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  1. Contrails

    1987 E30 Mtech 1

    Thanks gjm. It's been on sale for a while now. I will check it out this weekend. A bit out of my budget.
  2. Contrails

    1987 E30 Mtech 1

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/1731516816 Anyone seen this in person? Asking price is high. I thought Mtech 1 would be around 13-15k mark.
  3. As the title states, I am wanting to buy a E30 325i mtech1 or mtech2 coupe. Either pm me or send a message on 021 180 4565. Thanks
  4. Contrails

    One girl, one Braverian

    Videos or it didn't happen! 🤪
  5. Contrails

    Reasonably priced E30

    What's the going rate for a E30 mtech 2 these days? I see a few for 20k+ these days but they seem to be sitting on trademe for ages.
  6. Contrails

    One girl, one Braverian

    Red M3 and a MVeeeeeeee - Typo due to sticky keyboard. Is that the F3 675 or 800?
  7. Contrails

    Just bought an e34 540i

    What colour is the car? M-pars on an E34 😍 , even though it's been done a million times. Other options I can think of - AC Schnitzer type 3, OZ Futura, BBS LMs.
  8. Contrails

    Where have all the Manual E39 540i's gone?

    Factory Manual E39 540i M sport go for fairly cheap prices in the States and they seem to be a lot more common than here.
  9. E91 325i M sport would the way to go. Plenty of room for the family and looks good especially in M sport. 130i is a great car but a bit small when you pack people in it. If you are keen on a 5 series, I would recommend going E39 530i M sport instead. A fantastic car and probably cheaper to maintain than the E60. There is one for 15k on trademe, I reckon you could offer him a more realistic value of 5k, then save 10k to buy other Bimmers. Kyu knows his cars. Buy him a bottle of Bourbon and he will probably help you with test driving one too.
  10. Contrails

    E39 530i for $15k !

    Exactly The replies from the seller - "Stick to things like old clothes tyres" have been all deleted. These were in response to people giving him a hard time about his price. But I am pretty keen to take it for a spin and offer him 4k just to see his reaction.
  11. Contrails

    WTB: E28/E24 intank fuel pump 16141179425

    Cheers Brett. Found one online for a reasonable price.
  12. Gday, I am looking for a Intank fuel pump for the E28. Part no 16141179425. Regards,
  13. Contrails

    E28 M535i front shock options

    I have Bilstein sport on all fours in mine. Cost me $1200 including shipping and customs from Turnermotorsport. I think these are a must if you planning on using lowering springs.
  14. This. Or even an E46 M3 with stick.
  15. The white one sounds like the better one but if it was upto me, I would skip both. I would rather save up for a NZ new one with full service history. Best to get a PPI done from Botany Motor Worx or BM Workshop.