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  1. Z3 with the big engine and in manual if you can find one.
  2. Thanks mate. Is the Green one from trademe?
  3. E92s are fabulous to drive. Took mine for a drive to Piha and loved it. They have beautiful lines too, gets a few compliments. I am sure yours does too especially in blue and those wheels. Nice.
  4. I might just keep it for a few more months. I am using the Corona Virus as an excuse.
  5. You could import one with less than 100,000kms from UK for less than that - E46 M3 and manual.
  6. Or an additional month for the price to drop.
  7. This is very clean. And gorgeous in red. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2576720965.htm Member’s car? $52k....🤔
  8. Welcome, and a great post too! Love hearing people’s stories on how they got their car. I have an E92 335i. Drove a 135i too. Fabulous cars. The 135i seemed more nimble and the 335i more of a Grand Tourer. We do have group buys from time to time but haven’t seen one in a while. I think we the kiwi dollar being a bit low at the moment, overseas purchases are on hold for me. But would be keen later on.
  9. For Sale: 1987 M535i Manual (WR7470) Made in West Germany, first registered in NZ. Diamond Schwarz Metallic Leather interior Full E28 M5 kit from Factory. VIN: WBADC720X00645881 More info on http://m535i.org. I have owned this car since June 2015. I have put 12000kms on it since then. Current odometer reads at 303xxx Kms. Initially, serviced with BM Workshop in Botany and then I started servicing it myself. These have become very rare especially in manual and NZ new. Fabulous car to drive with the M30B35 and the 5 speed manual box. The low end torque of the M30 makes it a very easy and smooth cruiser. I only drive it on sunny days and it's been stored in a garage during my ownership. Needless to say, it gets a lot of attention. The car has some tasteful mods done to it - the whole point was to keep it looking as OEM as possible to the general eye. Style 5 staggered wheels 17x8, 17x9. These cost me $3.5k landed in NZ in 2015. They are polished without any curbing on them. I also have the original wheels with TRX tyres - I will include these in the sale also. Tyres - RE003 225/45 and 245/40. Suspension - Bilstein B8 with AP springs. I also have the original M5 springs which will be included in the sale. And I have a set of H&R springs which will be included too. Brakes - Stainless braided lines. These improved the Brake feel by a big margin. Short shifter kit and lightened fly wheel (by the previous owner). Custom Exhaust with OEM muffler. Servicing - I have serviced her at relevant intervals. 2019 - Engine, Gearbox and Diff oil changed 2018 - Injectors got cleaned by Injector tech 2017 - BM workshop - Spark plugs, Engine oil, air filter, fuel filter 2015 - Engine oil change, Brake fluid and new dizzy cap I have records from the previous owner documenting the service history during his ownership. He had the Cylinder head and Gearbox synchro rebuilt. The bad bits and the starting with the most obvious. Rust - The previous owner was proactive in getting the rust sorted and I did my best. Unfortunately, the sunroof is showing some rust bubbles. I have a Glass sunroof from a Saab 9000 which hasn't been installed yet. This is included in the sale. More info on mye28.com Internal Fuel pump - I have a Fuel pump which replaces the internal pump and negates the use of an external fuel pump. The mod is well covered on mye28 forums. I will include this in the sale. I haven't gotten around to get this done yet. Power steering pump needs replacing. I am sure Brent/Zee has one lying around. Front passenger window switch needs replacing. AC Gas needs to be refilled. Small chip on the windscreen, 2cm across. Bonnet struts are starting to sag. I have become very busy due to work commitments and other distractions and haven't had time to get the bad bits sorted. In the last six months, I must have driven about 500kms. So, I would rather see her taken care of in someone else's hands than sit there and collect dust in mine. She loves to be driven. Price - I had an independent evaluation done in 2015 for insurance purposes and she was valued at $15,000. I am asking for $16,500. This includes all the original bits and a few extra stuff. I have a couple of keen buyers but they are based in Australia. Being a NZ new car, I would rather see her stay in NZ. Will advertise here for a couple of months first. My contact no. is 021 180 4565 - prefer SMS or wats app. Edit: I am negotiable on the price. Can sell the car without the wheels.
  10. Main freight depot to depot I think is about $100.
  11. If anyone is interested https://www.trademe.co.nz/trade-me-motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/other/auction-2507962542.htm could do a deal outside trademe for Bimmersport members.
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