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    The importance of Full Cover Insurance

    This. Make insurance compulsory (and it's no coincidence that the biggest campaigners for that are the insurance companies) and the premiums will go up. All the 'competition will make the market stable' claims will mean nothing - exactly this has happened in the UK. New drivers may spend as little as £500 to buy a car, and face £2500-3500 in annual insurance premiums. At present, the voluntary nature of insurance in NZ means that you buy insurance to cover yourself. Make insurance compulsory, and you're buying it to cover everyone else.
  2. gjm


    The consolidation is one of the pluses of using YouShop, although they can be quite restrictive on the amount of time they'll hold something at their overseas facility. Understandable - they don't want to act as a free storage facility for things. However, you have to be very smart about how you use consolidation. As I've detailed before, the cost of shipping goes up, and up, until you reach a critical mass with your orders at which point it suddenly becomes economic again - the price for shipping 6 items consolidated is significantly less than 5 (for example) because the 5 somehow don't 'qualify' for consolidation. It does work eventually, but as suggested - don't be in a hurry to receive anything. And keep your total shipping value (including all postage and insurance costs) under the threshold for imposition of duties - anything over that, and all bets are off.
  3. gjm


    We can add my experiences to Geoff's... I have tried a few times to use YouShop, and it's invariably been a tortuous and drawn-out, essentially untracked affair. I think I posted details of a couple of attempts on the 'rant' thread? The biggest SNAFU seems to be around customs and clearance which may not be down to YouPost (NZPost). However, there is absolutely no attempt to track a delivery through that process. Typically, NZPost's tracking shows the item to have left the country of origin but nothing more, while the overseas shipper's tracking shows the item to have landed at (Auckland) airport and be awaiting customs clearance. NZPost seem unaware of the package at this stage. Then there is the matter of actual delivery and tracking in NZ. It takes longer to get from Auckland airport to a point of delivery than it takes to get from Nowheresville, USA (for example) to Auckland Airport. Throw in that the tracking doesn't update in NZ and that items are often delivered days before showing as being out for delivery... Whatever you do, do NOT ask for an expedited delivery from an overseas shipper. It is truly a complete waste of time and money.
  4. gjm

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Gotta love a turbo M10 !
  5. gjm

    1987 E30 Mtech 1

    Hard to say on value, but it's going to be rare. Factory 325 manual with factory-fitted Mtech kit, NZ new... Won't be many of those around. $20k asking price is a lot, but with engine and gearbox-swapped cars being listed with asking prices at $14-16k, it's probably the right asking price. What it sells for is another matter.
  6. gjm


    I've had similar experiences (although not involving quite so much cost). It's a shame that what could be such a useful service is so badly let down once the parcel arrives in NZ.
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    Quick Questions

    Still, or sparkling?
  8. gjm

    Quick Questions

    That's before those of us in sticksville have to drive 50km to find a dealer to buy it from!
  9. gjm

    Quick Questions

    Fair comment. Applies to iron block/ally head cars too? I'll confess - I'm a bit concerned now! The 500SE has ally heads! I've not had any problems using it in Mercedes, Audi, BMW and others... Doesn't mean I won't.
  10. gjm

    Quick Questions

    I've been using 'green' coolant in all our cars. I don't think the E36 (or E46, for that matter) is particularly picky about coolant - just make sure that whatever you buy is a good quality. Most decent coolants will state on the packaging that they are suitable for BMW, Mercedes, VW, etc. I seem to be becoming a bit of a Penrite fanboy these days - I've been using this:
  11. gjm

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    It was possible to drop the doors while driving. Lower the doors, reverse into the seat, swing legs inside.
  12. I'm looking at a medium- to long-term project, fitting a diesel engine and automatic gearbox into a 4x4, probably a Land Rover-based hybrid tow and camping vehicle. The swap of a BMW engine into a Land Rover is fairly common, and the M51 was used in the Range Rover. I've looked at Land Rover's installations of 200TDi, 300TDi, TD5 and even TDV8 engines. The last two introduce a fair amount of complexity (but are great when working correctly). By comparison, the BMW M57 is a more compact package than the 200TDi (or 300TDi), making for a better subject for conversion into a Series-looking Land Rover. The M51 is recognised as fitting (length-wise) anywhere a Rover 3.5 V8 will go. I'll not be looking for 300hp, or probably even 200hp, but strong torque will be a requirement. Less power, more torque is not just acceptable, but possibly desirable. If pushed for a dream specification, I'd say 200bhp and 400lb ft, but that is very unlikely to be realised. There are other engine options, but keeping this simple means looking at proven solutions with good, albeit likely internet-based, support. Fitments where I'm not at the bleeding edge of engine swap and where (if at all possible) I can simply buy the parts I need to make this work, rather than relying on custom design and fabrication. Does anyone have experience of the M51 vs M57 ? The M51 has an obvious simplicity benefit in having 2 valves per cylinder (vs 4 valve per cylinder in the M57) but the M51 is also significantly lower in output. I quite fancied the idea of a Mercedes OM617 (5-cylinder) turbo swap, but that's a much less common change.
  13. gjm

    735il transmission shifting roughly/no 4th & rev

    I don't want to. 😢
  14. gjm

    Deja Vu - NZ Health System

    Excellent point. Technology has moved on and far more can be done. Because it can be done, it is expected to be done. I laud and praise the innovation of out of hours consulting too - radiography, blood tests, and scans of many sorts are now available for far more hours of the day. This does, of course, rack up more $$$ in availability of equipment, staff, maintenance and so on. (I'm not getting started on Pharmac... Grrr...) Much of the issue has been a combination of factors. Throwing money at a problem doesn't always work - sensible use of the money is what is needed, and that is down to the multiple DHBs. The DHBs need to work together, and (in the main) they don't. The Auckland area has something called the 'Northern Region' comprising of DHBs from Northland, Waitemata, Auckland, and Counties Manukau. There's lip service to working together, but the truth is that there is no integrated service provision, and there is a huge amount of back-and-forth budgetary cross-charging. Some areas do work together, but many of these seem to be on the admin and non-patient side. Then there is the issue of patient records. Each DHB is responsible for it's own patient records, records management, records management systems and staff - there is no central repository or even records access, no records correlation, and no access to records held by another DHB. If you live in Auckland and break a leg skiing in Queenstown, your records will not be available to the staff treating you. Allergic reaction to Voltarol (as my wife has)? You'd better now this and be conscious to tell the medical staff on hand. (OK - they'll not use Voltarol, but you get the idea.) What is worse is the complete lack of effort (on the part of the DHBs) to change this. In the Wanganui/Manawatu area, 3 new, different, patient records systems have been implemented in the last 2 years. (There's been prior discussion about PHOs...) There's no forethought, no planning, and consequent huge waste of money and resource. I have the hugest respect for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. I understand some of what they do and go through. I understand their complaints about pay, too... It's not so long ago that teachers, nurses and politicians were on a comparable level of pay. Not any more.
  15. The M51+4HP22 swap from a RR is the easy solution, and the gearbox is readily upgradeable with heavier duty parts from the 4HP24. That's not a world away from my 'dream' spec. I've been invited to acquire an ex-E46 184hp M57 with a 3000km-old Garrett turbo - apparently that also has 500nm. It'd come with loom, remapped and EWS deleted computers, DMF and SMF, bellhousing and a manual gearbox. Spoilsport!
  16. gjm

    735il transmission shifting roughly/no 4th & rev

    Fluid and filter - filter is important, too. Does your car have a dipstick/trans filler tube? If not, when under the car, remove the trans filler plug first. It's monumentally frustrating to remove the drain plug, drop the fluid, and then find you can't get the filler plug undone... I really shoulda thoughta that. Just bought 8l of Castrol Dex3...
  17. I was a bit flippant with my earlier response. ☮️ That said, I have driven the Mitsi Shogun (Pajero by another name, I think?) and didn't much like it. Mrs M tried a Shogun Pinin and hated that! It's a better road vehicle than an old Land Rover, but the price is against it - cheapest decent 10-year-old one I've seen was $14k. And I'd not have the fun of building it myself! As Jon suggested, some of the reason for doing it is because it's there to be done.
  18. gjm

    Dynamic Drive failure

    Let us know how you get on.