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  1. blake12

    E30 330 Coupe

    "VERY Rapid car, some talent is required to drive" 🤣
  2. blake12

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    How is it more exciting? In a straight line? I found my old 200 horsepower fwd honda more exciting than my 335i on MD stage 2! Steering feel, road feedback, noise, engagement etc. I don't see how a 335i can be labelled an exciting car unless you've completely revamped the suspension, the exhaust and added a LSD
  3. I figured once they get a refund, they might still go about purchasing a 135i. Understandable if they can't even stand the thought of them any more though!
  4. I literally went, last year, from a 2005 k20a euro r to a 335i. Once you get your car/car running, you will certainly enjoy the difference. I can't believe I used to think the euro r was fast. To be fair, it was much more engaging when on spirited drives. Nothing like a high reving na engine mated with manual. For everything else the 135/335i just has it beat.
  5. What a dealer huh. Good luck mate. I hope you are ready to spend the cost of the car again on legal fees if this goes to court.
  6. blake12

    335i n54 coolant issue

    Looks like im becoming quite the regular on here... Last week the nipple thing that the coolant house running across the intercooler broke off, so I got it replaced. Mechanics flushed and replaced coolant at same time. Next day after testing my car out (I got downpipes installed too), I found coolant splatter around the expansion tank. The car is leaking coolant around the seam at the top. I will replace the tank my myself asap. After the car is warm, I can hear alot of noise from around that tank. I believe it is the coolant and air escaping, but I hope it's not boiling. I am hoping the mechanics either : a. put a little much in and it's just getting rid of the excess through the leaking seam b. didn't bleed it and theres air in there somewhere making it heat up too much I ran the bleed procedure today and will keep an eye on it. The coolant level itself hasn't noticeably lowered after a week of daily driving it and it sputtering out. I have to drive to fox glacier and back next week, is there any other steps I should take before I leave (apart from take spare coolant with me encase I need to top up) I pray it isn't a headgasket... the cars only done 75,000.
  7. What a f**king headache XD I hope you still have something to drive while this gets resolved?
  8. blake12

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    Yeh I understand what each tune requires, I was asking if it was safe to stay on stage 1/1+ with catless downpipes or if I needed to go stage 2. But seeing there is an option to choose catted/catless dp's on the stage 1 flash, I am guessing it is safe.
  9. blake12

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    Im safe running stage 1 with vrsf downpipes right? Or do I need to go stage 2 so the tune knows I have pipes and so can adjust for the o2 readings correctly? I reflashed stage 1 with the pipes in, and made sure the catted downpipe box was unchecked, so I think im good, but doesn't harm to check.
  10. blake12

    335i downpipe installation in Christchurch

    Yup, that long thin one going across, but the actual break is the nipple that it sits over ont he large pipe going from the intercooler. So had to replace that whole piece. It's in now anyway with an oem replacement so hopefully it's good for a few km's. I had intercooler o-rings replaced two weeks ago and I am guessing it got cracked/damaged during the movement.
  11. blake12

    335i downpipe installation in Christchurch

    Update, downpipes in, ended up using auto authority (porsche specialists) because they are closer to my work. Took the guy 6 hours from start to finish including testing for leaks, road test etc. - $630 + GST If anyone else in CHCH wants them done, I would presume they would be faster next time. Pipes sound a little throatier, went to test them properly last night but noticed my temp rising higher than normal. Got a low coolant warning this morning, felt for leaks and one of the coolant hoses snaped right off in my fingers, right where it's connected to the drivers side of the intercooler hosing. Was incredibly brittle. Sprayed everywhere and burnt my hand a little. So it's back at autothority today, getting the part and coolant replaced. Also I can hear slight wastegate rattle now that I have the downpipes on........ feels like this is going to be the start of never ending repairs XD Hopefully not.
  12. blake12

    Swapping the runflats for some potenzas

    Same kit. Apparently has a replaceable cartridge for the sealant although im not sure where to acquire one.
  13. blake12

    335i downpipe installation in Christchurch

    @mosen http://www.vr-speed.com/vrsf-3-stainless-steel-catless-downpipes-n54-07-10-bmw-335i-08-10-bmw-135i.html
  14. blake12

    335i downpipe installation in Christchurch

    For anyone wondering/finding this through google, Acton Auto will be installing my pipes this week and I will report back. Not cheap, but the mechanics there very familiar with n54's, rattly wastegates etc. so I feel safe using them. Quoted $600 give or take if it goes smoothly or if there are issues. Painful because I paid nz $400 for the pipes XD And on a positive note, providence mechanical insurance happy to cover me still with the pipes on, and will even still cover other parts of the exhaust etc. I thought that was very reasonable service. They were happy to cover my custom built 4-2-1 headers on my last car also after my mechanic rang them.
  15. blake12

    Swapping the runflats for some potenzas

    I didn't think of the autobahn safety. Spare Tyre wise, I brought a genuine BMW kit for $250 that I keep in the boot in the unlikely chance I get a puncture. I honestly thought something was wrong with my car on the run flats XD They were tramlining (is that the correct word?) something awful on these bumpy chch streets. Tyre's I got were (as per the invoice): front - 225/45R17 potenza RE003 rear - 255/40R17 potenza S001 Cost under 1g all up including a warranty so I thought the price was pretty sharp.