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  1. gjm

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Acquired a set of 15x7 et15 rims for the E30... Could be genuine, period BMW rims but I'll have to check on that. Not really a good time to be doing such things, but I have a couple of things up my sleeve to cover the (small) expense.
  2. gjm

    New car on the horizon...

    I'm fan of the GLA250 4-Matic. Fabulous smaller car.
  3. gjm

    Two written off i3's up for auction

    Can it be recycled in any way at all? Some of the panels might be usable for other purposes - cut and re bond them, perhaps?
  4. All that beating about the bush! Thoughts? They'll be absolute sh*t.
  5. gjm

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    The Busby car predated the JPS BMW team by nearly 5 years. And the Busby car ran with up to 650bhp...
  6. Anyone got any guidelines or gotchas for doing this? I've been offered a free Range Rover P38 V8 with a blown headgasket - possibly more problems. I'd like to convert it to diesel. Obviously there's all sorts of EMS stuff to sort, but other than that and appropriate fuel pumps, is there anything in particular I need to be aware of? Can I continue to use the same fuel tank, for instance?
  7. gjm

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    For sale , North Shore, Auckland.
  8. gjm

    E30 318 m10 Turbo build

    The M10 is a brilliant engine. Solid and dependable in stock form, but responds well to tuning and very well to forced induction.
  9. gjm

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    I think it is same axle: same rule as radials/cross-plies applies. No mixing on the axle. It's certainly recommended that they're not mixed on the car, but maybe not a defined requirement? Edit: https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/in-service-wof-and-cof/general/tyres,-wheels-and-hubs/tyres-and-wheels
  10. gjm

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Replaced the headlining in Miss M's E46. More of a PITA job than actually difficult.
  11. gjm

    Petrol to diesel engine conversion

    As said by others, the P38 EAS (Electronic Air Suspension) is a good system. It's not actually all that complex either, but it is very misunderstood and unscrupulous (uncaring, ignorant) repairers play on this. Simplicity does lean towards springs and shocks (and there are good conversions available) but these will never have the active element of EAS, or provide for multiple, selectable ride heights, either automatically or based on operator choice. A lot of people don't realise the P38 had genuinely active suspension which would detect lean in corners, and increase pressure to the 'low' side of the vehicle, giving it a flatter cornering attitude. It also automatically lowered above a certain speed for safer, more secure higher speed driving, and could be lifted by several inches for off road use.
  12. gjm

    Petrol to diesel engine conversion

    The one I have here is a 4.6 V8. (BMW EMS. ) Heaven knows what a previous owner was thinking with the bodges they put in place. Probably had someone quote them $000s to sort $50 problems, and so took a long route to not fixing things. Replacing air with steel suspension needs a cert, which is enough to put a lot of people off.
  13. gjm

    Petrol to diesel engine conversion

    I have enough pain sorting the P38 with 12 months WoF that I have! Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to make sure that the air suspension won't work without being manually inflated with an offboard compressor - it really would have been much simpler, easier and faster to have just fixed the problems it had, instead of butchering wiring, air lines, removing the compressor, blocking the valve block, bypassing relays...
  14. gjm

    Petrol to diesel engine conversion

    The questions do involve the possibility of repowering a Range Rover. I've been offered one with a blown head gasket (4.0, GEMS engine) which probably means other issues. The idea had been to possibly swap in a Mercedes diesel, or possibly an early BMW M57. However, the BECM (Body Electrical Control Module) in the Range Rover makes this very difficult, so I'm going to junk that idea, and settle for useful parts from the donor instead. The BECM ties into everything and messing with it can cause any number of issues, ranging from fuel pump to electric windows. (They junked it in the P38 successor, the L322.)
  15. gjm

    Petrol to diesel engine conversion

    Thanks. Gosh. Now that would be terrible! Not what I was planning though... This is - might be - something not specifically BMW related.
  16. gjm

    Daily Driver opinions

    I sincerely doubt we'd ever get into the 4s with our 320d! I think we saw high 5s after a long, gentle drive, but that could have been a miscalculation.
  17. gjm

    Daily Driver opinions

    Tiptronic auto: A5S 390r, aka GM 5L40e. No swirl flaps, no EGR, meticulous servicing but 500000km.
  18. gjm

    Daily Driver opinions

    Odd. 6.2 is very routine economy in our 2002 320d Touring - we'd always get better than 600 miles (UK import) from typically less than 60 litres of fuel in a mix of SH1 and Hamilton or South Auckland traffic. I'll check the figures. (Not been keeping my thread up to date, but not used the car much recently.)
  19. gjm

    a 4 door M3 CS for sale now

    Like the Mercedes R63? Actually a very capable vehicle that drives well, but probably a little ahead of it's time. The performance people-mover market is in it's infancy, but I'm sure it'll come.
  20. gjm

    Bmw e85 Z4 2.2L

    Aargh. I could come and sweep floors for you?