW Z1

    You may have noticed the wink at the end of my post! I'm of the opinion that the Z1 isn't really an E30, although it was built at the same time as the last E30s, and given an E30 code (it was a development of the E30 line) The predominant underlying structure is completely different, although a great number of E30 components are used. Doesn't look much like any E30 I've seen!
  8. Not a colour I would have chosen, but having driven Mondeos for years in the UK (mostly hire cars, although I owned a ST200) I can happily say I'd much rather have one of those than a Vauxhall (Holden) Vectra. The Mondeo isn't bad car at all. Lacking in charisma, perhaps, but very capable.
  9. gjm

    E9x 320Si

    Thanks Jon. 170-175 isn't all that much power these days, or even 15 years ago when the M3 was making well over 400. The attraction for me was around handling rather than outright acceleration or speed, so that's not an issue. Sadly it seems as though the lower power output doesn't necessarily translate to better economy, although the stock 85hp per litre isn't too shabby.
  10. Gruppe5 Motorsport are building a road-going 2002 with a Dinan-tuned 5.8-5.9 litre V10. Power output is 744-803hp, fed through a 6-speed transaxle. Fun times! https://www.gruppe5motorsport.com/
  11. gjm

    E9x 320Si

    Camchain tensioner and VANOS are the biggest issues with the N45 generally, but the N45B20 used aluminium liners which can cause problems. Usual other factors apply - use good oil, regularly changed, and good quality fuel. Other than that it's probably no better or worse than many other engines of the same era. But as Jared says - the earlier iS versions may be a better long-term bet. If you can find one... (And the E36 has build quality issues all of it's own, too.)
  12. gjm

    E9x 320Si

    N45B20. 175 road-going hp, 275 for racing. The 320Si is said to handle at least as well as the M3 - it's a homologation car with 2600 being built.
  13. gjm

    E9x 320Si

    Has anyone seen or driven one of these? Are they (m)any in NZ? Jon @E30 325i Rag-Top - do you know?
  14. gjm

    Z3 Steering Rack

    Definitely would be useful info.
  15. Plan is to build 30 cars a year.
  16. While on the topic of racks to swap into an E30, is there a definitive list of the racks that would suit? This is from E30 Zone. The 'Purple tag' is the one most people will go for, but the E46 M3 rack (E90 320d, etc) is a green tag. Then there is also the yellow tag...
  17. The old M10-based engines were truly built for a single purpose. no engine lasted more than a race or qualifying, depending on use. Times change, technology improves, and I've been talking with a Swedish guy about M10 builds. He's built a street-driven M10B20 in a 1602 making over 740whp, but I can't comment on the longevity of that. (He holds - or held - the record for a M30B35 - 1140whp/1300Nm - in an E30.) Our conversations suggest that we could build a street-driven 600hp M10B20 or M10B21 requiring little more than regular servicing and (possibly/probably) an annual refresh (not rebuild). The approach is different to the 80s engines and uses different materials and obviously different engine management. Personally I was considering 500hp as a target. Seeing the P48 has reinvigorated my interest in that project! Just needs money...
  18. SOLD (STP) 25.5mm diameter front; 18mm rear. For comparison: E36 328i is 24mm / 15mm 1995 E36 M3 is 23mm / 20mm So a great upgrade for any non-M3 E36. Originally bought for our 318i, but that's been gone a while, and I found these when clearing out the garage. Price is for the pair, including end links, bushes, mounting brackets - everything in the picture. Location: Te Kauwhata, North Waikato. $100 ovno.
  19. gjm

    Quick rant thread.

    They make good tax sense, and at the lower end of the market, just make financial sense. Under $30k will buy a brand new, basic, double cab ute. Useful for work, useful for the family. That's cheap motoring.
  20. gjm

    Quick rant thread.

    The collaboration is unlikely to last long. https://www.caradvice.com.au/750340/mercedes-x-class-and-nissan-navara-to-go-separate-ways-report/
  21. There are a lot of overpriced vehicles (and other stuff) listed on TradeMe (and elsewhere). People want more than the market will pay. There are also a lot of low-balling scum out there, but that's another story. The seller of this car has at least three other (overpriced) listings. The 'why' is questionable - they're not going to sell, but price isn't moving. There are genuine dealers who do the same. (Is this seller a dealer? 4 vehicles listed at the same time?) For some it's a cheap advertisement.
  22. Given the content of recent VTNZ adverts, I assume this is OK on NZ roads?
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