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  1. Some of y'all will know, others will have seen, but our recent trip to the South Island was to collect a car for Mrs M. A mid-1990 ex-South Africa Baur 325i. We'd had it checked over by a friend in Dunedin and while certainly not perfect, it was substantially a good car, so we flew down and were met at a very sunny Dunedin Airport by the seller. My chance to drive and check over, find a few more things that need sorting, pay some money and start our trip towards home. First stop - Oamaru. On the way up I noticed a quite pronounced shake through the steering wheel, and Beaurepairs in Oamaru found one wheel was 50g (!) out of balance. That'll do it. They also noticed that while we had a matching set of tyres in terms of manufacturer and model, the fronts were a different profile to the rears. While in Oamaru I checked the toolkit: There's something you don't see every day. From Oamaru to Lake Brunner via some scenic roads: And an overnight stop at Moana. Awesome place to stop. Not cheap, but great hospitality, location, food, wine... Aldamere Lodge. After that, it all gets to be a bit of a blur. Lake Brunner to east of Picton via Greymouth, stopping in Greymouth to replace the front tyres with some that were the correct size. Made a noticeable difference. North up the coast towards Westport, stopping at Pancake Rocks, then across south of Nelson to Waikawa Bay where we stayed at the Buccaneer Lodge. Cheap, cheerful, and would go back. Nice scenery for dinner, too. The following day we had a quick tour 'round some wineries and got the boat to Wellington where we stayed with friends, before joining Andy and the southern convoy heading for Taupo and the E30 Megameet.
  2. Changed the fuel filter on Mrs M's car. What a PITA! You can see it, but you can't reach it. It's under the brake fluid reservoir, and the PS reservoir. From underneath, there's only room for one hand, making it difficult to undo Jubilee clips. Having backed off all the clips, and slid them out of the way, then comes the remove the hoses challenge. Top one came off because I could get one hand to the filter, hold the hose and push the filter with two fingers. (It is a one-handed exercise because of space.) The bottom connection is another matter as it's more difficult to get a grip on anything. Having fiddled things around, I was able to work the filter out of the bottom of the car (at which point petrol is pouring out of the filter). Get hold of the hose and "Come on!" "No!" "Come on!" "No!" "Come ON!" "No!" "COME ON!" "NO!... Oh, all right. Have a face full of petrol. " <sigh> Unusually, it's easier to put everything back together than to take apart.
  3. I was close!
  4. I think it is on Bimmerforums (or similar). There's highlights on here but that's all I've found in the past.
  5. This was an awesome build back when it was completed. Great to hear the new owner will sort it (again).
  6. Same place on a Touring (although I've not had cause to change it).
  7. Fingers crossed.
  8. Flushed the coolant on the Mercedes 190E... Then found I have a electrical 'leak' somewhere as the otherwise brand new Bosch battery was as flat as a very flat thing. No idea at the moment if a light was left on, or if it is a bad earth somewhere. Let this be a lesson to everyone. Use your cars - don't leave them int he garage getting dusty!
  9. Sooo close... I have a chip for a M20B20... <sigh>
  10. Valeo. I've read in several places that they're good. There's a thread here: https://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=958649
  11. @qube has rims and tyres for sale... I've not looked at the posts because I suspect I'd want to buy them! And I don't need more rims. No... No, I don't.
  12. I don't debate the 'built not bought' thing. Each to their own... But today I saw someone saying they'd drive to meet anyone who could help them change their wheels.
  13. Just some garage tidying. And got the 190E running for the first time in far too long. Started 2nd turn... But needs the cooling system flushing. And had a visit from a very nice gent from darn sarf, with his 330Ci.
  14. The 3.0 H6 Outback is a great car. Massively overpriced when compared with a Legacy wagon, though.
  15. Let me see... Changed engine oil and filter on car 1. Removed LED tail lights and replaced with stock 10W bulbs - fixes 'Check' 'Brake Lights' issue. Fixed high level brake light. Replaced fuel filter to see if it sorts sluggish acceleration - not tested yet, but all sorts of yuck came out of the filter. Changed engine oil and filter on car 2. Fixed ABS / Speed sensor issue on same car. (Actually - I'm not sure how I fixed this. It was there, I jacked it up, and now it's gone. ) Changed engine oil and filter on car 3. Tomorrow I see if Repco in Hamilton still have an oil disposal bin...
  16. Ours does, too. I'm a fan. Of both the Str.Ts, and the Yellows. I prefer them to Bilstein B8s.
  17. Brand new WoF, months of rego, near new tyres, excellent interior, running faultlessly. Driving so well I'm actually questioning the sanity of selling... C'mon. Someone must need a reliable and cheap runaround!
  18. Tough call, this one, but the reality is we have more cars than we need. This was bought by us a year or so ago for Miss M to learn to drive in. All went well 'til she went off to Uni, and subsequently decided that driving a manual really wasn't her thing. So she has a 318Ti now. I've been driving this back and forth to work for some time. It's great. Really. Very economical, returning an easy 14-15km per litre. Yes, it is the M43 engine but I'm really enjoying driving it. Smooth, (seems like) more <3000rpm torque than the Ti, comfortable... It's had some sensible updates: 328i front discs and calipers, slightly lower suspension using Monroe shocks (fitted when we bought the car) and Eibach springs. And for looks, a set of rear lights with white indicator lenses. Just looks nicer, in my opinion. Service wise the cooling system has recently had all the work it needs - thermostat, hoses, pipes, and a new rad. As many on here will know, I'm fastidious about oil and filter changes and these have been done immediately after we got the car (didn't actually need it) and then every 6000km. Engine is sooo clean. All fluids were changed when we bought it - diff oil, gearbox, brake fluid, coolant, even the washer fluid. Now showing just under 260000km, with the last 60000 or so being almost entirely SH1. Certainly all long trips. Comfy black leather interior with no rips, splits, or burn holes. Pic of the drivers seat included: it's the most used part of the car. Only possibly significant issue (depending on your perspective) I am aware of is paintwork. The paint colour is Cordobarot and the drivers side front wing and the outside edge of the bonnet have lacquer peel (pic attached), and the lacquer has peeled from the sunroof. We had the rear bumper and rear arches sorted soon after we bought it. The previous owner got a little carried away with black plasti-dip, doing the grill and several other bits. We've been gradually peeling it away. The drivers' side rear door doesn't unlock on the remote. Probably an actuator issue, but it's easier to unlock manually from the inside than to pull the door apart. No fog light aperture covers in the lower front valance. LCA bushes replaced, and a lovely new 6 months of WoF - now due in early May, next year. Rego renewed through to 26 Jan 2018. Currently running on the venerable Style 73s but these will be changed for good, Style 18 rims with excellent (<5000km, 7mm+++) tyres before sale (pic attached). I have some spares that can go with it - front a rear sway bars from a 6-cylinder car, good rear Motorsport shocks (tested by Chris at Suspension Tech), rear light clusters, white front indicator lenses, front fog lights... there's more but I'll add the details as I find them. So - mechanically very good. Cosmetically - generally good, except a couple of areas that would benefit from some attention. I've seen some rough automatics advertised at $2500. We paid more than that (probably paid too much, to be fair), but that seems like as good a place to start as any other. Make me an offer.
  19. Pull it apart, or (a la E46) remove it completely because it is impossible to sort with the dash in situ?
  20. Had the LCA rear bushes replaced, and WoF'd the 318i. See here.
  21. Given the ABS and traction control lights are illuminated, is it more likely that the issue is with an ABS sensor on the rear (driven) axle?
  22. Not yet... This was the culmination of yesterday's efforts, and almost dark when I finished. And I'm at work today.
  23. Changed the wheels on Miss M's 318Ti. And now the ABS and traction control lights shine brightly on the dash. I suppose it proves those bulbs work... I must have knocked an ABS sensor when sorting the wheels, unless anyone can think of anything else that it could be?
  24. ... And - they've just driven at 277.9mph on a (closed) public road - a 11 mile stretch of interstate in the US was closed for the run(s). That's an average speed - highest officially recorded speed was 284.7mph. That followed an earlier unofficial 291mph... On a public road. 300mph is so close, yet still so far away.
  25. 400km/h is very fast. Much faster than the majority of people will ever experience in a land vehicle, and that it now features as a 'contest' between car manufacturers is astonishing. On August 6th, a very carefully prepared Bugatti Chiron performed an astonishing - incredible? - feat by accelerating from 0-400km/h, and back to a standstill, in around 42 seconds. Two parts of this sentence are important - the 'carefully prepared' part, and the 'around 42 seconds' - normally I'd be a lot more precise. However, that's now irrelevant. On October 1st, a hastily cobbled together attempt on the same feat was carried out by Koenigsegg using a customers car. Last minute location arrangements using a bumpy, unprepared and slippery concrete military runway which was strictly too short for the purpose, no other car being available so "we took a customer car which had been prepared for delivery," and a factory driver who wasn't confirmed as available until the day of the drive. Which took over 5 seconds less than the Chiron. Actually, 0-403-0 in 37.28 seconds. The 0-400-0 took just 36.44 seconds. The final run included wheelspin when changing into 3rd gear, logging show 183km/h at the time. The 0-400 acceleration is on a par with the world's fastest production motorbike which, derestricted, also takes 26 seconds to reach 400km/h. It does cost a little less, of course. Full details of the Koenigsegg run are here. But for those who thought tl;dr and couldn't be bothered with the link, here's a video.