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  1. That's interesting Dan. You are the 2nd person to say the same thing about BAT. I been watching E30 M3 prices on there too. Although Australian E30 M3 prices are starting to become cheaper than NZ.
  2. Talking of US prices, the E38 M sports are commanding some good coin. Saw one sell on BAT for 14k USD.
  3. 4x100 or 5x120? I have 5x120 ET20 with tyres.
  4. How much do you want for the E28 headlight wiper arms? @Spudooli @eliongater
  5. Hopefully will see you at the next meet. E38?
  6. The red e30 convertible is still available for sale. Its a 325i and factory manual. And owned by a mechanic. Located in New Plymouth. I just saw the ad on the NZ BMW facebook page.
  7. I do have photos on my instagram - rohandam. The E30 is still waiting for parts at the moment, so it might be a while till it gets back on the road. I also made a post on the forum in the showroom section with photos of the M535i (about 3 years ago). I would not recommend these cars as a daily driver. Fuel mileage is poor even on open roads in comparison to modern cars. Secondly, considering the quality of drivers you see on the roads these days, I would hate to have one of these cars written off the road because of some else's carelessness. The chances do go up of this especially in the rain. Third, I am insured with Classic Car insurance, so I am limited to drive only 5000kms every year. Lastly, driving them on a once a week if the weather is good basis just makes driving them even more special. I appreciate it more, sometimes I even take them to work with a big grin on my face. I daily drive a Suzuki Swift btw. The 535i auto is ok, but you might as well wait it out for a M535i (manual & leather). They usually come up for sale every 6 months. There's a Australia/NZ E28 facebook group, might wanna advertise on that too. E30 Mtech 1 and 2 come up for sale more regularly. Although, Mtech 2 prices have gone a bit nuts lately. The other option is importing one from Japan or UK. But again rust issues are a major issue with these cars. Which E30 are you referring too? there's a white 323i with a Mtech kit, looks like a race car. Boot is already showing signs of rust. There's a grey four door with BBS reps which looks very clean and well maintained. There was a red E30 convertible for 10k, manual and black leather interior but seems to have been sold now. Thanks for the offer, but I am not keen to sell them. Well not yet anyway.
  8. Daily driver? Suzuki Swift should be at the top of your list. Very cheap to run and reliable. I had a pink one (2005 suzuki swift), I could do a hand brake turn in front of the cops and they would be looking confused as to where's the Honda that pull the handbrake! Got plenty of attention from all the gay guys. I happily befriended them, only to discreetly sly into their cute female friends.
  9. I do own both of them. I usually only drive them on sunny days. I have owned the M535i for 3.5 years. Bought it without seeing it in person. Never driven one or been in one before. Instantly fell in love with the M30 engine. Sounds fabulous, like a proper classic straight 6 should with plenty of low end torque. I have had lots of friends who have been as passengers in it and commented on the smoothness. I have upgraded a few things like suspension, wheels, brake lines. I do worry at times that it might not brake as good as the modern cars and I might be in trouble one day hence E34 brakes are on the cards. I do drive it hard from time to time and these cars love it. I keep all the original parts. I bought the E30 Mtech1 four months ago. The initial drive was disappointing thanks to the M20. But the whole car feels very light and compact in comparison. The seating is lower, you feel more tucked in. It's getting a few things done atm - injectors cleaned, valve timing, new heater hoses, suspension, wheels, brakes... Pretty much the same as the M535i. The stock E30 brakes are worse than the E28 stock ones. Rust is the biggest problem. No classic BMW is rust free. They either have rust or been repaired. Oil leaks is the second. But these cars are fairly easy to work on. I don't have much mechanical experience, so I rely on the forums and YouTube for help. But I do most of the maintenance myself. Price wise, $15k should be enough to get you a decent one with some minor issues. The M535i are selling for $30-40k in Australia these days.
  10. If you are keen on a 2013/2014 116i, I would recommend the Msport model. Worth the extra in my opinion. I owned one for 1.5 years. Fabulous car with very good handling (the suspension is very stiff and there's hardly any body roll) and very efficient. Kyu loves his 116i and has a 135i too. I am sure he would have some good advice too.
  11. Good luck with the search, both are wonderful cars. Have you driven them or owned them before?
  12. WTB, Mtech1 Steering wheel, 370mm diameter. Thanks
  13. There are some 16inch AC Schnitzers on trademe atm Sam. Genuine ones and in very good condition. I have seen them in person. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1839834925
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