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  1. Arron

    M52b28 tuned dme’s

    They will run on a stock m52 also, however you will not get the full gains without the outlined modifications
  2. Arron

    M52b28 tuned dme’s

    Have a couple of 2.8 computer here “230hp tune” M52b28 Ews delete M50manifold M3 exhaust and headers 98octane 7000rpm redline 680rpm idle Abs signal fix $200 each
  3. Arron

    e36 track car build

    It seems we have a slight problem 😂 so so we now have identical twins, picked up another car tonight which is set to have the same race car fate
  4. Arron

    e36 track car build

    Instal was pretty good, haven’t driven yet as we still have to sort all the piping out
  5. Arron

    e36 track car build

    So a super charger has found its way into the engine bay! should be a bit of fun and also a big learning curve!
  6. Arron

    ms41 dme's

    after some ms41 dme's from e36 dont care if they dont have ews modules or keys with them flick me a message if you have some
  7. Arron

    Wrecking e46 330ci

    hey geordie give me a call on 0221952364
  8. Arron

    Wrecking e46 330ci

    They are not auto folding
  9. Arron

    Wrecking e46 330ci

    Wrecking 2000 New Zealand new 330ci 175***km All parts are available apart from the front brake calipers Style 32 are 17x8, there is 5 of them $500 engine with gearbox and incilleries $1000 electric sports seats, in reasonable condition but both have the stitching coming away as shown in photos $300 Located in Christchurch but can arrange shipping for parts message me or contact me on 0221952364
  10. Arron

    E46 ac schnitzer sway bars

    E46 ac schnitzer Sway bars Came off of a 330 $300 ono located in Christchurch $20 freight nz wide
  11. Arron

    e36 track car build

    still needs to have few folds put into it, and have the fins trimmed back. it will be sitting at about a 10 degree angle so it isnt going to be sitting flat like it sits in the photos, the short answer is te car is going to be very low
  12. Arron

    e36 track car build

    Another night, another thing nearly finished! diffiser is nearly done
  13. Arron

    e36 track car build

    Made some progress over the weekend! first complete floor mounted shifter is complete, just need to get the manual in to test it out. gauge/switch panel is also underway cage is coming along nicely
  14. Arron

    e36 factory ear sunshade

    we can sort that no issues at all, give me a call on 0221952364
  15. Arron

    e36 factory ear sunshade

    ah! this one is out of a sedan, i would imagine they are specific to the sedan? but i will have a look and see what info i can find