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  1. It's not the belt. It's definitely front passenger wheel. Only on slow acceleration or crusing - speeds 0 - 40km. Goes away when using brakes. And only once wheels/brakes/car is hot. But it's really bad when it is there. And mostly constant at low speeds. I spent $350 at my mechanic, he took wheels off and sanded brakes down. Made no difference. Im now reluctant to take it anywhere to waste more money on fixes that aren't even related.
  2. Thankyou for this info, I have done some reasearch on what you mentioned and see it can be an issue. I will check this weekend. Because it only happens when it is warm, and on throttle, not when idling etc. I am thinking it is the brake sensor issue which seems to be more common - but I will definitely check the belt.
  3. MY 335i has developed a squeaking sound, it can be heard at low speeds 1-30 kmph - is more pronounced when on the throttle even slightly. It sounds like maybe coming from around left front wheel , but it could be from the engine. It's not a constant squeak but like a every 1-2 seconds kinda chirp. Sounds abit like a bird. There is no squeaking when the car is idling. Im reluctant to take to my mechanic yet because I probably couldn't replicate it. I hear it every 2-3 times driving it, and usually don't notice till im going up my driveway or going slow through the super market carpark. It's loud enough to make people look. Anyone had similar issues? Would it be a wheel/break bearing, or some belt somewhere in the engine or something?
  4. FYI there's a guy tucked in a garage behind CCV , down the driveway running alongside CCV building, that does grooming. A few months ago I went to CCV to get a quote, and saw his sign when I was turning around in the driveway. I thought why not try him, I like to support small business. It cost me only $80 for a hand wax/polish to outside of my black car, was so impressed - I didn't ask for price for interior too. Not a swirl mark on it - looked like new. Treated all the rubber etc. too. This wasn't some carwash cafe bullshit, this was like 2+ hours of careful hand polishing. Wont get prices like that anywhere else. He gave me a bunch of business cards and I since lost them, it seems he has no website or anything, but I highly recommend heading down that driveway if your in need of a groom. You'll see the sign. (don't bother complementing me on my photoshop skills, being a graphic designer by trade I'm used to it)
  5. it didn't hit reserve?
  6. Yeh I went straight to bridgstone store after reading about that deal last week. Of course they don't offer it on any of the performance tyres, also the dude said because the sizes were different between front and rear, the deal wouldn't work on my car no matter the tyre. The guy wasn't keen to help get the deal and it kinda put me off getting bridgestones
  7. Had the car serviced last friday. No issues there. Now I just need a set of new tyres and that should be last of the $$$ required for a while finger crossed. Probably just looking at bridgestone potenza's. But wont be getting the run flats again. Would be keen to look into any other tyres if anyone has recommendations. I really wont be thrashing this thing around corners , but I do want it to feel good... Perhaps the potenza's are overkill, but id hate to spend up on new tyres and then hate the ride.
  8. I got one at some european mechanic cost 280 installed. Now have no triangle exclamation light at all, so should be done once I got the service on friday. Cars mint inside and out, so pretty good for $15k I think.
  9. yah bit scary, the car has 6 oil changes listed on the report, so can presume that is all within 60,000km , so I thought the car at least hadnt been fully neglected. Im just hoping it was done and wasnt cleared. Its the main service its asking for, the spark plugs filters etc . I think that is at 60,000 right? my mechanic cheked tank and didnt look too bad. Not gonna drive itto at allthat till he has fully flushed everything and replaced with Castrol edge, new sparks, filters, every fluid flushed and replaced, then I will probably drive like a granny and break her in like a new car and fingers crossed.
  10. Picking it up tomorrow, looks like it needs new battery, if im lucky it's just throwing code because it's been sitting unused for so long Is bmw shop only way to get a new one? they quoted me $750 Shes 13k overdue for a service, what oils do you guys recomend for the n54? I might buy all the service parts online and take them to my mechanic to make it cheaper. Needs new whipers when I get a warrent in a year, they quoted me over 1k to replace them. Apart from the everything else is all good. Loved the car enough to buy it with above issues anyway.. last questions for today: is cobb access port thing best bet for light tunes, seeing engine data and reading/scanning/clearing codes? I will buy one tonight if so.
  11. Couldnt find anything by searching, Been recomended autosure here. Providence is a little cheaper, no yearly limit on claims and most importantly it would mean I can keep using my current mechanic who I like/trust... Still thinking of a 335I purchase looking at one 2008 , 70,000kms
  12. Sorry for bump but anyone had experience with providence ? They are cheaper 200 cheaper than autosure, same excess, max $5000 per claim but no yearly limit
  13. Yeh been emailing them. Prob just pay two years up front, look at it as part of the cost of the car, and then upgrade again after two years. Pleasantly surprised at cost of the autosure actually!
  14. thanks good answers what if I were to import myself, can I get bmw check for history somehow or does it have to be done physically in japan?
  15. Sorry in advance if this is wrong area. First post here. Also looking to buy first European car.... Im reasonably set on a 335i, maybe spend 20-30k and get one that's done below 80,000km... I happy to factor in some kind of insurance or warrenty into my cost for the car. But it's really hard to find the best info about this. I understand the cost of maintenance, potential problems of a 335i etc. And that the n54 is now not covered by BMW warrenty for cars of the year I would be looking at in my price range Does bmw sell an extended/new warranty, and/or what are you guys/girls experiences with a third party breakdown cover. I just got a quote for $8000 per year covered at $1400 per annum but the excess was $450 at a time..... Anything else I should be weary of buying a 335i? I'm getting a little sick of having to rev my k20 past 6k to have fun Cheers