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    set of wheels $800 ?

    Seller has no idea what it is, suggesting it's not been looked after, and the rego is dead. Options list as long as your arm, of course, including electric rear seats, phone, TV... And it was NZ new. Could be a bargain. Could be an almighty money pit!
  2. gjm

    Help needed...

    Cleared the 4A63 error. Still wouldn't start. And the 4B90 is back... There'll be a wholesale check of all electrical connections tomorrow, assuming it's not pissing down with rain (again).
  3. gjm

    Help needed...

    The E46 fitted with the M47N engine has 3 fuel pumps: In tank Intermediate, under the floor under the left-hand side front seat High pressure, on the engine I've replaced the fuel filter and intermediate fuel pump on the 320d, and now it won't start. I've documented a problem where the car just cut out while driving and thought I had tracked this to water passing a bulkhead grommet and shorting a relay (or similar) - having removed most of the car interior to check the initial suspect, the heater element, and finding it wasn't the problem, then refitting everything, the car ran beautifully. For a while. Then it died, exactly as it did before. Checking showed everything to be dry. I acquired a BMW Scanner 1.4.0 from another forum member (my apologies - I don't now recall who) and this revealed a code: - 4B90/11 - Rail pressure monitoring at engine-start Further investigation reveals this is a code given when the intermediate pump fails. The in-tank and high pressure pumps are diagnosed with specific codes of their own; the intermediate pump doesn't do this. I've replaced the pump and the fuel filter - no point just doing the pump. I even replaced them in the correct order - it looks like this may have been done before as they were the wrong way around. Probably not an issue, but let's do it properly! I've followed all documented procedure to ensure fuel flow through the pump and filter and there is diesel flowing from the front end of the pump/filter installation - next stop is the high pressure pump. Engine turns over, but will not start. Remove the inlet manifold, crack the connections to the injectors, turn the engine over for 10 seconds. Some fuel appears, but not as much as I would expect? Reconnect anyway, try again - no start. There's then a hiatus due to my unemployment while I struggle to acquire a laptop capable of connecting sensibly to the Scanner... Windows 7/10 devices don't much like doing this. OK - got that sorted, installed software. Check codes - there are no DDE-related (Digital Diesel Electronics) codes. No engine-related codes at all. I have INPA software but don't appear to have the correct USB cable/connector arrangement. I was sure I did, but maybe I dreamed it? Loaned it to someone? Just haven't found it (again)? [Note to self - tidy the bloody garage!] I appreciate INPA is far more comprehensive than Scanner 1.4.0. What I would like is for someone who knows what they are doing (I'm good at working things out, but start from a short-of-knowledge position) to come and give me a hand. It's a great car, and it is so frustrating to get this far without success. 😢 Compensation for putting up with me is obviously available. Beersies, food, fuel money... Pretty please? Someone...?
  4. gjm

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    I think it is in an E21, so the opportunity is there...
  5. gjm

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Lovely M12 goodness. 💖
  6. gjm

    New owner North Waikato

    There's lots of BMWs around the area - you'll have seen them - but not so many forum members (as far as I know).
  7. gjm

    1985 525e

    I'm quite sure you're mad. But that's nothing to do with the price. 😏
  8. gjm

    1985 525e

    I'm kinda sad it hasn't sold.
  9. gjm

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    They had to do something special to beat the Mercedes W201 !
  10. gjm

    S62 Ergen Motorsport Headers

    I've seen something similar, with lovely thin-wall stainless headers being 'squashed' almost immediately they became a 'down' pipe rather than an 'out' pipe (headers, not a manifold). This was as a part of fitment of a 4.6 32v Ford V8 into a Mazda MX-5... Difference in output from the bench-tested engine to when in-car was considered negligible (although transmission losses had to be taken into account).
  11. gjm

    Help needed...

    I searched for 4A63 and found a couple of other threads describing similar things. It doesn't appear to be a standard BMW fault code format, but is referenced in several places. The 4B90 error I had before falls into the same category. I think INPA is working - it shows when the ignition is on or off, shows engine cranking speed, battery voltage and variations when cranking, and lots more. It'd probably show even more if the engine was running! Regarding language - I found reports that the version of INPA I have - 5.0.6 - hadn't been fully translated, but I've also found the config (.ini) files that I need to edit to ensure English is used. Not tried that yet. I can always try version 5.0.2 if necessary. I've also found details of running INPA/EDIABAS/NCS/NFS (and more) under Windows 10. May give that a look too. Of course, BMW replaced BMW has replaced all the DIS and SSS/Progman software with Rheingold, combining DIS, SSS, INPA, WinFPK and the TIS and WDS into a single of software operated by point-and-click. Again, something to look in to, but it's pretty huge.
  12. gjm

    Help needed...

    Aye - whirr, but no vroom. RESULT: 1 error in error memory ! 4A63 4A63 EWS Manipulation Should be able to sort this with INPA. Or Gabe is welcome to have a look; he suggested he might be able to help. Of course, @aja540i may well have been right, too.
  13. gjm

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Yup. It's a 700. Not sure if that was a typo, or just me getting it wrong! 🤫
  14. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1663951542 It's going to take some significant work. The impact has popped the windscreen, suggesting deformation around the screen and A-pillars.
  15. gjm

    Help needed...

    Ah, fun times... Visited @Eagle - Jared (so helpful - thank you!) - and borrowed his cable. At home, found I still had the same problem with the software, and found that I had to reconfigure the laptop to 'force' COM1 on to the USB portI was using. Got through that, and I have some mismatched software (I'll sort that later) with language settings being all over the place. INPA is fun. Not especially intuitive, but once you get your head around it, it's great. Cleared codes, tried again, no joy. Re-read codes and this time the crux of the matter appears to be 4A63, something I've not seen reported by the Scanner 1.4.0. 4A63 is 'EWS Manipulation' - basically, the codes between the DDE and EWS have got out of synch. This could be due to a flat battery following trying to start the car before the fuel pump was replaced, which could be complicated by the ECU having been replaced by the previous owner (which would itself have required a re-synch). This is where the fun starts as the language mis-match rears it's head: when navigating through INPA to 'Activate', I'm faced with some pretty unintelligible German instead of the English which had been present before! I'm presented with two options: zurückset - meaning 'reset to default' uebertragen - meaning 'transfer, transmit or broadcast I'll read the instructions. @Gabe79 - I think this may be the issue you resolved for @zero ? [I'll also retry the cable I have here, now that I have identified COM port config as being the potential issue I experienced before.] So - still no joy, but I'm finding other things to try. I keep telling myself "To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive..." 🤣
  16. gjm

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    This '600' has been repowered with a S1000RR bike engine.
  17. gjm

    A very sad 2002Tii

    Tsk. Everyone looking at the other cars! Gorgeous-looking garage, though...
  18. gjm

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    That one has a VW Type 3 engine and 4-speed manual transaxle. A huge amount of work done by a former BMW master tech from Munich. The bed tilts, too.
  19. gjm

    Speedway Gone from Western Springs

    This. Western Springs was barely even an outlying area when the speedway was built. Urban sprawl spread around the stadium, and now they'll use it for more cricket instead of what it was designed for.
  20. gjm

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    An (the? How many are there in NZ?) i8 on SH1 heading south past Hampton Downs... Even Mrs M agreed it looked nice, but qualified that by suggesting it was as much to do with colour use and design as anything else.
  21. gjm

    Speedway Gone from Western Springs

    The figures are from Stats NZ, and taken from the census in the two years mentioned. No hyperbole involved - it is fact. The council did not plan, expect or in any way prepare for a more than 10x growth in that area. The support for such expansion did not exist (and some may say still doesn't - but that would be hyperbole). I cited this as an indication of the sort of change areas around Auckland have gone through. Whether cricket or rugby are as susceptible to wholesale relocation is debatable - I suspect they will be. Let's face it - Auckland is an appallingly badly planned place. Access is rubbish, and sprawl is all-but uncontrolled, being determined by the whims of developers rather than any real effort to create a sustainable and cost-effective, and accessible, environment. Common sense decisions just aren't made, and ludicrous ideas such as the Airport-CBD rail link shouldn't even be discussed let alone seriously considered. Western Springs was in the right place at the time it was established. It has found itself in the wrong place through no fault of it's own, or of anyone involved. It's closure/relocation will be problematic but will hopefully, eventually, be a good thing and a benefit to the area(s) involved and the country as a whole. Until the usual lack of foresight is revealed and it needs to be moved again.
  22. gjm

    Quick Questions

    Probably be easier to tell from a picture. The early M90 has a raised water passage along the drivers side of the block along the freeze plugs; the later M90 block looks more similar to the M30. If it is a M90, there should be a white "L" painted on the passenger side of the block.