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  1. Arron

    2 x S50B32 M3 evo engines

    still available, open to reasonable offers
  2. Arron

    2 x S50B32 M3 evo engines

    we have been running them in production saloons for 3 seasons, on a dirt/clay speedway so the grip level is not very high and have not been under huge stress during that time, they have had the usual maintenance done to them air filters washed and oiled every race meeting. oil changes with 10w60 fully synthetic we have had the tops off whilst rebuilding the vanos and everything is all in order and incredibly clean inside Before we put them in, they came out of uk originated cars. if you have any questions, feel free to give me a call
  3. Arron

    2 x S50B32 M3 evo engines

    2 x S50B32 M3 evo engines forsale 2 complete engines with wiring, dme,ews, headers ,alternator. Engine 1: Have had this engine approximately 3 years, Had done 84,000 miles when we brought it Has had the vanos recently rebuilt including seals and rattle kit Engine 2: Have had this engine approximately 3 years, Had done 65,000 miles when we brought it Has also recently has the vanos rebuilt with rattle kit and seals Engines do NOT come with flywheel or gearbox, but the possibility is there to include them for extra, also aluminum radiators Engines are currently still in the race cars so can be heard running $12500 ono for the pair of engines. Yes we would consider selling them separately, but would rather sell them together. Would be looking for $6500-$7000 each for serious enquirers contact me on 0221952364
  4. Arron

    BBS RK 17x8

  5. Arron

    BBS RK 17x8

    have a set of BBS RK 17x8 here (am unsure on the offset) 5x120 all appear to be in good condition with no flat spots tires are all bald minimal curbing, as shown in the pictures $650 ono located in Christchurch
  6. Arron

    BBS RG wheels and tires 

    BBS RG wheels and tires 5x120 8x18 came off of an e36 2 tires are potenza RE003 with 7.5mm tread ( basically brand new) 2 tires are dayton DT30 with 6-6.5mm tread 2 rims have a flat spot on the inside edge as shown in the photos, easily repairable condition of the faces are shown in the pictures also $600 ono located in christchurch
  7. As per photos in very good condition , no cracking in the leather, just a little pattern wear as per photos the airbag has been replaced under the recall has come out of a 2002 5 series, however they with the e46,e39 and x5 $300 ono
  8. Arron

    Hamann pg2 rims

    Hamann pg2 rims 2 piece hamann rims As shown in the photos one has a hole on the barrel so will need replacing They do not come with tires 8.5 x 18 et38 The curbing that is shown is not on the win itself, but on a plastic lip guard $500 Or if anyone on here has a barrel tucked away flick me a message! Christchurch
  9. Arron

    1988 325 manual

    At this stage I would rather sell it complete
  10. Arron

    1988 325 manual

    1988 325 e30 sedan De registered MANUAL 214,000km Koni adjustable suspension Has been through certification for rims,suspension and 25mm front spacers Body is in ok condition Runs, and goes into all gears nicely 3.64 medium case diff One wheel is missing (Should be able to get another one) Looking for $2000 for the whole thing (open to reasonable offers) Located in Christchurch
  11. Arron

    E30 cup holders!!!!

    installed photos!
  12. Arron

    E30 cup holders!!!!

    after 150+ hours.... i present to you the final product!!! E30 cup holders!!! top sit back and look at this thing of beauty is fantastic knowing that i have actually completed it after 18 months! I certainly can not wait to see them all over the world like the mighty e36 ones are! they are made in 4 pieces and then pieced together to form the final product they are $80 each (including freight nz wide so flick me a message if you would like one!! or text/call on 0221952364 Photos installed in a car will be up tomorrow!! Located in christchurch
  13. Arron

    Wrecking 2001 e46 320 motorsport

    Yes no worries at all, would be approximately $100 depot to depot via Mainfreight