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  1. I also have a spare AKspeedo ribbon for the MID. Bought 2 just in case I screwed one up. Was fairly easy in the end and worked great. Just be prepared for some cuts to your hands as the metal edges in those MIDs are real sharp
  2. Found this on Bimmerforums for re-initialising the 3 different types of remote locking keys. After trying all other procedures on my 2 button IR key unsucessfully, I found that there was one more step needed - very happy now
  3. Recently relisted $40k.
  4. Does my 15s start now? *Ahem* "Thank you very much. I'll be here all week" [/drop mike]
  5. I guess it was weight reduction to offset the rotating weight of the vanos and just overall reduction of rotational inertia = quicker rev times.
  6. What does the chain service involve? chains and guides? or just tensioners?
  7. $5575.99
  8. Yeah, I get a bit suspicious of some of the bids on the $1 reserve auctions. I'm thinking it will be around $5k as well, which would be a steal if you're in the market for one.
  9. It depends whether the chain guides were made out of the blue melted jelly beans or the black ones. Dunno if it is true but I heard that the non vanos ones seem to last longer.
  10. I never knew, thanks for that.
  11. I'd like to know more about this car too - doesn't appear to be a motorsport front bumper from the pic though ?!?
  12. Seems like a nice car. I know these can be hard to sell sometimes .. . . . . .
  13. Interesting that the e60s are now down around and below e39 prices.
  14. Had a nice girl from SCA tell me quietly a better place to go for parts - said she used to get parts way cheaper from this other place for her 328 - made her instantly hotter
  15. . . . . . and gone . . . . lasted 3 days