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  1. Weren't you looking for a new car Kyu? 😜
  2. The M5 wheels are just plain wrong. That colour is a bit elderly so to speak but with the right wheels and kit, you could really set it off.
  3. Looking for one seat only. Auckland based.
  4. I did suspect that. But I sometimes tend to be as clueless as a Choir boy in a Whore house.
  5. People buying replica wheels that are out of production for a long time makes no difference to the Company going Bankrupt. There's other factors such as mismanagement & poor marketing which is probably what was the cause of the downfall. The Corona virus just accelerated it. Look at Rolex watches for example. How many people wear fake Rolex watches? But Rolex still does well because of the marketing and the hype. P.S. Genuine BBS RS wheels are more over priced than houses in Auckland. BBS should have brought these wheels (15"/16") back into production seeing the demand for them.
  6. I just bought one but if it doesn’t work will msg you.
  7. That Chrome SMG Badge seems to go up in value more than an E30 M3 on trademe.
  8. I loved the DCT in my E92 335i when I had it. Really fun to drive. Dinan/H&R springs but make sure you upgrade the shocks too. Bilstein B8 are worth it.
  9. Those 135i are such fun cars. Manual/DCT?
  10. AC Schnitzer Wheels especially 3 piece on that E36 would be epic!
  11. Contrails

    BBS RS 003

    Hi, I am looking for a genuine set of BBS RS 003 16inch. Regards,
  12. E28 M535i Auto - €19,900!! WTF?
  13. The good thing about VTNZ is no appointment necessary and it was for the Suzuki Swift. Pretty sure it was $59.00 last year.
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