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  1. Contrails

    15inch Basketweaves with tyres.

    Haha, I got the 15inch ones for E30 (4x100) which will never go for sale. These were supposed to go on the E28 but decided to keep the car, so don't need these anymore.
  2. Contrails

    Newbie to the forum from Auckland

    Black with tan leather, nice.
  3. Contrails

    15inch Basketweaves with tyres.

    For sale: 15x7 Et20 5x120 Basketweaves. With Bridgestone tyres 205/60/15 x2 Goodyear 195/60/15 x2 Tread is about 3mm. One rim has some curbing. One BMW logo is missing from the centre and other two are loose. $450 ONO, you can SMS me also on 0211804565 Pickup from Mount Roskill, Auckland Cheers.
  4. Contrails

    BBS reps and E30 fitment query

    Thinking of getting some 16 inch BBS reps for the E30. I am guessing the biggest risk is these will easily get damaged going over pot holes and are only suited for everyday driving at a normal pace. Anything else I should be worried about? Sizing is 16x8 and 16x9 with ET20 on both. Car is gonna be lowered slightly.
  5. Hi Andrew, I am guessing you are a new member? Welcome. 200k is a high mileage car. Does it come with full service history? I would highly recommend getting a pre-purchase inspection done and from an independent BMW garage. If I was shopping for a car around the 7k budget, I would be looking at a different car. Maybe an E46? Regards
  6. Contrails

    1987 325i Mtech 1

    They are the 17 inch staggered version - 17x8 and 17x9. I can't remember the code, will look it up.
  7. Contrails

    E28 Dilemma

    Oh man that looks so good. And especially if the M stripes were blue and red. http://ultimateklasse.com/blog/2014/9/4/bjrns-e28-m535i great video at the end. Ooh sunny day in Auckland today and tomorrow. Gonna take the e28 to work.
  8. Contrails

    E28 Dilemma

    Oh man a white M535i with M stripes and gold BBS mesh wheels.
  9. Contrails

    Removing mud flaps

    Don't think so. I may be wrong.
  10. Contrails

    Removing mud flaps

    Will try that, cheers Hercules.
  11. Contrails

    E28 Dilemma

    Do you have spare parts for it that you may be interested in selling?
  12. Contrails

    1987 325i Mtech 1

    Man two E30 mtech 1s for sale within one month and that too both in Diamond schawrz colour. Damn! 15k if all the rust is taken care of and comes with all the original bits. I paid 16k for mine last week. NZ new, full documentation from new, has all the original bits minus a couple of small things here and there. The previous owner had it for 15 years!
  13. Contrails

    E30 Livery Options

    My vote goes to Rothmans. Stick some gold mesh wheels... oh la la.
  14. Contrails

    Removing mud flaps

    So the E30 came with these gorgeous mud flaps that I would like to save for the museum, problem is removing them. They seem to be attached with these hex type screws but none of the Allen keys are fitting into the screw head. Pics attached for better explanation. Any tips on how to get these off? Cheers.