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  1. Paid $4.2K for '03 325Ti - identical to the 10.5K listed one with 97000km on the clock NZ new and full dealer service history. Wasn't looking for one but it was too good to pass up at that price. All I've spent on it is $150 for a coil pack. Brent, how many kms on that 3L engine?
  2. Seem a lot of these had engines replaced by BMW at around 100k so I wouldnt let high km ones be ruled out. If it were manual . . . . . . 😵
  3. Stable Update The White 520 got writen off and was since replaced with 2 other cars. First a black on black 2000 328i motorsport, NZ new 160000km that we picked up for $3k. Second was a 2003 325Ti in silver, NZ new 90000km full service book that we paid $4250 for. These two will be the daily runners so that we can keep the black on black 530i motorsport (also NZ new with full service book, 140000km) in pristine condition under a cover in the shed.
  4. same car at $3850? https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1754195963.htm?rsqid=dc929cea030641a7b5e2504e7f20efdc
  5. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1706718407 2001 330i, 156218km, 2 owners, NZ new, full service history, in Welly, closing in 14 hours,current bidding at $2440. Sounds like just the thing unless you are after a motorsport. Last few bids are suspect IMO BTW, for price reference, I just bought a black NZ new 2000 Msport 328i in Auckland for 3K done 157000km and has a Team McMillan wheel alignment sticker on the door saying done at 130000km. Didn't get any books with it though.
  6. Won't be me after all. Needed a daily to replace the 520i e39 and Mrs would rather an auto so picked up a black 2000 328i Msport 157000km for 3k from an ex BMW tech in Botany who had done heaps to it including rear subframe reinforcing. Got to get rid of 3 vehicles before resuming the search for the elusive manual . . . . GLWS
  7. My e39 got hit while parked by a joy rider last night. If it gets written off I may come see you about this car.
  8. Why does it have a 355 badge on the boot?
  9. Ahh they finally put pics up.
  10. Bugger! Glad she went to a good home
  11. Paid $7500 for our black one at 138000km 2 years ago. If it was a factory manual maybe . . . . . . .
  12. Oh really? . . . . Quick and the dead aye . . . . will PM you a competing offer to compare.
  13. 😋 Only Granvia owners would understand. Ask someone that has owned one that they had a use for. Reliable as sunrise, comfortable, roomy and pulls like a choir boy.
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