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  1. gjm

    E30 330 Coupe

    I only got through the first few pics on my phone - probably shouldn't have said anything!
  2. gjm

    E30 330 Coupe

    Not seen an interior that nice for a long time. Looks very tidy. Perhaps even that unicorn - a finished project?
  3. gjm

    e30 Automatic Coupe

    Nice to find someone who isn't looking for a cheap, perfect car! 4-cylinder or 6-pot preferred? 2 or 4 door? I appreciate you may have little preference, but let's see if we can find you the 'right' car instead of one which is merely 'very good'.
  4. gjm

    Quick rant thread.

    Dairy is could be a sustainable product if appropriately managed, but over the last decade or more so many farmers have moved to dairy production that NZ now lacks for the production of other crops. And when dairy prices worldwide drop (as they have), or we have a disease outbreaks (such as mycoplasma bovis), or there's a drought, farmers then hold out their hands for subsidies (joining those receiving subsidies anyway). In the meantime, prices for other agricultural produce increases as availability decreases - the export market has a part to play in the availability, too. As for Labour borrowing... I thought they paid down the national debt, only to have National skyrocket it beyond belief? National claimed it was a lower national debt to GDP ratio, which is true, until the GDP drops because of export or production issues, but the numbers are pretty terrifying. Dairy itself isn't being attacked by Labour and the Greens - it is the irresponsibility of intensive dairy farming and the terrible impact that is having on the environment which they are calling to be addressed. The lack of relevant regulation over agricultural waste dumping into waterways meant farmers took the easy solution, and now they're complaining about being called out on it. National addressed this by altering the 'clean water' assessments (safe to wade but not to swim), but made little inroad into the root cause. As for tax - Labour have broken their 'no new taxes' promise, but haven't done much National hadn't (net) planned to do. And I'm seeing Labour pushing money towards teachers and healthcare professionals, areas which seemingly haven't been adequately addressed for a long time. I feel NZ needs diversity and less reliance on imported product. That seems contrary to the National stance. I don't know what Labour plan to do in that area. What diversity could usefully be encouraged, which won't impact the Godzone image tourism has worked so hard to promote?
  5. gjm

    Quick rant thread.

    Tax is much higher there, but they get a lot more for their money, too. It's almost an acceptance of a (benevolent?) government state - many countries don't like that idea, and want to have their freedom, pay less tax, and... Oh. And have all the benefits as well. NZ is a small country, with infrastructure requirements matching many much larger countries. By infrastructure I mean roads and transport, education, health, and all the things that we are able to take for granted. That has to be paid for somehow, and lower population means it's a higher per capita cost than might be the case in other countries. It's disappointing, at best. But perhaps one of the reasons there is a larger number of self-employed people in NZ than might be expected? That self-reliance can mean greater autonomy for the individual. NZ needs either a renewable product the rest of the world wants (and it's more-or-less proven that dairy cannot be that product, long term) or NZ needs to become more independent in supplying itself. The UK has fairly categorically failed in this, becoming over the last 60 years consumer state - I think NZ is in danger of doing the same.
  6. gjm

    Quick rant thread.

    I keep coming back to comparisons with Norway. Larger land area, similar distribution and variable weather issues, comparable population. Fuel there is (equivalent) $3.50 a litre. However, as a general rule, they are a better run, better financed country. Better social structure, less crime, etc...
  7. gjm

    Gissa job!

    Same here. I've been looking at what help might be available, including this: Grants and help for your new business.
  8. gjm

    Gissa job!

    In all seriousness, I heard t day that as of next Friday, I am no longer gainfully employed. One dream realised - I have time to do stuff, without worrying about what is waiting for me when I get back! Sadly, I can't actually afford to do anything... If anyone knows of anyone looking for IT management skills, please let me know. (Pretty please! )
  9. gjm

    Gissa job!

    That is what I'm trying to avoid. Unfortunately the current job market appears geared to replacement and not enhancement. Just don't take anything that means a step back - moving forward again may be impossible!
  10. gjm

    Quick rant thread.

    I wasn't aware they campaigned against it, but I do agree that National hadn't - at that time - actively suggested a regional fuel tax. In fact, Steven Joyce did everything he could to prevent councils independently raising revenue for road and transport projects, while (at the same time) blaming local councils for their failure to deliver transport projects. Of course, the proposed regional fuel taxes (blocked by Joyce) were replaced (by Joyce) with numerous smaller nationwide fuel tax increases contributing to central government coffers. National imposed a nationwide 15c per litre tax increase to raise $10.5bn to fund their 'Roads Of National Significance' program, and were proposing a further 5-10c per litre nationwide increase for further RONS programs. Apparently they "ran out of time to present that to the country" before the last election. Unfortunately we're in that cycle where one majority party proposes something, which is then discounted by the other party when they get in and they then propose something else, which is subsequently discounted by the first party... And so on. And then I was forced to overhear Judith Collins whinging, whining, moaning and bleating about how everything Labour does is "so unfair on people who have to travel to work." As if she cares! Just wait 'til we have a National government again. I'll be ranting about how ineffective Labour are in opposition!
  11. gjm

    Quick rant thread.

    I'm almost prepared to hold my breath waiting for the National accolytes to all be up in arms over it. While the National Party sit back and giggle, and throw a couple more useless comments into the mix. It's not like National weren't going to do the exact same thing. Oh, wait... They were! Still, this way, the Labour haters get to have a good moan. (As, I'm sure the National haters would have done.)
  12. gjm

    Google Home

    She's a trained psychologist so any coaching she's had will be slanted by her background - she'll 'know better' than any advice she gets. Kav just comes across as yet another rich-boy-rich-dad self-serving say-what-gets-a-result type person. The interview pieces I've seen show him to be a largely unstable and easily influenced individual; perfect candidate for the Senate judiciary (depending on your perspective). I was reading (dangerous exercise given paucity of credible sources) that Kav has never actually overseen a general public case, and that he was 'elevated' to his position by one of the Bush Presidents - leap frog, old boys club type promotion. (Fact checking and credible correlation required.) Regardless of the outcome, a lot of damage has been done. And it has distracted US and world attention from another multi-$tn tax break put in place by the Republicans.
  13. gjm

    Gissa job!

    Update. Didn't get the role in Taranaki with PowerCo. Despite all the good feelings, the feedback received on the day, and so on, it was felt that I wasn't perhaps a 'good fit' with PowerCo. I've had a few very short-term bits'n'pieces of work, but noting significant or really substantial. Just learned that I didn't make interview for a role with HealthShare (who provide IT services to Waikato DHB, among others). The role description was a bit sketchy so I may not have fitted with that, but the essence is that it was for a person to manage people rolling out software across the DHB. Which was predominantly exactly what I was doing at CMDHB. There may have been some impact from them having advertised directly (which I didn't see) and my having applied via a recruiter (who would be paid had I been awarded the position). There have been a lot of other jobs under the pen, a few interviews, but nothing tangible. I have applied for a role I was offered 5 years ago. Let's see how that goes.
  14. gjm

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Waved 'bye-bye' to the E36 318i 5-speed. 😢
  15. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1773099660 She'll do.