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  1. As the title states, I am looking to get my hands on an E92 M3 (Coupe). Must be manual and a Competition pack. Regards.
  2. I have a spare Mtech 1 wheel, 385mm. Interested? Can send you pics. I am in Akl.
  3. I am after a Coupe thanks.
  4. @gjm You could maybe score a E46 Purple tag rack for $200.
  5. G'day, As the title states, I am after a Z4M Coupe. Preferably in Red/Blue/Black. Cheers.
  6. Seems like a lot of Christchurch dealers seem to getting on this 'Ask for exobeherent price for a Classic BMW' train. Must be something in the water lately.
  7. I just can't warm up to that shape. I know some people love it and good on them.
  8. The pricing just confuses me. I really wanna drive one to see what the fuss is about. Is it like driving an E30 with a S50/S54 in it?
  9. Yep. I am glad I sold mine for 24k this time last year. But I am very tempted by the M220i. But man they drop in value too much. That's almost E46 M3 money!
  10. I am with Kyu, F20 116i Msport is a Driver's daily driver. The other option would be a 220i coupe Msport. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2263006307
  11. Have you looked at a F20 135i? It's a hatchback but an awesome hatchback indeed. Kyu had one and I had a 116i. I thought the 116i was a fantastic car, very good on mileage and had enough go at low RPM to pull away at the On-ramp drag races.
  12. There's this one. High ks but it would still be amazing to drive. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2226320851.htm?rsqid=5349eeff19634429b62da7e2a36931d8-003 I am biased towards the S50B32 Engine because of the noise.
  13. Meh, some 17 year old will buy it and then enquire on the E30 facebook pages if it's possible to do a M50 swap with manual or Turbo it for 2k.
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